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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1023: Secret of the Cosmoses Bahasa Indonesia

The secret of the Cosmos?

Gravis had the opportunity to learn it?

“As long as it doesn’t hurt my path to power, yes, I want to know,” Gravis said.

Why would he decline?

The more Gravis knew, the easier it would be to make a correct choice in the future.

“Fine,” Orthar said. “Then let me begin by telling you how a Heaven’s Magnate can become more powerful.”

“Does it have something to do with the Law of the Cosmos?” Gravis asked.

“Correct,” Orthar answered. “The Law of the True World allows you to become a Heaven’s Magnate, but that is obviously not enough to establish a Cosmos of your own.”

“Establish a Cosmos of my own?” Gravis asked in surprise.

Then, did this mean that people could create their own Cosmos?

Did his father have his own Cosmos?

Were they in Orthar’s Cosmos?

“That is the key to reaching the next level,” Orthar said. “There are nine levels of power in the Star God, Ancestral God, and Divine God Realm, each increasing one’s power by four times. However, Heaven’s Magnates have already reached the peak in that regard. A Heaven’s Magnate can’t absorb more Energy since the density of their being is already too high. There is a limit of how much you can compress Energy.”

“This means that, in essence, Heaven’s Magnates are all at the same Realm with no possible way to increase their Energy even more.”

“However, that doesn’t mean that they are all equally powerful. While there are no differences in terms of Realm, there are differences in terms of Laws.”

“According to that classification, there are three different levels for Heaven’s Magnates. The first level is when a Heaven’s Magnate comprehends the True Law of the True World. This allows you to push your Energy density to the limit.”

“The next level is comprehending the Law of Energy.”

“Law of Energy?” Gravis asked.

Orthar nodded. “The Law of Energy teaches you how Energy works. You can call it the Composition Law of Energy itself. This Law also allows you to filter Energy out of the Primordial Chaos. A Heaven’s Magnate that has comprehended the Law of Energy has an infinite amount of Energy as long as there is enough Energy in the world. The Energy can’t be compressed further, but they can unleash all their Energy in a single strike and refill their storage in an instant.”

“You should know that this is a decisive advantage in a fight.”

Gravis nodded.

If Gravis had this ability, he could unleash one fully powered Lightning Crescent after the other.

“The last level of a Heaven’s Magnate is when they combine the Law of the True World with the Law of Energy to create the Law of the Cosmos,” Orthar continued. “At this point, the Heaven’s Magnate is ready to take the next step.”

“In order to grow more powerful, the Heaven’s Magnate must banish their Star into the Primordial Chaos and use it to create a Cosmos.”

“Star?” Gravis asked.

“As soon as you become a Star God, your Avatar transforms into a Star. You will know what abilities it has when you get there,” Orthar explained.

“Back to the topic. Since your mind is connected to your Star, as soon as you form a Cosmos with it, this Cosmos is part of your power. As you now know, Heaven’s Magnates have reached the maximum achievable compression of Energy. So, the only way to increase one’s power even more is to make a larger storage container for Energy.”

“The Cosmos acts as one’s personal Energy storage. Additionally, one can establish their own Laws and kinds of life there. These are your own, personal Laws, and you can use them anywhere.”

“The Realm following the Heaven’s Magnate Realm is all about creating your own Cosmos and your own Laws. When the reality inside your Cosmos works and your Cosmos is stable, you can manifest it. That’s when the Cosmos becomes real, and it becomes a true world. That is when you achieve the last Realm.”

“This is the highest achievable Realm. A Cosmos already encompasses the perfect usage of Energy. The only possible path forward that remains would be to use the other forces in the Primordial Chaos, but that is impossible. No one has ever achieved anything like that.”

“No one?” Gravis asked. “So, there are more?”

“Yes, Gravis, there are more,” Orthar said. “Your father and I are not the only beings on our level. However, the other beings do not reside in my Cosmos.”

“So, is there like a higher world than the highest world?” Gravis asked, trying to wrap his head around it.

“No,” Orthar said. “All Cosmoses are equal in level. The strongest world in my Cosmos is on the same level as the strongest world of the Cosmos where my true body resides.”

“Your father has built his own Cosmos, and his Cosmos is connected to my Cosmos. In your father’s Cosmos, he is the highest Heaven. If a being from his Cosmos leaves his Cosmos, they will arrive in my Cosmos, and if that being then leaves my Cosmos, they arrive in the Cosmos I currently reside in. If I ever die, they will arrive in the Cosmos I have been born in.”

“All of this repeats itself for an unknown number of times. All the different Cosmoses create an unimaginable root network. If only one Heaven Breaker appears per Cosmos, the Cosmoses will create a chain. If there are multiple, they will create multiple branches, which are all connected to even more Cosmoses.”

“Heaven Breaker?” Gravis asked.

“Heaven Breaker is what we call beings on our level. They are called Heaven Breakers because they have the abilities to fight with the Heaven of their Cosmos.”

Orthar stopped explaining, and Gravis had to take a deep breath.

The secrets of reality had been exposed in front of Gravis, and he had learned so much.

His father hated the highest Heaven, but he himself was a Heaven in his own Cosmos.

For a second, Gravis questioned if living in his father’s Cosmos would be worse or better.

Gravis expected that his father’s Cosmos was probably even more brutal.

Also, the highest world was truly the highest world, but also not really. There was an uncountable number of similarly powerful highest worlds connected to this one in a chain.

How many Cosmoses were there?

How long did the chain of Cosmoses go for?

How long had the Cosmoses existed?

What was the first Cosmos?

Gravis had so many questions he wanted to know.

“I can guess what questions you have,” Orthar said. “Sadly, I can’t answer them. I don’t know how many Cosmoses there are. I don’t know about the first Cosmos. I also always wanted to know, and I have traveled quite far down the line of Cosmoses.”

Then, Orthar looked at the Opposer with a venomous glance.

“However, I had to pause my journey because I had to put all my focus into staying alive. I also want to know more, but I can’t. If I get careless for but a moment, I might die,” Orthar said.

The Opposer only looked coldly into Orthar’s eyes.

By now, Gravis had realized that the dynamic between the highest Heaven and his father was very different than he had imagined.

“You want to go out, right, father?” Gravis asked as he looked at his father.

The Opposer nodded.

“I want to leave this Cosmos with my family and find a way to become even more powerful,” he explained. Then, he narrowed his eyes at Orthar. “But, he won’t let me. He refuses to let me leave his Cosmos.”

Gravis sighed.

He knew the feeling of wanting to be free very well.

“Orthar, why are you refusing to let my father go?”


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