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“So, Titania,” I said lazily as I crossed my legs and caught Titania’s eyes, who was split between looking at the door like she wanted to escape the room despite her very noticeable nakedness and hiding under the covers, hoping that pulling the covers on her would somehow make her invisible. “You seem a little tense? Is there a reason for it?”

“T-the battle was difficult,” she managed to stammer, her shyness making her even cuter. In moments like that, it was hard to remember she was actually strong enough to eviscerate the whole town if given a reason. “Not the mention these mysterious hunters. It’s stressful.”

“Of course,” I nodded in understanding, but she shivered upon seeing my smile. Understandable, considering that my smile implied a lot of stuff, with every single one of them ending in with her collapsing into a quivering mess of sweat and ecstasy. “Actually, it’s my fault. I should have considered the impact of this horrible ordeal on you. You need to relax. Maybe I should let you rest.”

Her sudden panic suggested that despite her earlier panic, she was very much against me leaving this quickly. Luckily for her, I had no intention to do so even temporarily. I gestured to Marianne. “Marianne, sweetie, why don’t you help the most important pillar of our school to relax through a massage. She deserves a little pampering after the amazing achievement of defeating two monster hordes in a row perfectly.”

Marianne showed her cute obedience and nodded even as she jumped up to her feet —a move that had a spectacular impact on her curves, especially her delicious breasts. Her expression was calm, though it contrasted greatly with the shine behind her eyes. She was no less enthusiastic than me to properly help Titania get acclaimed with the real meaning of pleasure, it seemed.

Then, she pushed the envelope even more. The short walk between the couch and the bed extended into a short show that nonetheless felt like an eternity, every swing of her beautiful hips enough to inspire a poet for a lifetime. Every time her foot touched the floor, her body trembled lightly, starting from her legs until it reached her most attention-grabbing part, her oil-covered tits.

And if Titania’s shocked gaze was any indicator, I wasn’t the only one that was enjoying the sight. Though, unlike her, I didn’t have a growing panic as the said pair of tits got closer. “I-is this really necessary?” Titania stammered cutely, while Marianne took the last step and dwindled the distance between their naked bodies into nothing. “I can simply catch a short nap. It would be enough to feel refreshed. I don’t want to be a bother.”

“Nonsense,” I said, not waiting for Marianne to interject. Not that I needed to hurry, as she seemed to be perfectly happy as she perched on the edge of the bed, waiting for our talk to finish. “Marianne is a sweetheart, and she would enjoy helping you relax. Wouldn’t you, sweetie?”

“It’s a privilege,” Marianne answered while she smiled demurely —at least, demurely on the surface, as she wasn’t trying her hardest to hide her hungry smile. Though, her lack of effort was understandable. It didn’t matter how perfect her expression was, when her hands were already betraying her true thoughts by grabbing Titania’s blanket and pulling it off enthusiastically. Titania tried to hold her cover in place, but it slipped off her fingers.

“I don’t…” Titania murmured, but when our eyes met, her complaint, which was already lacking in conviction, faded into nothingness. The cover fell to the floor, and Marianne grabbed another fruit to prepare more massage oil.

“Lie down, and let Marianne show her amazing skills on your tense shoulders. And believe me when I say she has great skills. I taught her myself.”

That reminder broke through Marianne’s confidence, making her blush as she no doubt remembered the initial parts of our relationship, filled with delicious tricks that were enjoyable in a whole different way. Meanwhile, Titania was too busy trying to minimize her exposure as she lay on her back. She even telekinetically pulled a towel to cover her ass as she lay on her face, but Marianne just chuckled as she threw the towel. “We won’t need that,” she said with surprising confidence, taking Titania’s hesitation as a sign to exert her opportunity.

Luckily, she was smart enough to know her limits despite the extraordinary situation and didn’t let her pretty mouth spill any statement that could be construed as a taunt. Titania might be shy enough to act like a chambermaid who found herself in the wrong bedroom, but that didn’t change the fact that she had both the individual ability and the political position to make Marianne’s life a living hell if she wished so.

Marianne pressed her oil-covered hands gently, only for Titania to gasp. “Wow, you really need this massage,” Marianne commented offhandedly as she gave Titania’s shoulders a squeeze and tested her tenseness.

I leaned back on my seat as I waited for my mana to recover, determined to enjoy the show. With Marianne’s torso already glistening with a lot of oil and Titania’s body slowly getting drenched to catch up with her, it was a rather nice show, enough for me to enjoy until my mana recovered completely.

It started rather tame as Marianne gently rubbed Titania’s shoulders in circles, though after a few repeats, she decided to cover her fingers a respectable amount of mana to help her. Healing wasn’t my strongest forte, but it was easy to recognize the simple cantrip that healers used as a training tool, allowing them to manipulate the muscles. Seeing Marianne using that as a massage tool, my positive impressions got even stronger. She was really taking my half-hearted lesson about creativity to heart.

“How’s this?” she asked as her hands slid down, enjoying the wild expanse of Titania’s back freely as she worked the demolish the knots created by the siege they had suffered.

“Not … bad…” Titania managed to murmur before she closed her lips hastily, almost quick enough to successfully confine the moan that escaped its confines.

Almost, but not quite.

It was a familiar moan, one that Titania let out whenever we started our little games. Only at the start, though, because as the time progressed, her moans would lose their hesitance, and become more honest. Still, the sight of her pressing her legs desperately to hide her wetness was a delicious sight.

“Happy to hear,” Marianne murmured as she moved down, bypassing her ass to focus on her calves and thighs with the help of a generous slap of oil. Just like I expected, Titania’s voice started to lose its shy quality as Marianne’s fingers resolved the tenseness of her thighs. Instead, her voice was tainted with the familiar tone of arousal.

While I wasn’t surprised by the ultimate result, I was surprised by the speed she was folding under Marianne’s touch. Marianne was getting really skilled with her massage technique.

“How do you feel?” I asked after another cute moan escaped her mouth, barely thirty seconds after the first one. “Do you still think that the massage idea was a waste of time?”

“I feel – good!” she answered, her calm answer turning into a shocked cry as Marianne used the opportunity to caress her wet lips, using Titania’s distraction to a maximum benefit. With that cry, her already-poor attempts to hide her arousal fallen apart, leaving only naked arousal behind.

Titania tried to keep her legs pinned, but that proved to be unnecessary as Marianne didn’t spend any more time on that sensitive area after her gentle caress, instead of climbing up to focus on the small of her back, drawing large, rhythmic circles.

As Marianne continued to deliver her teasing massage, Titania wasn’t the only one that was getting frustrated under the insistent tickling of arousal. I was already sporting a full erection throbbing with enthusiasm as Titania moaned, and the sight of Marianne’s naked body, wiggling and jiggling invitingly whenever she made a sharp move didn’t hurt the sight any.

My eyebrows rose surprisingly when Marianne suddenly stood straight as she created another generous portion of oil, and this time, applied that on her body rather than drenching Titania’s body. I was surprised, not that I was unhappy watching as Marianne covered her whole body with a fresh coat of oil, this time applying that on her thighs as well. However, I wondered what she had in mind.

Luckily, I hadn’t needed to wait for long as Marianne climbed on the bed —and displaying her large ass spectacularly as she did so— and trapped Titania’s body between the bed and her amazing tits. Titania gasped in shock, but Marianne didn’t care as she moved up and down. It was a justified response. If Titania had any complaints about Marianne’s touch, she should have complained when we started. Or at least, she should have said something while I was playing with Marianne.

Admittedly, after a brief gasp of shock, Titania’s purrs of satisfaction mixed with Marianne, showing that she was too relaxed thanks to massage even deliver a fake complaint.

Those purrs were quick to transform into moans of pleasure under Marianne’s repeated actions, her hips rocking reflexively under Marianne’s attention, inviting a penetrating presence. Unfortunately for her, I found the show they were putting too spectacular to cut short. I decided to let Marianne play until my mana reserves were replenished.

Still, the desire to bury my face between her thick thighs was hard to suppress. Luckily, Marianne was distracted by Titania’s intensifying moans to pay attention to me. I doubted that I could have maintained my determination to stay away if she turned her beautiful blue eyes on me, begging for my touch…

Titania said nothing, but the way her legs parted wider and wider as she abandoned her feeble attempts to ignore the sexuality of her experience. That addition made the desire to reject the call even harder.

Then, Marianne proved her enthusiasm as she suddenly pulled back, only to flip Titania. “W-what-” Titania stammered, which was cut short as her face was buried in the amazing expanse of Marianne’s tits. A shocking yet interesting move. It didn’t last long, but even after Marianne moved, because her tits were replaced by her lips, silencing her with a searing kiss.

After a slight hesitation, Titania started kissing, adding enthusiastic moans to the mix, especially after Marianne’s hand slipped low and found the treasure between her legs. Her fingers disappeared through Titania’s entrance as their tongues fought against each other, creating an erotic sight.

Soon, Titania’s hands joined the fray, her fingers disappearing into Marianne’s generous bosom, much to Marianne’s appreciation. And Marianne wasn’t the only one happy about the sudden initiative Titania was showing. My heartbeat picked up speed as their dance turned into an oily wrestling match, spreading the glistening liquid even more.

“Amazing,” I whispered to myself, too soft to pull the girls out of their distraction. Understandable, considering Marianne had dedicated her full attention to make Titania squirm, and Titania was busy with moaning with an ever-increasing loudness. She accepted Marianne’s assault passively, enjoying the string of kisses Marianne had left on her body.

Then, I decided to check my status.

[ Mana: 5421 / 6600 ]

With a sigh, I stood up. I had been enjoying watching the show, and I would have loved to watch them until Titania got used to her new reality and start retaliating, but unfortunately, I was being pushed by some external concerns. Still, since my mana hadn’t recovered completely, there was no harm in walking slowly, enjoying the show for a little while more.

As I closed in, Marianne’s hands were exploring Titania’s body aggressively. However, that was just a distraction to hide her general downward movement. Titania kept her eyes closed, moaning repetitively even as Marianne journeyed through her stomach, leaving a kiss for every step.

She only realized what was going on when Marianne’s breath fell on her wet core. Even then, she was far too gone to say anything but a simple word. “Please,” she whispered, her need for a release overwhelming her tone.

Marianne was far too excited to ignore Titania’s heartfelt request and pushed her head between her thighs, her tongue already out to caress her puffed lips. Titania moaned loudly, while Marianne’s tongue delved into her core. And just to make things better, her oil-covered bottom rose up invitingly, almost intentional, though I could see that Marianne was far too distracted by Titania’s delicious taste to remember my presence.

Luckily for her, I was more than ready to remind her of my presence…

[Level: 30 Experience: 447193 / 465000

Strength: 41 Charisma: 53

Precision: 35 Perception: 37

Agility: 35 Manipulation: 40

Speed: 34 Intelligence: 44

Endurance: 34 Wisdom: 46

HP: 5370 / 5370 Mana: 5583 / 6600 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Arcana [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [97/100]

Expert Speech [70/75]

Advanced Craft [50/50]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (1/1)



[Cornelia – Level 21/25]

[Helga – Level 17/21]


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