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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 233: Absolute Paragon, Devastating Results Bahasa Indonesia

Most of the jonin were on guard. They used various methods to dodge the mudslide. But the ordinary chunin and genin met with a tragic fate. Only panic and screams could be heard all around.

“Save me!”…. “Pull me out!”….

“No, I can’t pull.”…. “Let go, I’m going to fall!”…. “Bastard!”

Most of the allied forces’ genin were swept away by the mud flow. They stretched out their hands with difficulty seeking help from their companions on the mountain wall. But the ninjas who tried to help them were also pulled into the flow by the massive force.

Seeing this, none of the ninjas who were hanging on to the mountain wall with charka dared to help their comrades. They could only watch them being swallowed by the torrent.

When the Leaf ninjas saw that Uchiha Tonan had single handedly defeated tens of thousands of ninjas, their faces turned red with excitement, and their eyes were filled with admiration.

In the Ninja World, respect for the strong was engraved in the bones. Especially on the battlefield. Therefore, more than the screams, Tonan could hear system prompts…

Ding! Gained Sarutobi Masato’s acknowledgmentGained Shimura Fugetsu’s acknowledgmentAburame Kusou’s acknowledgmentKurama Shuzi’s acknowledgment.

The prompt continuously rang, overlapping with the previous messages. Even Tonan didn’t know how many Leaf ninjas acknowledged him by now. But when the number reached a certain level, duplicate bloodline limits and secret techniques were icing on the cake.

This time, his primary targets apart from Ino-Shika-Cho, were the Aburame and Kurama clans. He couldn’t wait to savor their flavors. A strange smile appeared on his face just thinking about it.

At this moment, the mighty mudflow was about to reach the allied forces’ battlefront. Onoki glanced at Sandaime Kazekage and saw him quietly nod at him. He put his hands together and shouted, “Earth Style – Multiple Moving Earth Core Technique.”

The ground in front of the allied forces caved in, forming a huge trench that was connected to a big river far away on the right side of the battlefield. When the mudflow reached this point, it gushed into the trench, flowing into the river alongside.

Meanwhile, Sandaime Kazekage’s iron sand had already spread all over the depths of the ground below Tonan. “Attack!” he rushed towards Tonan. Onoki’s hands also turned into afterimages, making hand seals as he angrily shouted, “Earth Style – Earth Stone Dragon Technique.”

Roar… The ground trembled and a huge earth-stone dragon emerged from it and roared at Tonan. At the same time, a large amount of iron sand burst out from below and turned into a pair of giant hands, grabbing Tonan.

Nara Shikaku opened his eyes wide and shouted, “Watch out!” A cunning smile appeared on the Kazekage’s face and he laughed loudly, “Die, you arrogant Uchiha brat. Magnet Style – Iron Sand Burial.”

The pitch-black iron sand hands grabbed Tonan and contracted. The sand suddenly tightened and turned into an airtight ball trying to crush him with enormous pressure. At the same time, the earth-stone dragon was already close at hand.

“It’s over…” Shikaku’s hands trembled. His knees became soft and he knelt weakly. The other Leaf ninjas also looked sad. Because of the high-leveled ninjutsu and the height of the stone pillar, they couldn’t help at all.

At this critical juncture, Tonan’s indifferent voice came from the iron sand. “Is this it?”

Suddenly, a golden chakra formed into a large hand that broke out of the iron sand and grabbed the dragon. The earth-stone dragon struggled and roared but couldn’t move. “This is not fun at all!” As Tonan spoke, the golden hand squeezed lightly.

Bang! The earth-stone dragon disintegrated and fell to the ground. In the next instance, golden lights shot out from the gaps in the iron sand as if a small golden sun was wrapped in it.

“What’s going on?” Sandaime Kazekage was sweating profusely with his right hand raised, wanting to clench it into a fist. But there seemed to be a strong repelling force stopping him.

Bang! Another earth-shaking explosion resounded and the iron sand particles were blown away. Then, a golden samurai, larger than the mountain, appeared in front of everyone. Its body was burning with golden chakra flames.

Tonan was standing on its forehead with his hands folded in front of his chest. He was looking down at the allied forces of the two countries as if they were ants.

“What monster is this?” the Kazekage exclaimed and turned the iron sand into wings as he retreated far away. Onoki looked at the behemoth in front of him. His pupils trembled and a look of horror appeared on his face as he muttered, “I remember this… this is… Uchiha Madara’s… Susanoo.”

The Kazekage had an ugly expression. He asked, “This thing looks too strong. Do you know its weakness?”

Onoki looked like he recalled something dreadful. He quivered and stared at the golden samurai, “This thing… has no weakness…”

“We should prepare to retreat but before that, we must look for a chance to fight.” With this thought, Onoki said out loud, “Kazekage-sama, ordinary ninjas cannot participate in this battle anymore. Wait a moment, I’ll use the particle style to see if it can defeat him. I want you to help me divert his attention.”

The Kazekage looked at the golden samurai and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He took a deep breath and said, “No problem.”

Immediately afterward, the two simultaneously shouted, “Stone ninjas, heed the command, retreat to the base camp, and remain on standby.”

“Sand ninjas, heed the command, retreat.”

The ninjas of the allied forces fled in the distance, leaving only Onoki and the Kazekage.

Ding! Gained Takiya’s acknowledgmentDing! Gained Naomura Tada’s acknowledgmentDing! Gained Aburame Tetsuo’s acknowledgment


With his back facing the Leaf ninjas, an intoxicated expression appeared on Tonan’s face as he listened to the continuous system prompts.

“This is enough. This battle has nothing to do with me now.” Tonan suddenly narrowed his eyes and his expression became indifferent and ruthless.

The clouds above his head began to spin rapidly and the ones at the horizon seemed to have met with a great attractive force, as they speedily gathered in the sky above the battlefield.

Rumble… Angry thunderclaps came from the cloud layer and reverberated throughout the mountain for a long time. It sounded like thousands of drums. Then, blue electric arcs materializing from chakra began to appear on the surface of the golden samurai and move around.

In the next moment, Tonan controlled the golden samurai to raise its legs and move forward. Stationed on its forehead, Tonan’s pitch-black hair fluttered in all directions. Because the Spirit of the Thunder God was activated, there was no trace of human emotions left on his face. He coldly said, “Today, I’ll show you what real ninjutsu is. Let’s dance… entertain me as much as possible.”

On a summit far away, a red-haired boy crouched on the ground and stuck his head out of the cliff, looking at the battlefield with fascination.

On Konoha’s side, when Hyuga Hizashi saw the enemy retreating in fear due to Tonan’s great display of strength, he proposed to Shikaku, “The enemies are retreating, shouldn’t we chase?”

Shikaku shook his head and replied, “No. If we chase, Tonan might not release his ninjutsu considering our safety.”

He turned his gaze toward the behemoth and inwardly thought, “Such powerful ninjutsu… I wonder how long you can maintain it.”

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