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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 83.1: A Comprehensive Exam, Gaining Reputation Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan’s shadow clone walked over to the main seat in the hall and sat down. He sipped a mouthful of tea and said, “The time limit for this test is two hours. When it is completed, I will select only one person among you all. I’m not a professional in this, so the final judgment might not be completely accurate. I can only hope those who are not selected will not be discouraged.”

After explaining the terms, shadow clone Tonan signaled Yoshiwara Ao with his eyes. Ao understood his cue and distributed the test papers among the examination participants. When most people saw the content of the test paper, they were dumbfounded.

How was this looking for a teacher for orphans? Those who could answer all these questions correctly would be more than enough to be a teacher of His Highnesses.

The questions on the test papers were all-encompassing. They touched upon different walks of life from the strategy of national governance to craftsmanship to survival in the wild, the questions included everything.

Without a great knowledge reserve, except for the first few, they basically couldn’t write the answer to other questions.

However, shock was just shock, they must answer the questions or at least attempt to do so. What if they made a lucky guess? Or, perhaps, their answer would be better than the other people’s. With these kinds of thoughts, everyone raised their pens and began to diligently write answers to each of the questions.

The first question was the easiest. It asked them to write a section about themselves, and explain their areas of strength and what they were good at. Most of them honestly wrote they were literate, they could manage people’s livelihood, they had studied the ways of business management, and so on.

As for Abe Semei Tonan, the corners of his mouth rose as he wrote…

I started to learn how to read and write from the age of three and began learning the works of the sages at the age of seven. At the age of ten, I lived in the town and refined my heart in the mortal world for twenty years. When I was thirty-seven, I returned to my hometown and lived in seclusion in Dan Tengai.

With rivers and creeks as companions and birds and beasts as neighbors, I concentrated on understanding the world. After staying in Dan Tengai for forty years, I comprehended one technique, two strategies, and six arts.

One technique. Its name is Emperor Heart Technique. It can control civil and military affairs, detect people’s hearts, recognize loyal and traitors, and be good at recruiting talents.

Two Strategies. One is called Sweep Over Strategy, which can make the spear of another country attack the shield of the other country, creating great chaos, then sitting back and taking the benefit of the fisherman. The second is called Peaceful Strategy, which can make common people submit willingly, then even the whole country will submit themselves.

After learning one technique and two strategies, the poor can dominate a region, and the rich can acquire the world.

Six Arts – Rites, Hunting, Business, Farming, Reading and Writing, and Arithmetic.

Those who have learned all six arts can become ministers in the palace, and they can be wealthy and noble in front of others.

Abe Seimei Tonan began to officially answer other questions after finishing the self-introduction. Compared to others, who were frowning and barely writing anything, Tonan’s pen was moving smoothly without any pauses.

Seeing this, the eyes of people who were sitting beside him almost popped out. It was not that Tonan’s knowledge truly broke through the heavens and was unmatched, but these problems, which were difficult for others to answer and almost extraordinary, were, in fact, very easy for him because he was already familiar with the answers.

Half an hour later, Tonan gently put down the pen. He didn’t even review his replies and just sat in the same position, closing his eyes. Shadow clone Tonan sitting on the main seat pretended to look around, and his gaze stopped in this direction. He immediately said in confusion, “Old gentleman, why aren’t you writing? Are the problems too difficult?”

Tonan didn’t open his eyes. He just stroked his beard and said, “They are just questions for children. How can they take so much time to be answered?”

Shadow clone Tonan frowned and looked a bit unhappy. He said, “Old gentleman, you shouldn’t be arrogant. These problems span across subjects and are very comprehensive. Even the person who set the questions might not necessarily know the exact answers. Look at everyone here, some of them have not even reached the second set of the questions yet.”

Abe Seimei Tonan opened his eyes a little and glanced at other extremely anxious participants. Then, he closed them again and shook his head, “I can’t say that I can score hundred points, but it’ll not be difficult to score ninety at least.”

Seeing his confident demeanor, plus hearing such an arrogantly rude remark, the surrounding participants laughed at Tonan for being conceited.

Since ancient times, scholars tend to scorn each other. Even though he was unable to answer all the questions, he actually opened his mouth to say these questions were for children. It was simply absolute nonsense!

Some people were dissatisfied with Abe Semei Tonan in their hearts and snorted inwardly. He, however, sat still with his eyes closed, retaining his calm look, and completely ignoring people’s gazes.

Meanwhile, shadow clone Tonan seemed to be unable to bear his rudeness and slight. Therefore, he got up with a displeased look, walked over to Abe Seimei Tonan, and picked up the test papers to look at them.

Everyone secretly rejoiced and looked over to watch the North City Guard Captain put the old man in his place. Contrary to their hopes though, the captain trembled and nearly fell to the ground. Eventually, he collected himself and placed his hands on the table to support himself, barely able to stay upright.

Ao quickly stepped forward to support shadow clone Tonan. By now, everyone’s attention was attracted and they all turned their gazes towards the shadow clone.

They all saw that the shadow clone was trembling. His forehead was filled with cold sweat, and his lips were trembling as if he had seen something unbelievable.

“Impossible… impossible…”


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