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Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game – Chapter 11: Goblin Miniboss [Bonus Chapter] Bahasa Indonesia


// New quest!

Content: Kill the goblin miniboss or escape!

Reward: Will be calculated after completion.

Failure: Death


‘Is this a miniboss?’ Vesuvius looked at the goblin covered in lightning when his sense returned after growling like some beast.

Vesuvius immediately used analyze on the goblin.



Analyze result:

Name: [Miniboss] Buba Ugaga

Species: Goblin (EVOLVED)

Occupation: NPC/Goblin Chieftain

Level: 13

Danger level: deadly


He didn’t have time to think as the goblin grabbed another spear from a bag on his back. Electricity started to dance around the spear as the goblin prepared to throw it.

The small dragon quickly moved, but he was too slow, and the spear hit him into his wing, creating a hole in it before flying further into the skies.

“Graaa!” a painful dragon roar echoed through the forest as the dragon lost its balance and fell to the ground. His body hit the ground, creating a trail in the soft forest soil.

“Baga! Bugug!” Goblin shouted, and immediately a dozen goblins ran towards the fallen dragon, surrounding it from every direction.

Immense rage arose inside of the dragon’s heart, suppressing all of the pain. Vesuvius quickly stood up, his legs still wobbly from a shock. He opened his mouth and spat fire around him, creating a wall of flames that separated him from the goblins while hitting a few of them.





You are now level 6

All stats increased!

+5 stat points

+1 ability point


‘Idiots, with their cheap weapons, they are only helping me as they stand in the way of that miniboss goblin.’ dragons gaze quickly found the miniboss with a new spear already in his arm, ‘I need to rush him! He is some kind of spear thrower, so I need to get close enough to him to attack him effectively.

Vesuvius made a decision. He nimbly moved forward, passing through the wall of fire and running over two goblins that stood in his way. Both of the goblins fell under the force of being hit by a dragon. The dragon’s leg stepped on the head of one goblin, crushing its head into red paste.


Miniboss started to charge his spear, lightning crackling all over it. Vesuvius spat out a flame creating a barrier of flames in front of him, blocking the minibosses’ view. Then he quickly ducked, bending all for of his legs.

“Crackle!” spear crackled as it flew above him, hitting a tree behind. Two goblins got behind him. The dragon heard them and swung his tail, breaking a few bones in them and instantly killing one of them.


Vesuvius jumped forward through the flames closing the distance to the miniboss. Miniboss quickly grabbed another spear from his bag, and lightning started to move through his arm holding it, charging it with energy.

Vesuvius jumped behind a trunk of a nearby ancient oak. He waited for a second, but minibosses didn’t throw his spear.

‘Shit, he is waiting for me! I will have to bait him!’

A goblin with a dagger rushed at the dragon while screaming.

‘Exactly what I needed!’ Vesuvius smiled, showing his horrifying teeth.

Vesuvius hit the incoming goblin sending him flying from behind his cover. The miniboss waiting for any sign of movement immediately threw his spear. The lightning-covered spear flew, hitting the goblin in midair and impaling it through the neck. Spear continued with still impaled goblin on it and hit a tree behind it where it stuck with lightning burnt goblin corpse dangling from it.


“Agaga!” Miniboss shouted in a rage.

The small dragon jumped from behind the tree, moving closer to the miniboss. The goblin miniboss had already grabbed a new spear. Vesuvius didn’t stop to hide as he needed only two more meters. Lightning started crackling, charging up the spear. Vesuvius ran another meter. Miniboss moved his arm, preparing to throw the spear he was holding.

The small dragon opened his mouth, and a stream of fire erupted towards the miniboss. Lightning crackled, enveloping the miniboss in some kind of barrier. Flames enveloped the miniboss, creating a storm of lightning and flames around him.

“Gaaa!” the miniboss cried in pain and dropped the spear he was holding.

Finally, flames subsided, revealing the goblin covered in burns and blisters. Miniboss looked at the small dragon with visible contempt in his eyes. Then he fell on his knees while panting.

Vesuvius slowly walked towards him and prepared his claws. No other goblin dared to rush in and interrupt their standoff.

Suddenly the miniboss jumped up, his fist creating small arks of lightning around it. Then he punched the dragon, whose eye went wide open, hitting him. The dragon’s body moved back one meter under the force of the punch while accompanied by a sound of static electricity as electricity passed through the dragon’s body.

“You little rat, you were pretending! YOU WEAKLINGS AND YOUR CHEAP TRICKS!!” the small dragon growled in his deep voice that sounded like it came from a dept of a well.

“Gugga!” the minibosses burned face formed into a massive grin as he moved his hand to grab a spear from his back. His hand didn’t grab anything as his back burned when the dragon’s breath hit the miniboss. His grin immediately vanished as he frantically started to look for a weapon. His eyes opened in hope when he spotted a spear stuck in soil few meters from him.

“Like if I will let you!” the small dragon who recovered after the massive surge of electricity that hit him opened his mouth and released another surge of fire. Lightning and flames met once again, creating fireworks as they fought each other. This time he kept spitting fire until only a little bit of his mana remained.


Flames and lightning vanished, revealing a burning corpse of the miniboss.



Quest accomplished!

Rating: B

Reward: 500 XP, Magic item: [Ring of Goblin Stealth]


A small ring appeared out of nowhere and fell to the ground. Vesuvius was tired, injured and almost out of mana. Luckily most of the goblins had already run away or were covering, in the fear brought by the death of their chieftain.


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