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“So, how does it feel to be on the other side of the bindings for once?” she whispered as she leaned forward again, giving me another glimpse of her deep cleavage while she examined the chains that were keeping me in place.

“Can’t complain,” I answered as I looked at her, unable to hide the growing smile as I noted the careful way she listened to my tone, her smile getting wider. Without my phenomenal observation, I might have assumed that it was just the satisfaction of keeping her partner happy, but there was a certain urgency in her gaze.

She was too transparent for me to miss her aim. She wanted to ask for a favor.

I deliberately didn’t ask her about that. Not that I wasn’t curious about the reason. I certainly was, especially since with our relationship, she should be able to ask a lot of reasonable things of me. More importantly, it was clearly not a major issue, which would have driven her to a panicked state rather than her current impatient yet playful combination.

However, just because I wanted to learn didn’t mean I was in a hurry to learn about that, especially not if asking directly would ruin the mood she was doing her best to establish.

She leaned forward further under my appreciative gaze, bringing her lips against the crown of my shaft, a little gasp escaping her beautiful mouth as her tongue jumped out, licking along the length of it. “Mmm, delicious,” she moaned in appreciation, though her satisfaction a touch exaggerated.

It was clearly an attempt to enhance my satisfaction before she finally asked for the favor she needed.

Not that it was a great chore for me to stand on the other side of it, watching as Oeyne’s lips slowly travel down, the head of my shaft disappearing from the view as the warmth of her mouth hit.

I just leaned back, giving her the space she needed to work at the pace she desired. She did look a touch uncomfortable with the sudden freedom she found herself, expecting me to take back control at any moment, but that didn’t prevent her from going deeper.

The desire dancing behind her beautiful eyes didn’t allow for anything else.

It might be the favor that was making her push more aggressively than she might have otherwise acted, but ultimately, it wasn’t like she was committing a great chore that was anathema to her personality, not when our last time was too close for the memories of pleasure to fade away from her mind.

I obediently stayed chained while she convinced me to work on my shaft splendidly, her soft fingers — which was a miracle thanks to the System considering her job as a blacksmith — and her even softer breasts alternated around my shaft, continuously maintaining a tense warmth.

A tenseness that was slowly getting more splendid as she got more comfortable with the unfamiliar position, slowly building up experience under the guidance of my grunts. Though, if there was one drawback to my current position, it didn’t allow me to grab her hair and pull it down, allowing me to leverage the tightness of her throat even more.

Luckily, she lacked the personality to continue teasing slowly and keep me on the edge, too direct to enjoy that aspect. I could only imagine how Cornelia would have reacted if I allowed her such power over me even for a fantasy.

Maybe I should visit her and try that…

As Oeyne pushed her head down, her throat clamping around my shaft, the pleasure that radiated worked wonders to bring my attention back to the present.

It was not exactly comfortable for her as well, indicated by her gags and gasps, but it was hardly the most uncomfortable position she had ever faced in our little games. She stayed focused on her task of bringing me to completion.

If I was a merciful man, I would have let it explode after starting to feel the stirrings of a climax, filling her throat with my seed. Yet, while I had many positive qualities, mercy was hardly one of those.

Keeping myself from climaxing was not difficult — though not trivial as well, not with the great pleasure her throat was providing for me.

It didn’t take long for her gaze to rise — without even pulling back, making the view even more amazing — to catch mine. “It’s your self-appointed task, sweetie,” I said. “You need to work hard and finish it.”

Even without angling for a favor, she wouldn’t have rejected such an order, but the presence of that yet-to-be-named favor forced her to go even deeper. Framing it as a challenge forced her to challenge her limits even more. She grabbed my hips and pushed herself down, enveloping my shaft even more spectacularly.

She moved even deeper, her throat around my girth much stronger than the chains around my wrists. She lingered there without taking a breath, going in and out, but never pulling back enough to allow herself to take a breath in the process.

As she continued bobbing over my shaft, I considered freeing my hands, to accompany her for more interesting tasks.

Before I could make that decision, however, Oeyne pulled back. “Surrendering already?” I said with mock disappointment. “Maybe I shouldn’t have trusted you to handle it…”

“In your dreams,” Oeyne growled as she looked at me, her determination to ‘win’ intensified even further with my constant mocking. Yet, even as she looked down, I could see her determination fading, her confidence damaged by her earlier lack of success.

I chuckled, which fueled her anger immediately. “I’ll show you,” she added as she shifted forward. But this time, she didn’t lean forward but shifted her hips, sheathing my shaft with her wet core.

Another moan exploded off her lips as she pushed herself down, skewering herself with my shaft, another moan rising in response.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 27%]

I smiled at the notification. It was progress that was never unwelcome.

Oeyne’s hips started to rock, unaware that she was working for another very useful perk for herself and strengthening me at the same time. Her hands landed on my shoulders for leverage, using her freedom to dance back and forth along with my lap as her warmth tightened around my girth.

My hands were tied, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t pull tricks in other ways. I cast a Biomancy spell, one that would block her from climaxing, making sure that she wouldn’t be enjoying herself too much without a consequence even as I deliberately left her attempts fruitless.

Oeyne rocked hard on my lap, unaware of the trap she had already stepped in, too distracted by the pleasure to notice my subtle spell. Soon, her face started to darken, the pleasure making her skin flush to deepen her caramel tone.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 32%]

The rapid progress was rather impressive, showing the depths of her pleasure.

She didn’t say anything as she continued her self-appointed mission, but that didn’t mean she didn’t make any noise. Her moans exploded against the walls.

Yet, it was the desperate quality in those moans that attracted me. It started slow, coming from subconsciousness, but for all her direct attitude and self-destructive ways, she wasn’t stupid. It didn’t take long for her to realize the unnaturalness of her explosion.

“What did you do?” she gasped in shock.

“Hey, don’t go blaming me just because you’re not as good as you could be,” I murmured.

“You used a spell, didn’t you?” she blamed, though her hips didn’t stop even for a second even as she blamed me for that.

“Yes, but only on you,” I answered smugly. “After all, it would be unfair to finish before your guest, wouldn’t it be? Of course, if you beg for it, I might pity you and let it slide. What do you say?”

“Never,” she growled, her passion renewed by the challenge as her hips moved even faster. I could have tried to push for more, but that meant that they could have a unique approach to the other aspects of the game.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 36%]

“Good,” I said mockingly as her hips started moving once more, my teasing tone making her move even faster. “It’s good that you have the discipline to finish what you have started. Otherwise, we would stay here all day, not having any opportunity to talk about the favor you’re clearly about to ask.”

“W-what favor,” she gasped in shock, her expression beautifully twisted in panic while her hips stilled. “I didn’t say anything about a favor.”

“Oh, really,” I said as I smirked. “So, are you saying that you don’t have a favor to ask? If so, it’s clearly my mistake.”

She looked at me, her expression of panic would have been pitiful if she was a weak woman. But, considering she was a mid-twenty level blacksmith, strong in battle and in crafting at the same time, it only made the moment more erotic.

It was fun to watch such a self-possessed beauty panic over such a small thing, especially since if she stopped even for a moment to think, she would realize there was nothing bad about asking me a favor after everything. Yet, caught in a moment, she froze helplessly.

“No wonder you always lose while gambling,” I said with a chuckle, which made her expression flare in a momentary frustration. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you. Tell me what I do I need to do?”

“I… I lost while gambling,” she said, followed by a number that made my eyes widen.

“Damn girl,” I said even as I waved my hand, breaking the chains that were holding me. “That’s an impressive number. Who the hell had that much money.” Then, combined with her hesitation, it clicked with me. “Don’t tell me that you lost it to someone from the Princess’ party, after my warning.”

Her expression of desolation was beautiful.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help,” I said, as I had no intention of abandoning Oeyne to their clutches. Then, I grabbed her waist and throw her on the other end of the bed, her back pressing against its soft fabric, her legs spread apart.

Then, I waved my hands, and her covers turned into chains, wrapping around her arms and legs. “But first, a little lesson about gambling irresponsibly…”

[Level: 32 Experience: 499160 / 528000

Strength: 46 Charisma: 63

Precision: 40 Perception: 42

Agility: 40 Manipulation: 45

Speed: 39 Intelligence: 49

Endurance: 39 Wisdom: 51

HP: 6528 / 6528 Mana: 8000 / 8000 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Arcana [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [100/100]

Master Craft [84/100]

Expert Speech [75/75]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (0/1)



[Cornelia – Level 22/26]

[Helga – Level 22/26]


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