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My throaty warning didn’t make Helga tremble in fear. She did tremble, but it was a display of passion rather than fear. Her widening smile was the distinction. The way she pushed her hips up, giving me the perfect angle to slip inside, just underlined the beautiful impression she was giving.

I pushed, her wet lips enveloping my shaft. A loud grunt escaped my mouth, which earned a reaction from Cornelia. But unlike before, rather than awakening her frustrated jealousy, it stroked her arousal further.

Luckily for her, dealing with her arousal was not impossible, especially not when she positioned herself in front of Helga, her legs widened in preparation before grabbing Helga’s hair and pulled her down, inviting her to service.

Helga seemed more than happy to service Cornelia, though her efforts often interrupted by the moans as I pushed inside her, her body easily swallowing my shaft. And my hands weren’t exactly waiting idle as I pushed repeatedly inside her. One of my hands landed on her bottom, making her plump ass giggle, while the other landed on her inner thigh, climbing upward slowly, almost tenderly, contrasting the aggressiveness of my hips with the sensual massage of my fingers.

My eyes met with Cornelia, whose beautiful green eyes were burning with desire and joy as Helga licked her. And I could see that it wasn’t just the pleasure she was feeling — though it was definitely having a part on it. No, she was feeling happy because of the speed Helga had agreed to help her face, a challenge that could easily cost her life.

I smiled back to her while casting a little arcana trick to caress her nipples, adding another layer of pleasure to the tongue-heavy treatment she was already receiving from Helga, trying to make her climax even deeper.

My smirk widened as the nature of the shine in her eyes changed, gratitude replaced by pure ecstasy. Emotional catharsis was nice, but not for our current moment.

After making sure Cornelia was properly occupied by her moans, I turned my attention back to Helga. My hand on her thighs crept upward slowly, closer and closer to entrance, the softness of the sensation to contrast greatly with my merciless ramming. Her moans, even in their muffled quality as Cornelia forced her head down, loud enough to rattle the windows, making the silencing wards to work to their limit.

Under attack from both ends, it wasn’t surprising for Helga to tremble helplessly a while later as the climax hit, making her collapse. Luckily for her, Cornelia was ready next to her, preventing her from hitting on the floor painfully.

“You’re exhausted rather quickly,” I said with a chuckle as Helga desperately tried to catch her breath. “Don’t tell me you’re out already.”

Cornelia chuckled even as she stole a quick kiss of Helga, helping her to sit down. Then she stood up, her body tense in preparation. “Oh, I’m sure she’ll catch her breath soon enough. Why don’t I tag in for a moment.”

“If you say so,” I responded mockingly. I looked at Helga, matching her euphoria-filled exhaustion with a big smirk. “However, from the looks of her, you’re going to take up the slack for a long while. Do you feel confident enough to handle it?” I asked.

I remember making a similar comment to Marianne not too long before, when we were having a threesome with her and Titania, though she was too shy to answer. Cornelia’s response was equally silent, but the source of it was different.

Cornelia didn’t answer, because she let her confident stance to answer. She stood up, her lithe body tense in preparation, each step bringing her closer to the monumental challenge she was about to face. Even after everything that happened, I couldn’t help but feel impressed by the way Cornelia owned her nakedness, as if she was being radiated by the inner light of her fire magic, equally fiery.

I couldn’t help but lick my lips, which widened her smile considerably. “I think I can,” she finally answered even as she put her hand on my shoulder, and pushed me to a sitting position.

I allowed her to do so, more than happy with the change of pace after dominating three beauties, one after another — two into exhaustion, the other to near-collapse. After that direct aggression, it would be fun to be on the defense for a moment.

And Cornelia was the perfect one to deliver such an assault. She might be developing a submissive side, but that didn’t mean that her aggressive edge had evaporated completely.

“Excellent,” I murmured as I shuffled in my seat, enjoying the way her tight hips swaying with each step. Around her, there was a soft red halo, her mana moving with excitement, adding a flickering flame aura to the mixture.

Her magical capabilities had truly reached to a new, very impressive, degree.

Cornelia arrived in front of me soon after, looking down with desire burning in her eyes. For a moment, I thought she was going to extend her vantage point to tease me, as it had been a rarity for her to enjoy a dominant position over me — even if I was the one allowing that to happen in the first place.

But Cornelia surprised me by collapsing on her knees immediately, her eyes locked to my erection, still glistening with Helga’s juices. Apparently, I had significantly underestimated the high her arousal reached watching me dominate her compatriots.

“Such an enthusiasm for cleaning,” I said mockingly as her lips wrapped around my shaft, her moans displaying her joy. Her tongue darted out with great enthusiasm after she pulled back for a moment to give a naughty smile, following with a slow, lingering lick to the side of my shaft.

A groan of pleasure escaped my lips, but the distraction it provided wasn’t enough for me to miss another ice cube flying toward me. “Naughty,” I murmured, catching Cornelia’s amused gaze, not diminished even when her attack surprise attack diverted completely. “Good attempt, but you need to have a follow-up plan no matter the viability of the success.”

Cornelia showed her appreciation toward my lesson by swallowing my shaft once again, pushing her as hard as she could manage, her throat tightening around my girth spectacularly. I leaned back, enjoying her service as she struggled to take me deeper and deeper, her beautiful lips around the base of my shaft, her perky tits pressing against my legs. The flexible dance of her tongue in her mouth, creating additional shivers of pleasure, just added another layer to my enjoyment.

She was amazing, especially with her impressive display of enthusiasm. As she sank deeper, her magic flared even more to match her enthusiasm. The aura of flame reaching to a point that would have scared me if it wasn’t for my own abilities to intervene if needed.

However, I said nothing, because the sight of a sexy redhead wrapped with an equally impressive flame aura even as she did her best to completely swallow me was too attractive to stop. I much preferred to stop an accidental fire to stop her halfway.

Cornelia continued her task enthusiastically, uncaring of the fire hazard she was creating, or the mana she was wasting. Though, why should she care about the mana she wasted when her lips were already clamped around a hose of endless mana, the best magical item she ever used.

She gasped and gagged and heaved, swallowing the full length of my shaft repeatedly.

I was considering how to properly finish the day, when I felt a delicious softness around my neck, one that I recognized easily.

Marianne was awake.

And she wasn’t alone, Titania reminded, when she burst into the scene, grabbing Cornelia’s head to push her down, her smirk suggesting that it was not just an erotic moment, but making her pay back for the failure of their earlier combined tactics.

I wasn’t able to say anything, because Helga came back, pulling me in for a hungry kiss, her hands happily employed, rubbing my chest while her tits mashed me.

It was quite a show, I thought even as I flared my magic, curing my exhaustion.

Something told me that I would need it…

[Level: 31 Experience: 493210 / 496000

Strength: 46 Charisma: 63

Precision: 40 Perception: 42

Agility: 40 Manipulation: 45

Speed: 39 Intelligence: 49

Endurance: 39 Wisdom: 51

HP: 6324 / 6324 Mana: 4671 / 7750 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Arcana [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [100/100]

Expert Speech [75/75]

Expert Craft [75/75]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (1/1)



[Cornelia – Level 21/25]

[Helga – Level 19/21]


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