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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 243: Suppressing Without Effort, Thank Justice Bahasa Indonesia

Creak… At this moment, the closet door was pushed open. The little boy came out of the closet with a numb expression. Staring at the baby in the container, he staggered over. Uchiha Tonan took off the medical gloves and looked at him with great interest.

“Why did you come out? Didn’t your mother tell you not to come out no matter what happens? Your disease should’ve already made you immobile. You actually broke through your body’s limitation… that’s not bad at all!”

It seemed that only the infant in the container was in the little boy’s world right now. He ignored everything else and went straight to it. He extended his arms and hugged the container lightly, putting his head in front of it and staring blankly.

The corners of Tonan’s mouth rose slightly and he asked, “Do you also like him very much?” Seeing the boy remained silent, Tonan leaned down and extended his hand. He opened the little boy’s eyelid with his index finger and thumb and looked at his eyes carefully.

Observing him, Tonan began to analyze. “Young children’s spirits are incapable of enduring extreme fear or hatred. They instinctively choose to escape, wiping out most of their memories. What are the spirits’ mechanisms? Why do some people go insane while others just suffer selective amnesia? I must study this when we return.”

Tonan withdrew his hand and placed it on the little boy’s head. He rubbed his hair gently and said, “Your parents protected you and now you want to protect your brother. Even after losing your memories, you’ve such a sense of responsibility… what a good boy!”

Nara Mido could see that Tonan’s attitude toward the little boy was very gentle, so he asked in a low voice, “Tonan-sama, do you want to take him in?”

Tonan nodded with satisfaction and said, “Yes, I’m going to take them back and use them for human experiments. If they survive, I’ll give them the right to live.”

Hearing Tonan mention human experiments without hesitation, great panic rose in the hearts of the three Leaf ninjas. Mido could have never imagined that the righteous Konoha hero in everyone’s hearts was nothing more than a demon who secretly performed human experiments.

But now, Tonan had told them this secret. Didn’t that indicate that they were already dead in his eyes? Mido gulped and put his right hand into his ninja bag quietly. He said with an awkward face, “If you don’t have any instructions for us, we’ll now, Tonan-sama.”

Tonan chuckled lightly. “Make a move quickly. In the last moments of your life, you must at least symbolically struggle. Otherwise, you’ll never get another chance. The moment the weak discover the strong’s secret, their life and death are already out of their control. Besides, your death is more valuable to me. It can gain me a perfect tool.”

“Attack!” Mido shouted and rapidly made hand seals, “Shadow Imitation Technique!” “Mind Body Transfer Technique!” Yamanaka Tosa also aimed at Tonan and at the same time, he anxiously said to Akimichi Enka, “Enka, why are you standing still? If we don’t kill him, we’ll die here.”

Enka hesitated for a bit but decided to attack Tonan. His body grew bigger and turned into a human ball, rolling towards Tonan. “Human Bullet Tank.”

The first ninjutsu to affect was Tosa’s Mind Body Transfer Technique. Instantly, his spiritual power flooded into Tonan’s body. Seeing that Tonan was not dodging, he was overjoyed. Success!

In the next moment, his field of vision changed. He was not controlling Tonan’s body as he had expected but instead entered a dark space. He tried to raise his hand but found that he was surrounded by a cage built with spiritual power.

He muttered in disbelief, “This is… Spirit Prison… How can you know the Yamanaka clan’s spiritual secret technique!”

In the dark space, Tonan sneered. “When three people make a move, you’ve to send someone else first.”

In the next moment, Tosa’s spiritual power was overwhelmed by the boundless darkness. Outside, his body that was lying on the ground screamed instinctively and he died of brain death due to his spiritual power’s exhaustion.

Meanwhile, Mido’s shadow had reached Tonan’s feet. But just when he sighed in relief, he found that his shadow suddenly parted and spread towards Enka’s Human Bullet Tank’s shadow, stopping Enka instantly and fixing on the spot.

“How is… this possible…” Mido didn’t understand what was going on. He hadn’t manipulated it so why did his ninjutsu move on its own? “Is there something I don’t understand about this ninjutsu, which led to such an indiscriminate attack?” While thinking about it, Mido noticed to his horror that he couldn’t move.

Tonan didn’t seem to be affected at all by all this. On the contrary, he leisurely said, “I like the Nara clan’s secret technique very much. It’s very useful. However, I won’t kill you all myself.”

He leaned down and flicked the little boy’s forehead lightly. He said with a gentle look, “Little fellow, they belong to you for tonight. I’m going to rest now.”

Tonan put back all the tools he had taken out earlier and left the bedroom. After he sat down on the sofa, he picked up a pen and a scroll and began to take notes of the C-section he had performed just now.

Soon, screams resembling pigs dying in a slaughterhouse came from the bedroom.

“Ah! Forgive me!”

“Stop! Don’t bite…”


Tonan wrote the surgical experience on the scroll and then glanced at the floor of the spacious living room. In his vision, two pure white souls were kowtowing to Tonan. He smiled gently and his left Mangekyo spun slowly. The two souls were pulled into his Shuten Space.

“You don’t need to thank me, thank justice.” Tonan chuckled lightly and suddenly thinking of something, he glanced at the wall. With Byakugan’s perception ability, his vision penetrated through many obstacles. He saw a red-haired body hiding in the distant underground laboratory, tinkering with a charred corpse.

After a while, Tonan withdrew his gaze. At this time, a pair of bloody little hands stuck out from the bedroom door and grabbed the feet of the unconscious Sarutobi Masato. Then, little by little, Masato was dragged into the room.

Rumble… It was a very dark night outside. The roaring wind was deafening enough to give the impression that the sky would collapse at any moment. Large raindrops fell violently on the roof.

Thunder clapped, lightning flashed, and the sound of wind and rain covered the screams coming from a small house.

“Time and place are the same. This should be right. Kabuto… He’s a very good assistant.”

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