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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 49: Motoyoshi’s Acknowledgment, Leaving Konoha Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan’s preparations took most of the morning. It was noon by the time he was done. He took off his glasses and wiped them with a tissue, and then set the meal on the dining table.

Looking at Sanbo Motoyoshi, he said, “Let’s eat now. I’ve to leave after that.”

Just as they began, Tonan once again plunged into his attentive instructions. “I’ve put the rice balls in the refrigerator. Just take them out and heat them when you want to eat. It should be enough for you until I return. Remember to heat them, though. Eating cold food is bad for your stomach. Also, I made rice balls with meat and vegetables. Don’t be picky.”

“I…” Motoyoshi covered his face with his rough hands and before Tonan could say more, the old man began sobbing. Tonan was so alarmed that he hastily came to his side and held his shoulders. He asked with a worried look, “Grandpa Motoyoshi, why are you crying? Was I talking too much?”

Motoyoshi waved his hand and repeatedly shook his head. It took a long time for him to recover, and his tone was still shaky. “I don’t need your money. There’s a hidden compartment under my bed in the room. It has my life savings. You need money the most when you are away from home. You don’t need to compromise to accommodate me. Take proper care of yourself, and return safely…”

Before he could go on, he broke into sobs once again and bawled like a child. Tonan kept comforting him, “But I’ve money and I’m rich. Besides, the travel and other costs will be reimbursed by the employer. Keep your savings for yourself. Isn’t saving money your favorite thing?”

“In… in that case… it’s… it’s fine…”

Motoyoshi cried for some more time. It was indeed difficult for him to part with money.

“I’ve always been thrifty but if you think about it, I can’t bury the money with me. Anyway, remember, the money belongs to you hereafter. It’s roughly twenty million Ryo. Also, take the tanto that’s in my bedroom. Use it to defend yourself.”

Seeing that he had calmed down, Tonan picked up the rice bowl and chopsticks and put them in Motoyoshi’s hands. He returned to his seat and soothingly said, “I’ll respectfully refuse the tanto. It’s a chakra blade and it’s too precious.”

Motoyoshi began to slowly push food into his mouth and said while chewing, “How can a sword be more precious than a human life?”

Tonan, however, still shook his head and said, “I’m just a genin. If I go out with a chakra blade, it would easily attract unwanted attention.”

“That’s also right,” Motoyoshi nodded.

‘Ding! Gained Sanbo Motoyoshi’s acknowledgment.’

Tonan’s chopsticks paused for a moment before he continued eating as if nothing happened. After the two finished their meal, Tonan casually mentioned, “By the way, I registered your name in the hospital some time ago.”

Motoyoshi frowned, thought for a while, and asked with confusion, “Why would you register me? I’m completely fine.”

Tonan explained while washing dishes, “It’s just a routine health checkup. When I come back, I’ll take you to the hospital. If there are any health problems, it’s better to detect and treat them earlier than later. It’s even better if there are none. But here onwards, you have to do a health checkup once every six months.”

Motoyoshi waved his hand and said, “That’s too stressful. I’m not going, definitely not going. Cancel the registration.”

Tonan’s hands that were washing the dishes paused, and he used a solemn tone as he said, “I want you to accompany me forever. After all… I’m an ill-fated person.”

This low side of Tonan broke Motoyoshi’s heart. He sighed and agreed, “Alright, I’ll do the health checkup once you’re back.”

After speaking, he pushed the wheelchair to the courtyard and looked at the neatly trimmed flowers and plants, lost in thoughts.

Tonan’s departure time was close. He put on the ninja bag and set off.

When he was passing by Motoyoshi, he exhorted, “Put the clothes for laundry separately. I’ll wash them after I return.”

With that, he walked out of the courtyard. Motoyoshi nodded and pursed his lips. Looking at Tonan’s back, which was going farther away, he chased with the wheelchair and yelled, “Child, be careful about your safety. If there’s anything you don’t understand, just ask your leader-sensei. Eat more food, don’t make yourself suffer.”

While he was yelling, Tonan had already left.


At the village’s gate, the agreed meeting point for Team Nine, Tonan arrived ten minutes earlier than the appointed time. However, Namikaze Minato and Hatake Kakashi were already there, apparently having waited for a long time. Even Uzumaki Kushina had found time to come and see them off.

“Sorry, I kept you all waiting for a long time.” Tonan bowed apologetically to the three of them. Minato smiled foolishly, scratched his head, and laughingly said, “You’re not late, you don’t need to apologize.”

Kushina walked to Tonan, firmly patted his shoulders, and said, “Tonan-kun, you don’t need to be so polite when you’re with us. It looks like you’re treating us as outsiders.”

Tonan nodded obediently and said, “I’ll pay attention next time, Kushina-senpai.”

Kushina smiled faintly, trying her best to look gentle and amiable. She slightly bent over and asked, “Did you prepare everything necessary? Such as kunai, shuriken, food pills, etc.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and nodded his head. “If that’s all, then I’m prepared,” he replied.

Kushina straightened up, gave the other three a mysterious look, and took off the backpack behind her. Then, she unzipped it in front of them. The content inside turned Minato pale with fright.

“Tada! I’ve prepared boxed meals for all of you. It takes at least two days to reach the Fire Temple from here. You can eat it when you’re hungry on the way.”

The corners of Minato’s mouth twitched slightly. He tried his best to look cheerful and said, “There was no need to go through such trouble.”

Kakashi immediately retreated two steps with a look of horror.

Seeing their response, Kushina’s expression collapsed, and she looked like a volcano ready to erupt at any time.

“Do you think that the meals I make are not delicious?”

“No, no.” Minato and Kakashi hastily waved their hands, denying the charge.

In the past, the food Kushina made had a very heavy flavor. But since she got to know Tonan had a palate for light food, in consideration for him, she developed a habit of not adding salt. This made it very hard for Minato and Kakashi to swallow the food.

Although the food pills had no taste either, they could be consumed in one bite. But the boxed meals had to be chewed on one bite at a time. Since it was tasteless, they couldn’t swallow it even if they wanted to.

Just when Kushina was about to explode, Tonan’s overjoyed voice resounded, “Kushina-senpai, thank you for preparing so many boxed meals for me. Truly, thank you so much.”

Kushina’s anger was instantly extinguished. She glanced at Minato with a smug look and stuffed her backpack into Tonan’s hands.

“Tonan-kun is the most understanding one.”

Minato smiled awkwardly and quickly changed the topic. “It’s already late, we should register and set off now.”

The three made their way to the registration office at the gate. After showing the mission sheet and the travel passes, they left Konoha together.

Behind them, Kushina kept waving her hands and shouted out, “Take care of yourself, come back soon.”


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