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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 225: Prelude To War, Returning To Village Bahasa Indonesia

Five days later, on the path shaded with trees near Konoha, Uchiha Tonan walked leisurely towards a quiet and peaceful courtyard, ignoring the passing ninjas. Outside Konoha’s barrier, a group of ninjas was pouring out like a school of fish.

Hyuga Hizashi and the clan’s patriarch Hyuga Hiashi were standing outside the barrier. Hizashi had activated his Byakugan to examine each of the ninjas exiting the village while continually yelling out commands. “Quick, quick, quick, jonin are to bring light supplies and gather at the border first… chunin and genin are to follow behind without consuming too much physical strength. Be careful not to fall behind alone.”

“All the intelligence agents, spread out… if enemy spies are found, immediately send a signal, don’t engage in battle.”

“Return and ask the medical team what’s going on. Our team is going to resist Suna. Why are the antidote supplies so limited?”

Tonan arrived at the village gate and smiled at Hiashi. He asked in a pleasant tone, “Hiashi-sama, have we already begun a war against Suna?” Hiashi glanced at Tonan. Although the Hyugas and the Uchihas were perennially against each other, considering Tonan’s incredible record, a slightly warm smile couldn’t help appearing on Hiashi’s otherwise emotionless face.

He replied, “Yes, according to our intel, Suna has formed an alliance with Iwa and their main force is already about to reach the Land of Rain border. They plan to infiltrate from the Kikyo Mountain between the Land of Rain and the Land of Fire.”

Tonan nodded, “It seems that the Hyuga clan is commanding this battle.” Hiashi solemnly replied, “As Konoha’s large clans, Hyuga and Ino–Shika–Cho must stand on the front line. Hizashi is the commander to resist Suna and Ino is in charge of resisting Iwa. As for the Uchihas, they were arranged to guard the coastline the day before yesterday to fight against Kiri.”

A small, nearly unnoticeable smile formed on Tonan’s lips. He was not surprised that Sarutobi Hiruzen had arranged the forces in this order. He asked, “I wonder who is the commander on the battlefront with Kumo.”

After all, without Konoha Sannin, there were not many people who could assume such a heavy responsibility. The optimum choice was Tonan himself but the war had just begun and the outcome was unpredictable. Hiruzen feared that Tonan would make significant military achievements, thereby threatening his position.

“The main force consists of the Sarutobi and the Shimura clan. Jonin Namikaze Minato is the commander. As for the exact situation, Hokage-sama will tell you when you meet him face to face.” Tonan nodded thoughtfully and replied, “Then, I’ll let you return to your work now.”

Tonan stepped into the barrier and walked towards the Hokage Residence. Behind, Hizashi, who was responsible for inspecting things, couldn’t help walking over and asking Hiashi, “Patriarch, you seem to value the Uchiha kid very much.”

Hiashi, who was still looking at Tonan’s departing back, narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Kid? I’m afraid you wouldn’t dare call him that after the war is over. Do you feel he reminds you of a particular person?”

Hearing Hiashi’s words, Hizashi raised his head and stared at Tonan’s back as well. Tonan felt the Byakugan’s probe but he only paused his steps and didn’t look back. Seeing him so vigilant, Hizashi looked away hastily.

After all, it was impolite to inspect others with Byakugan. He lowered his head and whispered, “Orochimaru.” Hiashi nodded and then shook his head again, solemnly saying, “I’m not very clear who resembles who though.”

In front of the Hokage Residence, Hiruzen was giving a pre-war speech to a batch of troops who were about to enter the battlefield. “You must always remember the Will of Fire. In front of you, is the battlefield. And behind you, are your families and friends. They are waiting for you in the village…”

Suddenly, there was a small commotion at the back of the troops. The crowd immediately made a way, every ninja bowed respectfully…



Tonan smiled and nodded toward them one by one. He leisurely walked towards the front of the troops and raised his head. He stared at Hiruzen who was wearing the Hokage robe. Hiruzen took a deep breath and with a kind smile on his face, said, “Tonan, you’re back.”

Facing Hiruzen, Tonan didn’t show any respect and lightly asked, “What arrangements have you made for me in this war, Hokage-sama?”

Hiruzen was irritated by Tonan’s attitude but at this moment, he could only suppress it. He replied, “The Suna and Iwa troops have gathered at the Land of Rain border, ready to break through and enter the Land of Fire. The battlefield on that side has the greatest pressure. Everyone knows your strength, so I’ve arranged you under Ino’s command.”

Tonan nodded thoughtfully and said, “So, that means I’m not going to the battlefield with my clan members.” Hiruzen narrowed his eyes slightly and pointed out, “The greater the strength, the greater the responsibility.”

Tonan nodded, “I understand, but I need a day to be ready to leave.”

“This is a matter of urgency. I hope you won’t miss the war.” Hiruzen pretended to be majestic and took the opportunity to test Tonan. But Tonan was fearless. He wouldn’t let Hiruzen ride his head and tyrannically abuse power. With an indifferent look on his face, he quietly stared back. The two continued this for a long time.

In the end, considering the overall situation, Hiruzen gave up first. He took the initiative to give Tonan a ladder to step down. “Take care of your personal affairs as soon as possible. Let me know if you need anything.”

Tonan smiled lightly, “You don’t need to worry, Hokage-sama. It’s just a small matter.” After speaking, he turned around and left. Soon after, Tonan reached Uzumaki Kushina’s residence.

As the Nine Tails’ jinchuriki, the courtyard where she lived was not inferior to the Hatake household. Tonan could remember that the house where Naruto lived in the original work was Minato’s small room on the second floor.

It seemed that Hiruzen had confiscated their large courtyards. Tonan lightly knocked on the door. Soon, Kushina, holding Hatake Kotoura, came and opened the door. The moment she saw Tonan, a pleasant surprise flashed through her face.

She wanted to greet Tonan, but Kotoura, who was in her arms, beat her to it. “Baba!” Perhaps Kotoura was a little too excited. His voice was sharp. He reached out his hands as if he wanted Tonan to hug him. Tonan’s face was filled with a doting look. He gently rubbed Kotoura’s head and then looked at Kushina, “Kushina-senpai, have Minato-sensei and the others already set off?”

Kushina nodded, “Yes, he left yesterday. Kakashi and others followed as well. Come in and let’s talk.”

Tonan shook his head and said, “No, I just came to exchange some words. I’m leaving for the battlefield immediately. During my absence, please help me take care of the welfare institution.”

Kushina assured him immediately, “No problem.” Tonan smiled and took out a storage scroll from his ninja bag. He handed it over to Kushina and said, “Please take this money. If you find orphans and elderly people, arrange for them to stay in the welfare institution.”

Kushina took the scroll and muttered in confusion, “What is this…” Tonan adjusted his glasses and answered, “It’s five hundred thousand in the new currency. It should be enough.”

When Kushina heard it, her eyes widened and her mouth was left open. “Doesn’t that mean it’s equivalent to five billion…” Tonan nodded and said, “It’s a reward from the Daimyo.”

“Oh, I heard that you saved the Daimyo.” Kushina carefully stored the scroll. Although she never had to worry about eating and drinking since childhood, she had never seen such a large sum of money. Five billion, how many S-ranked missions was that worth?

“Then, I’ll leave now. Time is a bit pressing.” After explaining, Tonan stretched out his hand to pinch Kotoura’s chubby cheek. He then turned away without any sense of reluctance or care.

Kushina looked at Tonan’s back view and shouted, “Tonan, you must be careful on the battlefield.” Tonan’s footsteps paused slightly. He nodded without looking back, “Got it.”

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