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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 234: Grabbing Thunderbolt, Killing Kazekage Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan made the golden samurai walk towards Sandaime Kazekage and Onoki, step by step. Because of its mammoth size, it gave the illusion of being cumbersome and slow while moving.

The rapidly spinning dark clouds in the sky made the entire battlefield fall into doomsday-like silence. At first, everyone might not have noticed it but at this moment, they understood that Uchiha Tonan was manipulating the weather.

Sandaime Kazekage and Onoki were completely prepared. Only the two of them who were facing the golden samurai knew the suffocating pressure it unleashed. To find an opportunity for Onoki, the Kazekage dissipated the iron sand that supported him and created a pair of black iron sand wings.

He flew up high and shouted at Tonan, “Damn brat! Today, I’ll show you a kage’s power.” The Kazekage made hand seals and iron sand balls floated around him, which gradually condensed into grains. “Magnet Style – Iron Sand Drizzle.”

Thickly dotted bullets shot toward the golden samurai. It perfectly reflected the name of this ninjutsu. It hit the golden samurai like small raindrops. But the materialized chakra didn’t even ripple.

Tonan glanced sideways at Onoki who was accumulating strength. He understood the Kazekage’s intention and the corners of his mouth twitched a little. “Do you want to be the bait to attract my attention? Then, I’ll swallow you in one bite.”

Tonan made the golden samurai walk toward the Sandaime Kazekage.

“He took the bait!” The Kazekage was delighted inwardly and he continued to perform like a clown in front of Tonan. “Magnet Style – Iron Sand Gathering Assault.” A lot more iron sand gathered and condensed into various-shaped weapons, shooting at Tonan.

But the golden samurai was Big Tengu, the fourth form of Tonan’s Mangekyo, which was on the same level as complete body Susanoo. The Kazekage’s attack was no different for it from kunai stabs. The weapons condensed with iron sand at the samurai’s surface were like eggs smashing onto rocks.

With his hands folded in front of him, Tonan mocked the Kazekage, “That’s it?” Sandaime Kazekage looked ugly. Although it was tempting, this situation showed that he was powerless. He circulated chakra with his body and condensed a large amount of iron sand in front of him.

The iron sand shrank rapidly and eventually turned into a huge iron spike. “Magnet Style – Iron Sand World Method!” The iron sand spike turned into a black shadow and as it descended from the sky, it accelerated toward the golden samurai.

In the blink of an eye, the speed broke through the sound barrier, and the sonic boom reverberated throughout the battlefield. Tonan didn’t take this toy seriously at all. He made the golden samurai raise its left hand and move it forward. Then, it firmly held the pitch-black iron spike.

“Damn it… I’m completely powerless.” The Kazekage was very gloomy and unwilling to accept this.

Tonan made the golden samurai weigh the iron sand spike in its hand and said indifferently, “Interesting.” He then looked at Sandaime Kazekage with cold eyes and said, “You also test my ninjutsu. Lightning… Come!”

Rumble… Instantly, the dark clouds in the sky seemed to be enraged. The lightning condensed together and the entire thing lit up with a dazzling blue light. A streak of blue lightning spread out in all directions, making bizarre branches as if they wanted to cut apart the entire sky.

Looking at this earth-shaking scene, a name appeared in the Kazekage’s mind, “White… Fang…” His pupils shrank and he felt a chill down his spine. His heartbeat accelerated subconsciously and he felt the imminent danger

He flapped the iron sand wings on his back. Not daring to stay where he was, he flew into the distance without turning back. The dark clouds in the sky rumbled and many lightning dragons burst out, gathering in the golden samurai’s left hand, becoming a lightning ball the size of a small mountain.

Under Tonan’s control, the natural lightning was compressed drastically, turning from blue to a blinding white. He spread out his arms and looked at the Kazekage who was desperately running away. He shouted, “If you survive this attack, I‘ll acknowledge you as the strongest Kazekage!”

Sandaime Kazekage was terrified seeing this and with his eyes wide open, he yelled, “Tsuchikaze, save me!”

“Raikiri!” The golden samurai jumped and turned into a lightning flash. Crossing the space, the distance to the Kazekage quickly reduced.

“Magnet Style – Iron Sand Defense.” Sandaime Kazekage used all his chakra in this move. He controlled the iron sand to form a semicircular shield that covered half the sky between him and Tonan. He couldn’t hold any longer!

Onoki knew that the situation was pressing. If the Kazekage was seriously injured or dead, the ninja war would turn unfavorable for Iwa. He secretly prayed that Tonan didn’t notice him to not counter his unique skill.

Onoki raised his hands in front of him and a circular white disc appeared in his palms, aiming at the shield summoned by Sandaime Kazekage. Tonan would definitely have to pause for a moment. “Particle Style – Dismantling Technique.”

A white cylindrical laser suddenly burst out and instantly shot toward the shield.

At that time, the golden samurai whose speed had reached the limit just happened to appear in front of the shield.

“I’ve been paying attention to you.” From the corner of his eye, Tonan had seen the Dismantling Technique. Under the Mangekyo-leveled ocular power’s dynamic vision, the speed of the white laser was just a little faster than that of the water dragon bullets. He didn’t need to panic at all.

As for resisting the Dismantling Technique, there were four usual methods at his disposal including the sealing technique, chakra absorption, space-time ninjutsu, and Uchiha Reflection. But there was one more for Tonan.

The golden samurai pulled out the spiritual demonic weapon, the demon sword Muramasa, and placed it between himself and Onoki. The sword collided with the white laser. Instantly, its color that was burning with golden radiance turned into a white-like particle style.

Use the same laws to break the rules. Regardless of how weird the ninjutsu is, in front of the demon blade Muramasa, it will simply reduce to the simplest chakra duel. Meanwhile, the lightning ball in the golden samurai’s palm hit the huge iron sand shield.

Lightning suppressed earth, not to mention iron sand, which was a high-quality conductive metal.

Bang! In an instant, the entire iron sand shield was blown into smithereens. Most of the lightning power that remained, turned into a straight pillar catching up with the Kazekage who had flown far away.

Ah! In the next instance, the Kazekage was drowned by this pillar.

Escape! Seeing his particle-style was easily blocked by Tonan, Onoki immediately turned around and flew towards the sky. In the distance, the Kazekage’s figure fell from the sky emitting black smoke.

Tonan exited from the Spirit of Lightning God state and narrowed his eyes slightly. A thin figure had grabbed the Kazekage’s corpse and fled into the distance.

That red hair was conspicuous. Coupled with a puppet beside the figure, Tonan recognized that this was a character from the original work. “Oh? Sasori got a cheap win. Forget it. Let’s just treat it as giving him a little toy.”


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