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Cornelia wasn’t in her room when I checked, so finding her took a bit of a search. On the way, I stopped by Aviada for a quickie, getting another instance for my mana regeneration and borrowing her sword again before I continued to search for Cornelia. Though Carla’s absence left me disappointed. Messing with her was fun.

It didn’t take long to find Cornelia, I just needed to follow the flashes of light in the training grounds, contrasting greatly against the darkness of the evening sky. I didn’t make a sound as I sneaked in, not that it was difficult. After dark, not many students hung around the practice forest, and the ones that brave enough to do so had avoided Cornelia, who was throwing fire around copiously. And it was good that they avoided her, as it meant no one saw Cornelia laughing deliriously as she killed rabbits in droves.

For a moment, I stood hidden, enjoying the beautiful vision. Despite her slightly unhinged laughter, she was beautiful with her blushed face, a previously-unseen excitement dancing behind her beautiful green eyes. Her crimson hair fluttered wildly with the winds created by her flame magic, their shine lighting creating sharp shadows that highlighted the beautiful lines of her face. Her well-tailored crimson robe completed the vision, elevating her beauty to an ethereal level.

My maid was truly beautiful!

“You should leave some rabbits for the others,” I said, not bothering to restrain my laughter. Cornelia immediately turned to face me, and dashed forward the moment she recognized me. If it had been in the past, that scene would have scared me to death, but now, I was calm enough to notice the uncharacteristically huge, almost delirious, smile on her face. I would have doubted her for being drugged if I hadn’t known the reason.

“Caesar,” she gasped gleefully as she hugged me, burying her face to my neck, trembling in excitement. “I can gain experience again. Thank you, thank you, thank you…” she murmured repeatedly, and I felt the wetness of her tears even as she laughed uncontrollably. I had thought that I understood the stress she had been under, but it seemed that I had miscalculated if her candid reaction was any indicator. I would have suspected that a shapeshifter took her place if I didn’t have the ability to check her soul space.

“It’s nothing more than I had promised, my sweet maid,” I said with a chuckle, wanting to tease her a bit, but even the reminder of her obligation was unable to chip her cheer. She said nothing else, just kept hugging me, so I decided to enjoy the opportunity. A second was all I needed to sweep our surroundings to ensure there were no uninvited guests around, and another second to set up a three-layered ward to ensure our privacy.

The flare of magic was enough to make Cornelia raise her head. She closed her eyes, her mana reaching and touching the ward to examine, only to blush immediately. “Privacy wards?” she murmured shyly, and when I nodded, she managed to surprise me once more. She caught my lips in a searing kiss, the aggressive dance of her tongue conveying her enthusiasm.

“Someone is feeling eager,” I said with a smirk when she pulled back for a breather.

“S-shut up!” she stuttered with uncharacteristic shyness, avoiding my gaze as she blushed. Then, just to cover up her frustration, she slapped my arm hard. “I’m just paying you back for your services.”

“Of course,” I said, nodding sagely, feeling kind enough not to mention the way her fingers trembled with genuine excitement as she tried to unbutton my shirt, even accidentally ripping a couple of buttons in the process. I decided to follow her lead when she pushed me toward a small opening, covered with thick grass that was more comfortable than my old bed. I knew how comfortable it was, because Cornelia pushed me down until I was lying on my back, removing my shirt in the process, only to lay on top of me.

And just like that, we started a heated make-out session, her hands exploring the muscles on my chest continuously, like it was the first time we’re being together. In a sense, it was. The other times we were together, because Cornelia was driven crazy by my touch and my skills, but it was strictly physical. This time, she genuinely enjoyed my presence, awed and worshipful. Apparently, decisively solving a problem that was darkening her future was enough to break through her prickly exterior.

Initially, I was planning for a quick rump to test whether she could gain any experience through my unique method before bringing her along for a hunting trip, but her enthusiasm changed my mind for a bit. If she gained any experience at this moment, her focus would go to the possibilities of the moment, which would be a pity. I wanted to see what she would do while she had the lead.

The answer turned out to be quite a bit. At first, our bodies stayed locked together, deepening her kiss further even as her body writhed over mine desperately. She even managed to remove her robe hurriedly without stopping the kiss, once again causing the loss of a few buttons. because when she pulled out of the kiss, she close to trace my chest muscles with her hands as she moved down with a purpose, her expression ravenous.

A desperate need was oozing off her when she reached to my belt, trying to remove it, only for her hands to tremble so bad that she fumbled again and again. “Enough,” she growled in beautiful anger, and burned the belt buckle, which also showed her precision. Fire magic was the most destructive of the elemental magics, and the hardest to control. The fact that she was able to burn off the buckle of my belt without burning my skin was definitely a credit to her skills, proving that my efforts to recruit her into my inner circle was not a waste…

However, when she pulled down my pants, happily running her hands over my naked thighs as she leaned down, I turned my focus to the present. Her lips closed around my shaft and her head bobbed aggressively. It was a beautiful, deliberate assault, made better by the fact that her beautiful emerald eyes stayed connected with mine, reflecting her arousal. Her loose shirt giving me an amazing view of cleavage whenever she reached the top, and her eyes watered whenever she took most of my shaft into her mouth.

I wanted to see her naked, but also, I wanted to show off. So, I decided to replicate the same trick with the belt, but on a wider scale. I took a deep breath as I collected my magic, and cast two spells simultaneously, fire magic to burn off her clothes, and an Arcana Shield magic to protect her skin, so that she wouldn’t even feel a flash of heat, followed by a wind spell to scatter the ashes before Cornelia could even register.

[-52 Mana]

[Achievement: Dangerous Divesting. Safely undress a sexy vixen through a dangerous method. +3 Precision, +1000 Experience]

“W-what, how!” she stuttered in shock as she rose, displaying her beautiful perky tits fully in the process, only to meet with my smug smile. “Do you know how dangerous that-,” she started, only to stop halfway. “Fuck, I don’t care. I’m so turned on,” she corrected herself as she climbed to my lap, and skewered herself with my length, her cry echoing in the opening, only to be absorbed by the privacy spells, keeping our little play a secret.

I lay on my back, doing nothing other than enjoying the frantic ride. And frantic she was, her hips rocked hard as she moved up and down, her hair fluttering with her movement, her fingers digging into my chest. At that moment, she was a quintessential fire mage, her desire burning as bright as her spells. Just to make a beautiful moment even more perfect, a notification appeared in my sight.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 52%]

For a moment, I wondered why the latest display of strength had done something the others hadn’t done yet, but it occurred a moment later. The trick I had used to undress her was definitely nothing simple, showing great strength and precision with fire magic at the same time. I had pulled some tricks that convinced her about my strength before, but it was either pure power, or I was using other elements. It was the first time I had shown such an overwhelming ability in her chosen category. No wonder it triggered the next stage.

After a minute of frantic riding, she let out a frustrated growl as she grabbed my wrists before bringing them to her tits, inviting me to touch her body. Never one to reject such a kind offer, I sank my fingers to her perky tits, enjoying their firmness. She might not have the size to rival Helga or Marianne, but she was a step above them in firmness. The harder I squeezed, the louder she cried even as she rocked back and forth.

She trembled in excitement as I suddenly pulled my hands only to caress her tits softly, followed by a soft flick to her rock-hard nipple, the sudden change in pacing pushing her even deeper into the land of arousal. She collapsed forward and hugged my body, even though her hips continued their frantic motion. “Cum in me, my lord. Mark me hard with your seed, make me mine,” she whispered repeatedly, her eyes clouded with pleasure.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 57%]

“As you wish, my loyal maid,” I whispered back as I exploded inside her without a warning. And as a gift for her loyalty, I filled my seed with as much as mana as I could manage, practically emptying my reserves.

[-4320 Mana]

[Mana regeneration perk activated. Count 3. Duration, 8 hours]

She was already on the edge of a climax, and my own explosion was enough to trigger an orgasm. The rush of mana that filled her soul space, turning into experience under my control, completely overwhelmed her. She cried frantically as she closed her eyes, trying to stay conscious under the rush of pleasure, but failing greatly. Every tremor, every jolt of pleasure pushed her closer to the land of unconsciousness, making her slur like a drunk.

“That’s impossible,” she managed to whisper as she registered that she had indeed received enough experience to push her one-third to the next level, a task that would require at least a week of concentrated effort even for a noble family, along with great risk.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 61%]

“Nothing is impossible for me, my maid,” I whispered into her ear even as I caressed her head softly, letting her lay collapsed against my chest, her breathing slowly calming from its earlier frantic pace. I let her to sleep until my mana was full again, occasionally infusing some more mana to her soul space to observe changes, just to make sure there was no adverse reaction. Luckily, everything was in order. I wasn’t relishing the possibility of damaging her accidentally.

Also, I was happy to see her gain experience from my treatment, as she was currently Level fifteen, the highest one between my list of paramours, it allowed me to test the limits of my rapid-leveling assistance. I was curious where was the limit. Luckily, I was in the perfect position to explore that. I woke her after twenty minutes of rest, when my mana capacity was refreshed completely.

I kissed her gently even as I used a simple healing spell to wake her up. “Wake up, sleepy,” I murmured as her eyes fluttered open.

“I had a weird dream-” she murmured as her eyes stayed closed, only for them to jolt open a moment later. “No, I really gained more than four thousand points of experience. How!?” she gasped as she grabbed my face, shouting frantically.

“It’s just another trick from my bag of surprises, sweetie,” I said lazily, amused that even as she rose frantically, my shaft was still in her, moving deeper as she moved.

“That’s impossible,” she uttered in shock, though the seriousness of her expression flickered as a moan escaped her.

“Really?” I said even as I grabbed her waist before flipping suddenly, trapping her under me in a missionary position, my shaft still inside her. “Let’s see whether it’s impossible or not.” With that, I started impaling her furiously, each push clapping loudly to fill the opening, loud enough to cause a scandal if it wasn’t for the privacy wards, each pump accompanied by a mana dump.

[-650 Mana]

“That’s impossible,” she murmured again, this time her voice colored with worship rather than disbelief. “How?”

I had no intention to admit to her that I had no fucking idea, so I played it mysterious. “There’s still some time until you can learn my important secrets,” I whispered, suggesting that not only I knew why I could do what I was doing, but also it was more earth-shattering than my unique rapid-leveling assistance or raising the level cap. The expression of devotion, mixed with pleasure, showed that it was the correct approach.

Her legs wrapped around my waist, using her full strength to pull me deeper. As a mage, even her full Strength was not impressive, but I was a gentleman, so I followed her kind wishes, ramming inside her mercilessly, each push creating a mixture of pain and pleasure, accompanied by another injection of mana. She moaned deliriously, her fingers digging into my shoulders hard enough to draw blood.

[-6 HP]

[-2416 Mana]

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 66%]

“Yes! Oh, yes!” Cornelia cried as she shuddered uncontrollably, drowning in pleasure. Her back arched, thrusting out her chest, so I brought my lips to catch her nipples, adding yet another layer to her pleasure. Then, just to make things more fun, I stood up, easily lifting her along me, and walked toward the nearest tree. I cast a biomancy spell to make her body sturdier before trapping her between my body and the tree, impaling her hard enough to violently shake the tree with each push.

The harder I fucked her, the louder her cries of pleasure become, enjoying my displays of power whether it was physical or magical. She was really turned on by power. Luckily, power was something I had in spades, so it wasn’t exactly a drawback. Her mouth found my shoulder, biting furiously as she shuddered with another explosive orgasm, the only reason she stayed conscious was my healing spell.

[-11 HP]

[-1328 Mana]

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 71%]

I decided to change the pace and pulled out of her while simultaneously used the spells to prepare her puckered hole, only to slam mercilessly, forcing her to cry in pain, earning another merciless bite in response. However, that didn’t prevent her from crying with pleasure, and when I met with her eyes, I could read her total surrender in its depths. She smiled in ecstasy, the way she shuddered only making her sexier. And I liked it as well. Fucking the Flame Queen of Silver Spires on a featureless grassy patch mercilessly was a delicious experience, especially she showed the ability to take as hard as I could give —with a bit of magical assistance, of course.

“Harder, faster!” she cried. “Take me, use me, ruin me!”

And I did so, fucking her so hard that the only thing that prevented her death was the copious amount of healing magic I was casting continuously. Foreplay was a forgotten word, and gentleness was a lost concept. A furious lust and a desire to bend her to my will guided my actions, as I rammed, impaled, spanked, and bit, every single one meeting with an obedient gasp. She didn’t even argue when I tied her hands with conjured ropes made from Arcana energy, forcing her arms back, leaving her helpless against my assault. When I filled her backdoor, she just moaned obediently.

[-1721 Mana]

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 75% – Third Stage Completed +15000 Exp]

[Companion Acquisition: Relationship not sufficient for the fourth stage]

[Skill Share perk activated. Target Skill: Grandmaster Fire Magic. Copied: Duration, 24 hours]

[Temporary Skill: Master Fire Magic (100/100)]

“Another achievement,” she murmured in a haze. “So many stats…”

While I was happy with another completion, not to mention having another specialized temporary skill, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed at hitting a wall, as I had been hoping that the progress we had made would have been enough to progress to the next stage. It turned out not to be the case. A slight disappointment, but it faded against the pride and pleasure I was feeling. A small snag like that was nothing…

The next hour was filled with a merciless pounding that tested her limits both physically and mentally, but she managed to acquit herself perfectly. Even with her every hole was leaking, and her mind was turned into mush with pleasure, she moaned in joy, taking my shaft obediently… It took a bit longer than necessary to make her level up, because I was simultaneously reinforcing her soul space to increase her cap as well. After the first time, it was much more convenient.

“I leveled up,” she murmured dazedly before losing her consciousness once more, finally overcome with pleasure. Before she lost consciousness, I noticed that she had picked Master Arcana for her skill, rather than progressing to Legendary Fire Elemental, which was a decision I approved —though I wasn’t sure whether she received the option in the first place. Still, despite all the good news, I frowned because of the notification I received.

[Target Level too High! Unable to Grant Experience]

Her level was sixteen while mine was twenty-four, which meant a fifty percent difference, the same amount that prevented me from gaining a level before the level gap had grown too high and five levels of difference also started preventing me from gaining any experience. Pity, I thought, as I was hoping for a more lax limit.

Luckily, I was already planning to go hunting. A simple water spell cleaned her body, removing dirt and cum from her body while I picked up her robe, the rest of her clothes already burned to cinders. I could have stopped by to pick new clothes, but the idea of her accompanying me, wearing nothing but a robe, was too tempting to pass on, so I dressed her in her robe before leaving the school with an unconscious sexy redhead in a bridal hold. Even then, leaving the premises was as easy as breathing…

The school really needed to update its wards!

[Level: 24 Experience: 295400 / 300000

Strength: 28 Charisma: 38

Precision: 24 Perception: 27

Agility: 25 Manipulation: 30

Speed: 23 Intelligence: 32

Endurance: 22 Wisdom: 33

HP: 2899 / 2928 Mana: 926 / 3840 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Expert Arcana [75/75]

Expert Subterfuge [75/75]

Basic Speech [25/25]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share


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