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“How interesting,” she murmured as she tried to process my revelation. “I didn’t expect that abominable thing to affect everything to such a degree.”

I appreciated her mutterings, because it gave me a chance to gather my thoughts, in particular the System’s constant mana devouring and its applications to creating Enchantments. Not permanently, of course, as I had no doubt those implications were not just limited to wards and items, nor it was something I could treat as a long-term, theoretical question thanks to the designs I had noticed in Oeyne’s rooms.

All I wanted was a few days where I could tease a sexy dragon and a repressed angel for fun. Was that so much to ask?

However, I managed to pull myself away from those more complicated questions as she took another bite of the food, losing herself in a literal magical culinary bliss, trembling beautifully, her hurry to finish it faster leaving her even more vulnerable against the invasion of pleasure.

And since I had gone all that effort to reconnect with her dress, a flare of my magic ensured that its destruction quickened even further, to a point that it reduced her dress to a beautiful two-piece. The middle portion was gone completely, leaving her stomach bare for my eventual touch.

The top remained complete — mostly, apart from some fraying around her cleavage — but the skirt had suffered badly, getting considerably shorter and thinner in the process, forcing her to cross her legs to protect her the most important bastion of her modesty.

And that was not a move without cost. Crossing her legs while her skirt got shorter and shorter revealed all of her legs, along with a generous glimpse into her plump ass.

Her conflicted gaze, dancing between her own dress and the food in front of her was simply too amusing, especially since she was doing her best not to look at me while she tried to decide between protecting the scraps of her modesty, and the pleasure offered by the food.

She was turning out to be even more hedonistic than I expected, which was a great feat considering her reaction to the massage back in the safe house, though it was not without an explanation. After all, the safe house had been a dangerous place, preventing her from enjoying my services properly.

Of course, the principle of research lay in repeated testing, I decided as I took a step toward her without a warning, using the full extent of my dexterity to keep my presence subtle as I did so, timing it perfectly with another large bite of her, which made her close her eyes.

Before she could open them, my hands were on her shoulders, my fingers already laced with mana.

[-317 Mana]

“What are you—“ she started, only to be interrupted by a delicious moan as my fingers started to dance on her shoulder, caressing her skin with the great skills I had developed as I let my mana inject into her body.

The resulting moan had been spectacular, even better than I expected, suggesting the combination of the food and the massage was strong enough to blank her mind momentarily. “I’m massaging you to make your dinner more comfortable, mistress,” I said mockingly.

“I don’t —“ she started, but when I used magic to float another bite of the delicious dinner I had prepared for her, her lips parted open readily, taking it in. Together with the flood of pleasure she was getting from the massage, she was barely able to swallow her food as she moaned.

She was really weak against pleasure.

I chuckled at her reaction even as I continued to caress her shoulders, even as my view got better with each passing second, revealing more of her body. “I can stop if you want,” I offered, but only when I was absolutely sure of her answer.

Or more accurately, the lack of a one.

She said nothing as I continued rubbing her shoulder, her dress continuing to disintegrate, confirming the stories about the hedonistic nature of the dragonkind. Then, her top got even smaller, giving a glimpse of her areolas, yet she made no attempt to make me stop, focused on her food.

It was more erotic than our previous adventure. At least, she had the bubbles to hide her beautiful body then. Now, she only had a scrap that mostly displayed her breasts.

Until I decided to push things and grabbed that part, and ripping it without a warning.

The sudden movement managed to achieve what the slow disintegration of her clothes failed to achieve. “Hey —“ she exclaimed in panic, only to be interrupted by a moan when I pushed forward even more shamelessly and grabbed her breasts.

It wasn’t a soft, gentle touch, not even something that could be mistaken by a massage even under the most permissive definition of the word. I was just mauling her breasts mercilessly, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. Maybe it was the sudden intensity of the pleasure, or maybe my daring as I abandoned the role of a servant, but she said nothing, just stayed in her place, receiving the pleasure of my treatment.

Even the rest of her food stayed on her plate, untouched.

It took another aggressive move to make her speak. One of my hands stayed around her beautiful breasts — two glorious globes too big to fit on my hand — alternating between squeezing her flesh and twisting her nipples. Distracted by the treatments of my fingers, she had missed the significance of my other hand moving lower.

Until I ripped the remains of her skirt as well, leaving her beautiful body completely naked.

“That’s too much,” she gasped as she jumped to her feet, but before she could make a move, my hands were already on her shoulders.

I didn’t actually use the full extent of my strength, of course. All she needed to do was to push my hands away, and she could have escaped.

Yet, she stayed.

“No,” I said as I waved my hand, and every single dish on the table flew away, colliding against the wall. As their crashes filled the room with a unique symphony.

Before the pieces could even touch the floor, I touched her back, pushing her on the table. Once again, there was no brute strength behind my touch, but still mewling under the pleasure of my other hand, she just moaned as I pushed her down, her huge tits pressing against the crystal surface of the table.

For a moment, I did nothing, enjoying the sight of her plump ass, though it wasn’t as important as her slightly parted legs revealing her glistening core. Her body continued to blush as she found herself helpless against the pleasure.

I didn’t give her time to get her wits back as I pressed on her shoulders harder, stealing her breath in the process even with her tits acting as two beautiful cushions. Her gasp echoed in the room even as my fingers caressed her ass, reinforced with mana once more.

[-781 Mana]

“What are you doing,” she gasped, her voice a mixture of shock and arousal.

“I’m serving you, of course, mistress,” I said even as my fingers danced over her perfectly-toned ass, enjoying the sensation. “You clearly like a constant flow of mana, and I chose to deliver it the best way possible,” I added before a chuckle escaped my mouth. “Well, technically the third best, but there’s no need to spoil the fun by skipping the sequence, is there?”

She didn’t answer, which wasn’t great harm, especially since her lips were busy moaning deliciously. It didn’t help the intensify of her voice when my fingers finally found her wetness, dancing around incessantly.

The gasp she let out was beautiful, almost as beautiful as the lack of protest as my fingers found her knob, teasing it aggressively. I could have taken it slowly, but the moans she was letting out were so urgent, so helpless that I didn’t dare to.

What if she collapsed halfway? That would be a great tragedy.

So, my fingers started to intrude around her entrance, enjoying the way she clamped around my fingers, her wetness only overshadowed by her tightness. “No,” she finally managed to gasp, but considering she was pushing her ass back, trying to take more of my fingers into her, it was hard to treat it seriously.

Her moans got more and more intense, inviting me inside her. And I doubted it was an exclusive invitation, just for my fingers. Letting out my shaft plunging inside her would have been easy and, without a doubt, rewarding, but I had a much more fun sequence planned. Why should I spoil the fun by hurrying up?

After all, where was the fun of vanquishing a dragon if the dragon didn’t beg for it again and again?

The dance of my fingers soon yielded the ultimate result, and she started clenching around them as her wetness flowed, her moans filling the room completely.

However, her climax wasn’t the only surprise. Two horns appeared on her head, not only adding another exotic layer to her already mystical beauty, but also giving me a very handy tool for the next step of the fun I had planned.

“How kind,” I murmured in amusement as she moaned.

[Level: 32 Experience: 499110 / 528000

Strength: 46 Charisma: 63

Precision: 40 Perception: 42

Agility: 40 Manipulation: 45

Speed: 39 Intelligence: 49

Endurance: 39 Wisdom: 51

HP: 6528 / 6528 Mana: 6491 / 8000 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Arcana [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [100/100]

Master Craft [77/100]

Expert Speech [75/75]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (1/1)



[Cornelia – Level 22/26]

[Helga – Level 22/26]


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