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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 88.1: Seeding Doubt, Emperor Heart Technique Bahasa Indonesia

A few days later, at about 3:20 in the morning, the sky had just begun to brighten. Many people in the Daimyo Residence were still deep in dreamland when Uchiha Tonan broke the silence and rushed into the First Highness’ room again. He ruthlessly dragged Naraku to the study hall’s courtyard.

Crack, crack, crack… Whipping sounds echoed to the farther corners continuously.

“Please forgive me,” Naraku wailed, wishing he could die immediately but it all fell on deaf ears. It was obvious to him that Abe Seimei had been targeting him. In the beginning, it was four o’clock in the morning when Seimei would begin the drag, drench and whip routine.

However, every day after that, it shifted a bit earlier, and Seimei would barge into his room just before he opened his eyes. In the past few days, he hadn’t had a good night’s rest. Even before his older wounds healed, he would suffer new torture.

He tossed and turned in bed every day, unable to sleep due to the pain. He could barely fall asleep just before dawn, but he would be dragged out and whipped again before he could sleep for a long time.

He persisted but eventually, he was made up of flesh and blood. Whether it was mentally or physically, Naraku couldn’t endure anymore.

“Father…, save me!” He had no other choice but to pin all his hopes on his father. He used his last bit of energy to cry out for help, but it was useless.

At this moment when Naraku was subjected to such torture, the Daimyo was standing outside the courtyard wall. When he heard the whipping sounds and screams coming from the courtyard, his face was filled with pain. A shadow guard couldn’t endure it any longer and walked to his side from the darkness.

“Your Majesty, Seimei-dono is abusing the First Highness so much. I’m afraid the First Highness’s body will not be able to endure it. Do you truly not care about him?”

Hearing the guard’s words, the Daimyo’s expression changed a little. The person who was being whipped inside was his own son, how could he not feel distressed? However, he shook his head again, constantly reminding himself about what Tonan had said before.


“There is no value to jade without being cut and polished,” a loud shout from Tonan came from inside the courtyard, pulling the Daimyo back to reality.

“You old dog… wait until I become the Daimyo, I’ll definitely kill you,” Naraku couldn’t bear the torture and his heart was filled with hatred toward Tonan. He glared at him, his eyes bloodshot, blue veins protruding from his forehead.

“That’s good… I’ll wait for that day,” Tonan seemed to not care about his words.

Crack! “Heaven has bestowed a great responsibility to me.”

Crack! “I must temper the resolution first.”

Crack! “Refine the physique.”

Crack! “Empty the body.”

Tonan was saying all this not only to Naraku but also to the ears of the Daimyo outside. Half an hour later, Naraku lowered his head and narrowed his eyes a little. His vision was blurred already and his consciousness was fading because of the pain.

Before he could blackout, which might have meant momentary peace, Tonan splashed him with a bucket of cold water, waking him up fully.

“Tell me what we learned in the lecture yesterday.”

Naraku gasped for a few breaths and said in a weak voice, “Peaceful Strategy, heavy punishment in troubled times…”

As his eldest and dearest son explained the Peaceful Strategy, the Daimyo’s eyes were slightly moist. He sighed and thought in his heart, “Very good… Naraku, it’s so hard for you but I hope you can break away from Konoha’s suppression and become a real Daimyo…”

The Daimyo finally couldn’t endure anymore and gritted his teeth before he turned to leave. In the courtyard, after Naraku finished speaking, Tonan loosened the rope that had bound him. Naraku immediately collapsed to the ground. His forehead was filled with sweat, and his clothes were already stained with blood, but he still forcibly stood up with his tired body.

Tonan squinted his eyes seeing this, and thought, “This guy still has the energy to stand up? If this kind of physique was trained from an early age, I’m afraid he could have become an outstanding ninja.”

“Very good. Now, follow me.” The two of them came to the classroom of the study hall, and Naraku sat on his seat, staring blankly at Tonan. Tonan walked over and sat on the seat in front of him and pondered for a moment. Then he solemnly asked, “Do you know why I’m treating you and the Second Highness so differently?”

Naraku shook his head. He had been tortured for so many days, but he didn’t know the reason for it. Even though he obviously was the one who studied hard and earnestly.

“Because you are a lot better than the Second Highness, and you are the most suitable person to become the Daimyo.”

When Naraku heard the word Daimyo, he unconsciously sat upright. Tonan glanced at him and suddenly sighed, “Unfortunately, your father doesn’t think so.”

As soon as he heard this, the First Highness’ eyes became sharp like a dagger, looking straight at Tonan, “What do you mean?”

Tonan caressed his beard lightly and said, “I have a skill called the Qi Gazing Technique. Everything created under the heavens has qi. And you, you have the aura of the Purple Star.”

“The aura of the Purple Star?” Naraku repeated Tonan’s words a little surprised, waiting for him to continue.

Tonan nodded and said, “The Purple Star is the most central in the starry sky, surrounded by many stars. I call it the Emperor Star. If you can become the Daimyo, you might be able to sweep across the eight wildernesses, unify in six directions, and conquer the world. However, it is a pity that His Majesty favors the Second Highness, and he wants to pass the throne to him.”

Naraku lowered his head and remained silent for a while. Then he slowly shook his head and said, “I don’t believe you.”


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