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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 35: Maid Education Bahasa Indonesia

Cornelia was busy sending a thick wave of flame toward me when I finally raised my hand and called a thick wall of water to block her assault, costing me a small chunk of mana. Cornelia clearly wasn’t holding back, but I was annoyed because of a different thing. The collusion of magic created a thick cloud of steam, hiding her beautiful body from my sight.

[-45 Mana]

I was about to use an arcana trick to dispel the cloud when a shadow cut through the mist. It was Cornelia, trying to finish the combat quickly, unaware that she was making a terrible choice. It wouldn’t have been a bad choice under other circumstances, because almost no mage had physical abilities, meaning she wouldn’t have been disadvantaged, especially if the opponent panicked. Also, it gave her a chance to finish it quickly, a bath in the middle of the school wasn’t the best arena to fight without alerting others.

It was a pity that it was the absolute worst strategy she could have used against me. Her flaming fist was strong, but it was effectively moving in slow motion against me. I didn’t even bother standing up. A gentle palm strike was enough to change the trajectory of her punch, and when it went past my head, I turned my palm into a grip and pulled her on my lap. “Are you going to play nice, or should I teach you how to behave?” I whispered into her ear as I squeezed her wrist a bit, just enough to signal my physical stats. The fact that she was on my lap, naked was a nice bonus. Pity I couldn’t take her virginity yet.

[+100 Experience] 50% Penalty!

When she didn’t answer, I flared my magic, not by casting a particular magic, but to show my potential, enough to make it very certain that I was much stronger than her when it came to the mystical side of the deal as well. “I’ll behave,” she answered, trying to sound belligerent, but it was impossible for her to hide her sudden tremble while she was on my lap.

“Good girl,” I said as I patted her leg gently, and when she tried to stand up, I was quick to wrap my arm around her waist, keeping her pinned.

“Let me go,” she said as she turned toward me, but she must be learning, because this time, she didn’t try to use magic to free herself, relying on her angry expression, with a dash of panic.

I had no intention to cater to that particular wish. The sooner she got into the habit of following my orders, the better. “I can let you go,” I said, and her expression relaxed, unaware of the part to come. “However, I would take it as you rejecting my generous offer,” I added, and her face fell just as quickly, but even as I loosened my arm around her waist, she stayed in place, thinking hard about my proposal. She was smart enough to realize the full implications of being my maid, not only the sexual parts, but the implied inferiority as well.

For a whole minute she was silent, and I didn’t disrupt her, not wanting her to commit before she understood the full implications. Also, it gave the aphrodisiac more time to seep into her bloodstream, adding yet another complication to her decision-making process. Soon, I received the first indication that it was working, when she rocked her hips several times like she was trying to get a better seat, several more times than it was necessary. Her body was getting in the mood even if she wasn’t.

Since she was struggling to answer, I decided to help her decide. My hands landed on her waist, caressing her sides gently. I decided to speak when she decided to answer angrily. “Is there something you want to say?” I said lazily even as my hands moved down, caressing her lithe hips. When it came to ass, she lacked Helga’s and Marianne’s generous expanse, but she was still very sexy. She just huffed and turned her head away, trying to make a decision.

Messing with her was extremely satisfying, so I decided to up the ante. One of my hands moved up until I grabbed her breasts, their size barely failing to fill my palms, but compensating for their failing with their perkiness. I directly focused on her nipples, squeezing hard. The moan that left her mouth surprised her more than it surprised me if her expression was any indicator. “Are you sure you don’t want to speak?” I said, amused by her reaction because the aphrodisiac I had given her could never get such a reaction, meaning she enjoyed my rough treatment considerably. Surprising, considering her insistent sadism.

“Keep your hands to yourself while I’m trying to decide,” she said angrily, but rather than annoy me, it amused me further, because I could see she was relying on a caricature display of anger to suppress her own shock. My plan was working even better than I had intended.

“And what if I don’t?” I countered as my other hand grabbed her beautiful crimson hair before pulling her head back hard, enough to be actually painful. Another moan left her mouth, recognizable despite her efforts to disguise it as a pained yelp. Her head was bent back, which gave me direct access to her neck. I bit her neck hard enough to earn another moan. Her thighs tightened around my shaft, another sign of her enjoyment.

[+300 Experience] 50% Penalty!

With her bluff seen through, she once again failed to come up with an answer. I didn’t push her for it. Why would I when I already found such an amusing way to pass the time. I held her under a double-assault, my fingers mauling her breasts while I alternated biting and sucking on her neck, but both violent enough to leave a mark. She tried to hold back her moans at first, and when that failed, tried to hide them under yelps and grunts, but her attempts failed sexily.

I could see she was surprised by her reaction even more than I was, but unlike me, her reaction was a fresh surge of anger. I realized the explosion before she did. “That’s enough!” she exclaimed and tried to stand up, but my grip around her hair tightened. “Let me go!” she shouted, but maintained enough presence of mind not to use a spell.

“I can, but I’m going to be kind and ask you a question,” I said, speaking slowly, each word heavy and measured, with the full weight of my charisma behind it to intimidate her. “Are you sure you want to reject my support?”

The way Cornelia trembled at my words was delicious, and the fact that she was intimidated rather than lashing out was enough to prove that my way was working. Her lips moved a while later, breaking her frozen state. “I accept,” she murmured.

“Excellent news,” I said cheerfully before I pushed her away from my lap and stepped out of the water. “Follow me then we have a lot of things to talk about,” I said and started walking. I snapped my fingers after two steps because I didn’t hear her walking. The sound of a splash reached my ears, followed by several rapid footsteps, briefly interrupted by the ruffle of fabrics. I ignored it and continued to walk, using a small cantrip to dry myself. No need to ruin her couch.

I was going to spend a lot of time here, after all.

Cornelia appeared through the door several minutes later, her confident mannerism telling me that she had used the small break to gather her confidence, but she was unable to hide the truth from my sharp eyes. It was just a trick on the surface. Underneath, I could see her emotions churning in a panic. I wanted to punish her for daring to be late, but I chose to pause a moment to enjoy the sight of her body. Her long thin legs deliciously disappeared under a thick white towel, but even its thickness was unable to hide her thin waist and her shapely hips from my discerning eye.

Unfortunately, she had pulled the towel high up on her chest, hiding it from the view, not even a hint of cleavage was present. It seemed that I needed to explain to her about the appropriate behavior for a maid, starting from how not to be late. “What do you think you did wrong?” I asked her.

“What?” she answered eloquently.

I sighed. “Come on, firecracker, keep it up. You’re my maid now, and you need to call me sir,” I said dismissively even as I leaned back, putting my muscles on display. No matter what, her eyes trying to catch a glimpse of my body was extremely satisfying, especially with the blush that resulted after she did.

“If you think that I’m going to call you-” she started, only to be cut off by my angry glare, backed by the presence of my charisma, reminding her who was the boss here. “I’m sorry, sir,” she said instead. Her tone was still rebellious, of course, but it was progress.

“Excellent,” I said, once again cheerful as I stood up and walked next to her. “It’s going to take a while to properly educate you, but luckily for you, I’m kind enough to put in the time required,” I added even as I put my hand on her waist, leading her toward the table. Even through the towel I could feel her smooth skin, tempting me to cut to the chase and push her down for the true conquest. Unfortunately, slowly teasing and educating the angry queen of the school was too tempting to forgo just like that.

“I understand, sir,” she managed to say despite her clenched jaw, but her dissatisfaction was nothing compared to the one she would feel during the next stage of my plan. When we arrived at the dining table, I pushed her forward without a warning until she collided with the surface, expelling a painful breath. Her towel rode up, creating a delicious view of her naked bottom. “What the hell-” she managed to exclaim until I interrupted her once again, this time my palm exploding against her naked bottom.

[+100 Experience] 50% Penalty!

“Why don’t you try that again?” I said with a gentle tone that greatly contrasted with my painful spank.

She managed to twist her head enough to look at me, but the angry tirade she was preparing faded against my stern expression. “What was that for, sir?” she replaced her words. Her resentment was still clear, but I let it go unmentioned. After all, it was her first day in her new role.

I had plenty of time to properly educate her.

“Because you were late by several minutes after I ordered you to follow me,” I explained. “I was willing to be merciful, then you went and disrespected me. Maybe some punishment will educate you about the perils of talking back.”

“As you wish, sir,” she answered smoothly, with an undercurrent of pride. She was clearly underestimating my punishment. Understandable, considering the scene between her and Helga I had stumbled on several days ago. She prided herself in her bondage abilities, and my simple spank must have seemed rather simple.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I waved my hand, summoning a bag from her wardrobe, dispelling its protections with another flick, which showed her arcana capabilities were extremely poor compared to me. “We can start if you’re feeling ready,” I said even as I pulled a familiar crop from her bag.

“How?” she asked, shocked, but received a soft hit from the crop, and a quirked eyebrow. “How, sir?” she repeated.

“Come on, firecracker. You didn’t think you were unnoticed when you were using them in the library, right?” I said, despite her shock when one of the ribbons flew out of the bag under the control of my magic, and tied her hands behind her back. “Where do you think I came up with the idea of making you my maid?” She opened her mouth, but I preempted her by using the crop on her bottom, hard enough to leave a mark. She gasped while I dragged a finger on the mark it left. “It isn’t as easy when you’re on the receiving end, is it?” I said.

“No,” she managed to say while she was trying to suppress her voice, when I flicked her ear. “No, sir,” she corrected herself, humiliation burning clear.

“Excellent,” I said even as I used the crop once more. “I want you to thank me after every caress,” I added. “After all, I’m here, wasting time to educate you.”

“Of course, sir,” Cornelia answered, her eyes burning with humiliation, especially since she was unable to hide the signs of arousal slipping from her entrance. I stayed silent, but the crop didn’t, exploding on her tight bottom several times, each earning a grudge-filled thank you from Cornelia.

[+500 Experience] 50% Penalty!

“Not bad, firecracker,” I said after reaching the two digits. “I wasn’t expecting you to give such a nice performance, maybe there’s hope for you after all.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said once more, but this time, her words turned into a shocked gasp at the last moment as I caressed her sopping wet entrance.

“Don’t worry, I’m a good employer,” I explained. “You have worked hard for your reward.” Before Cornelia could say anything, I dragged my finger against her entrance once more, making her gasp in shock, but otherwise staying silent. Not surprising, considering the sexual part of her job definition was obvious from the start, not to mention she was too horny to obviously care. Even more amusingly, she clearly hated her own reaction to being the submissive party in the relationship.

She was learning, however, because her only reaction was to thank me again when I pulled the towel away, revealing her naked body. “No problem, firecracker,” I said even as I dragged my finger on her spine gently, making her shiver in desire and appreciation. Under a dedicated assault, I would have her gushing like a spring in less than a minute, but as amusing as the idea was, slowly torturing her with pleasure while denying her a climax sounded much better.

With that idea in mind, one of my hands dragged down until it was on the outside of her thigh, gently massaging her flesh, occasionally slipping inward to give her a boosted dash of pleasure before moving outside once more. While she was busy trying to contain her reactions, I spent a minute enjoying the beautiful sight in front of me, lithe but curvy where it counted, with a great sensitivity that made playing with her really fun. I couldn’t wait until I could put her into a slutty maid uniform, ready for my attention.

I kept her in the same position for more than half an hour while I played with her body slowly, exploring her treasures while allowing her pleasure to build, but never to a point of allowing her to climax. Watching her getting frazzled even worse than she was when I forced her to become my servant in exchange for my support, though on second thought, it was reasonable. As a noble scion, there was little in life she couldn’t immediately attain, therefore she never faced a situation that she had to delay gratification, making the little edge-play I had been applying extremely effective.

[+500 Experience] 50% Penalty!

“Are you enjoying your little reward,” I asked, jolting her out of her frustrated dreams.

“Yes, sir,” she moaned as I dragged my finger along her entrance, giving her a fresh jolt of pleasure. For the first time, the word sir left her mouth naturally rather than with a grudge.

“Excellent,” I said even as I dragged my finger over her entrance once more, carefully calibrated to prevent her from climaxing. “I wonder how impressive your climax would have been?” I added absentmindedly.

Despite her dazed state, she was smart enough to catch my particular usage of words. “Would have been, sir?” she asked, and I was glad to note a huge dash of panic in her tone.

“Would have been, of course, firecracker,” I said casually even as I slipped my fingers inside her for a moment, just enough to give her a jolt before pulling out and replacing it with a spank. “You can’t seriously think you deserve a big reward after your lackluster performance. You need to really impress me before reaching a climax.”

“But-” she started, only to be silenced by another spank. “Sorry, sir,” she said reproachfully. “Is there anything I can do to gain enough favor?” she asked, which, more than anything, proved just how weak she was against pleasure, even overwhelming her prickly pride.

“Hmm,” I said as I dragged my hand over her back, dipping toward the edge of her boobs for a moment, enough to make her shiver. “I wouldn’t be adverse to it if you manage to give me enough pleasure. Do you think you can handle it?”

“I can handle it, sir,” came the answer, much quicker than I had expected. I took a step back, examining her body, trying to understand whether she was actually that crazy about pleasure, or whether she was trying to lull me into a false sense of security. As I examined her, I could see that she had some kind of ploy in mind, but I didn’t know her exact plan. Still, I felt secure enough to test her.

“Interesting, let’s see whether it’s just empty talk, or if you’ll be able to handle your commitments,” I said cheerfully as I waved my hand, and the ribbon that kept her hands wrapped disappeared back to her bag. “That’s enough for today. I’m going to visit again tomorrow, right after sunset. I expect you to impress me,” I said as I waved my hand, my clothes flying toward my body.

“That’s it for today?” she murmured in shock, clearly dissatisfied. “Sir!” she added when I spanked her bottom in warning.

“Yes, and you’re forbidden to play with yourself, and believe me I will know,” I said as I patted her shoulder, using the opportunity to cast a spell to prevent her from climaxing. It wasn’t impossible to break, but I would know if it was broken.

I could have easily pushed forward, of course, but I wanted her to truly process what she had signed up for. I wanted her to regain her fire, only to break her once again.

Playing with her was going to be fun, I thought as I stepped into the main corridor once more…

[Level: 16 Experience: 134600 / 136000

Strength: 18 Charisma: 25

Precision: 13 Perception: 14

Agility: 17 Manipulation: 20

Speed: 13 Intelligence: 17

Endurance: 14 Wisdom: 21

HP: 1200 / 1200 Mana: 1484 / 1552 ]


[Master Melee [100/100]

Expert Arcana [75/75]

Expert Elemental [75/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Advanced Biomancy [50/50]

Basic Speech [25/25] ]


Mana Regeneration


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