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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 26: Hell Viewing Technique, Nightmare Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan and Uchiha Mina walked out of the forest, using Ground Travel to cross Konoha streets and head towards the clan’s territory.

While walking, Mina suddenly stumbled. Tonan was quick to catch her in his arms and asked with concern, “What’s wrong?”

Mina’s face gradually turned pale. She shook her head and said weakly, “Tonan-kun, my head feels a little dizzy…”

Looking very worried, he pressed the back of his hand on her forehead.

“You’re burning up. You must have caught a cold while you were bathing.”

“N…No…” Mina tried to explain, but she found herself unable to speak anymore. Her mind was in a state of confusion. Gradually, she could no longer remember what just happened. Right at this moment, Tonan pulled Mina hard into his arms and moved her head closer.

Just like that, the two kissed under the streetlight. In the distance, an Anbu leaped from a rooftop and turned his gaze towards them.

“Are all little brats this precocious these days?” the Anbu muttered to himself and left, unwilling to stay around for this display of affection.

After the Anbu was gone, Tonan let Mina go. At this moment, her mind was in a complete blur. There was still some distance before they reached the Uchiha clan grounds. Not only did they have to watch out for the Anbu but they also had to avoid the clan’s night patrol.

This was not too tough though. Tonan lifted Mina by the waist and blinked his eyes. The white pigeons’ eyes lying in hiding all glowed red with the Sharingan. Combined with the piercing vision of the Byakugan, the patrollers on the road became visible to him.


Tonan dashed towards the grounds like a black shadow. Holding Mina, he constantly changed direction and avoided the patrol left and right. Finally, they arrived undetected at her home. Tonan carried her into the courtyard and glanced at the dead kitten in the yard before striding into the house.

He placed Mina on the bed. Through the penetrative view of the Byakugan, he studied the locations of her meridian points. Then, he firmly tapped on her pain point. Her eyes snapped open. Tonan’s rapidly turning three tomoe entered her vision.

“Genjutsu – Hell Viewing Technique.”

Late at night, the moon was completely hidden by the overcast clouds.


A thunderous roar broke out as a lightning bolt cut through the sky. The sound jolted Mina awake and she looked around.

“This place is… how did I end up in my room?”

“That’s right… I was sparring with Tonan-kun, then I came back home. I saw… what did I see? Why can’t I remember?

Mina hit on her head with her fist as if trying to remember something important.


The continuous rainfall thrumming overshadowed everything else. For some reason, Mina had a surreal feeling. Suddenly, her eyes widened. Through the windows, a blue light struck every now and then, showing a dark, hazy, humanoid figure slowly walking past the window.

Tap, tap…

Mina jumped out of the bed and pulled out her kunai, eyes alert. The footsteps sound reached the door before coming to a halt.


Thunder clapped as an icy lightning flash lit up the courtyard. Mina could vaguely see the figure outside unsheathe a blade. She slowly scooted next to the door and crouched down in wait.

Second by second, time passed. The person behind the door did not move. By now, the rain was so loud that even if Mina held her breath, she could hardly hear anything.

“Did he leave?”

She quietly gulped and slowly moved her body a little, eyes fixed on the door. As lightning struck in the sky again, the figure disappeared from the door.


Mina heaved a sigh of relief. Her body had long been soaked with sweat.

“Are you looking for me?”

A cold voice suddenly asked from behind her. Mina looked around with a start. Horrified, she activated her single tomoe Sharingan instinctively. She saw the figure holding a long blade in its right hand and something round in its left.

The lightning flickered outside the room again, and the sudden brightness allowed her to see who this person was.

Uchiha Tonan!

Held by its hair in his left hand was a face she knew well. Fear and despair were imprinted on Hyuga Chiryo’s face. Scarlet blood dripped from the blade, sliding off the tip before falling pitter-patter on the ground.

“No… No!”

Mina wanted to run, but her body would barely budge. She could only be pushed into a corner, as Tonan moved step by step towards her, slowly raising his blade.

“Why… Why…”

Mina lifted a trembling hand and tried to make seals, but she couldn’t remember a single one.

“Savor this pain.”

A cruel smile played on his lips as he stabbed the blade violently into her stomach. Feeling a sharp pain hit her, her pupils contracted.



Tonan stabbed the blade into her over and over again, seemingly taking pleasure in doing so.

As her blood gushed out, Mina felt her mind collapsing and her strength gradually leaving her. The single tomoe disappeared as her eyes closed shut.



“What’s that sound? Be quiet…What’s that wet feeling?”

Mina slowly opened her eyes and woke up in her bed. The soft sunlight from outside warmed her body. A little kitten was licking her face. She sat up and wiped the saliva, taking the kitten in her arms. Petting its head, she said, “I think I had a nightmare. Yuki, are you hungry?”


“Oh no, I’m late!” Mina yelped and jumped out from her blanket. But she then glanced at the calendar hanging over her bed.

October 6.

“What the hell? It’s an off day.”

She sighed with relief and took the cat food out of the cupboard, pouring it into the kitten’s bowl. She also made breakfast for herself before sitting down under the eaves alone, eating as she looked at the cherry blossom trees in the courtyard.

For some reason, she would fall into a trance after every few bites, as if she had dementia. Even Mina did not realize how quiet her surroundings were as if no one was around.

Time gradually passed by. In the blink of an eye, it was evening.

Mina woke up with a start and looked up at the sky. Then, packing up her things, she headed for the training arena.

On the way there, she heard the sound of clan members talking from the courtyards on both sides. But she could only hear them, not see them.

Mina didn’t think too much about it. At this hour, most people should be eating dinner at home. By the time she realized it, she had already arrived at the arena.

She saw Tonan sitting on the grass, waving at her with a smile.

“Tonan-kun…” Mina mumbled, a happy smile appearing on her face as she walked over to him.


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