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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 285 Bahasa Indonesia

“So, my goddess, does having a divine communion feel good?” I asked.

“N-no, of course not,” she stammered, her tone telling the exact opposite as my tongue continued to tease her. I smirked, entertained by her shyness.

“Then, how about we change the pattern, maybe you’ll like it better,” I suggested and changed position. Before she could react, I was on my back, and she was above me, looking the other way. I continued teasing her wetness with my tongue, while she found herself looking at my raging arousal.

“Come on, sweetie, we don’t have too much time to waste,” I said, another brush of my tongue making her cry once more. It was a beautiful cry, tinged with overwhelming arousal as her pleasure got more and more dominant.

“I-if you say so,” she murmured in rapid acceptance rather than calling off my absurd argument, her blush thickening as she lowered her head, her excitement reaching a new level.

She said nothing else, as her mouth soon busied itself with a more important task. Her warm lips enveloped my girth, giving a new meaning to the divine sensation, just the presence of her lips was enough to bring me near my limits.

“Fascinating,” I murmured, enjoying the way she shivered against my body, but it didn’t prevent her from going deeper, and soon, my shaft was doing something quite heretical, pushing against her throat.

She gagged even as she pushed down, showing that even divinity wasn’t enough to solve all of her physical ailments — not that I was complaining. The moans that escaped her mouth were heavenly despite their muffled state, her chest rubbing against my stomach with each desperate push, soon falling into a hypnotic pattern.

Never too one to leave such a spectacular thing without payment, my tongue started exploring her entrance, quickly turning fast and aggressive, circling her knob again and again. Her moans turned even louder, showing how much she was enjoying me spoiling her.

Another gag escaped her mouth as she lowered herself even more, enough to cut her breath completely … which was, technically speaking, not particularly critical at the moment. She was strong enough to survive without breathing for a long time — maybe even permanently — though that took nothing from the spectacular tightness of her throat.

As she treated my girth to a divine journey, she pushed her hips down, her beautiful, plump thighs tightening around my head as if she was trying to suffocate me in turn.

If someone else dared to do so, I would have reacted rather aggressively, but Seldanna earned that leeway after her spectacular performance of ascension and the battle that followed. I continued to lick her core as her hips moved in response, her wetness grinding against my face aggressively. Her movements were forceful and choppy, showing just how familiar she was with even a hint of domination, but her inexperience just made it sexier.

“It feels amazing,” she murmured dazedly once she pulled back to take a deep, desperate breath — showing that while she didn’t need to breathe, the habit was still there — while tightened my hold on her plump ass, making sure it was impossible for her to move away to get a reprieve.

She moaned several times under the combined assault of my tongue and my fingers, giving me time to enjoy the softness of her beautiful hips. “A … break,” she whispered soon.

“Not until you finish your own job,” I warned her. After all, my poor shaft was once again without anyone to tend, lingering alone. It was not fair.

“I … just a few seconds,” she begged.

“No,” I answered, the time to form the word the only break I took, determined to continue teasing her for an hour if she wanted to surrender.

Slowly playing with her until she turned into a delicious puddle of joy was just too tempting. Especially since, with every immediate danger resolved, we had time to waste.

“A-as you wish, my lord,” she whispered, her voice conveying surrender as she lowered herself, showing that the confidence she had received from suddenly becoming a god hadn’t changed her inherent submissiveness.


She went down once more, this time her head moving with ruthless efficiency, taking me deep into her throat, tightening mercilessly… Enough to trigger an explosion, and while I could have rejected the call and continued, I let myself go instead, painting her throat.

She deserved that reward.

{+1 Endurance}

A gasp of shock appeared in front of me at the sudden, unexpected notification. Seldanna didn’t react, busy catching her reward, giving me the time to dig and understand what had just happened.

My first guess was that I had somehow used my storage of Purified Spark, but a quick check showed that it was not the case.

It didn’t make me feel any better. I was afraid that I had somehow stolen some Divine Spark from Seldanna, and while the amount was not high enough to make a difference, the way it happened accidentally was not a good sign. Also, at his point, it required almost a thousand points of Divine Spark to increase a point … which was not entirely a small number either.

Yet, as I turned my attention inward to see how much Spark I had pilfered from her accident, I met with another surprise.

The amount of Divine Spark I had assigned to support Endurance Stat was still the same as the others … but then, where did that extra point of Endurance come from…

A hand distracted me from my musings. “Don’t tell me you’re tired already,” Seldanna said playfully, which was followed by a gasp as I immediately pulled her to my lap, a delicious gasp escaping her mouth as I skewered her.

I made sure she was pointing the other way, making it easy for me to spank her. “Ride me, my goddess,” I ordered as I landed a loud spank. She followed it immediately, giving me another dose of pleasure.

“So impatient,” I murmured, unable to keep a wide smirk from covering my face. However, that was all I allowed myself to feel before I dug down back to my soul, trying to understand what was going

At first, I expected Seldanna’s distraction would make it more difficult, but instead, the opposite happened. As she rode me desperately, I felt another flicker in my Stats … and realized that, it was the nascent connection between me and Seldanna responsible for it.

I had initially assumed that it was just a connection between the two of us, but as she rode me desperately, I soon realized that the connection was actually between her and my Endurance stat.

{+1 Endurance}

As my stat increased again, I was able to observe directly … and I made another fascinating discovery. The reason my Endurance increased was the efficiency increase…. And, it was an incredible benefit, as the square relationship between the divine spark meant that while I only needed a hundred spark to increase a stat from ten to eleven … I needed a whopping ten thousand points just to increase from a hundred to a hundred and one…

Which had meant that it would have been impossible for me to directly compete with any god, the best I could achieve was to escape back to Primordial Aether, where I had the advantage.

Of course, I had been planning to explore ways to increase that efficiency … but I certainly didn’t expect that to happen in such a smooth manner. I could feel the connection between us increasing the efficiency, giving me hope that I could reverse it.

I analyzed the connection more, and I realized it was not just about her power, but also the way she was connected to the Plane inherently. It wasn’t the Divine Spark of hers that was increasing my efficiency, but the land itself.

She was just a conduit. Which was good, as it meant I wasn’t stealing anything from her.

However, it was also bad, because it meant there was a limit to it … unless I found a way to increase the size of the planar fragment … which I doubted to be a simple challenge.

Another problem, I could already feel that the way she was connected to Endurance was inevitably tight, resonating with her Divine Spark in a fundamental manner.

Meaning, I needed more goddesses if I wanted to spread that effect into the other stats.

Oh, no! I needed to seduce more goddesses! The horror!

{Strength: 30 Charisma: 30

Precision: 30 Perception: 30

Agility: 30 Manipulation: 30

Speed: 30 Intelligence: 30

Endurance: 32 Wisdom: 30}

{Purified Divine Spark: 237555}

{Pseudo-HP: 1103 Mana: 2410}


Light – Chosen 7.4

Nature – Chosen 10}


Elven Goddess – ???}

[Level: 36 Experience: 631374 / 666000]


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