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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 220: Downwind Nobleman, Headwind Villain Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan wanted to control Naraku. He wanted to make him do several things such as create a religious sect, use monarchical power and gauge whether he could gain his acknowledgment through faith. Then, he would repeat his usual ways to nurture the believers whose acknowledgment he had gained.

But Naraku’s current performance made him unsure whether to kill him or not. Seeing that Tonan was hesitant for a long time, Naraku’s begging for mercy intensified. He put his head close to Tonan’s feet and stuck out his tongue to lick his shoes. All along, he had a loyal and sincere look.

Tonan narrowed his eyes and he coldly said, “Tell me your worth.” Naraku sat like a dog and said, “I found a miraculous potion. After taking a dose, you can refine chakra for a whole day without any side effects. It’s just that this potion needs people and many have to be killed. But don’t worry sensei, I can do it for you. In the past three years, whether they were innocent or guilty, I’ve killed at least three hundred thousand people. As long as you say the word, I can kill a million.”

“Sensei, I guess you’ve also cultivated senjutsu. You must know it requires absorbing emotional powers. I’ve got a complete set of torture methods, tools, and a place to torture ten thousand people at a time. Like many little drops that make an ocean, you can cultivate senjutsu quickly. I’ve also plundered various kinds of prescriptions that can improve one’s physique in all aspects.”

Tonan replied indifferently, “These are useless to me.” Hearing this, cold sweat flowed down Naraku’s cheek and his eyes spun. He realized he absolutely couldn’t make Tonan feel that he was worthless. Or else he would be buried here. So, he hastily said, “I also have used various methods to seize the secret techniques of various ninja organizations all over the Land of Fire. Even the inheritance treasure of the Senju clan, Senju Hashirama’s scroll, is with me. I’ll hand it over to you.”

Having tossed out his clan heirloom but seeing Tonan was still unmoved, Naraku became very anxious. He hugged Tonan’s thigh and wailed, “Boo, hoo… I know I was wrong but I’ve always regarded you as my second parent, sensei. Who told you to abandon me? My hatred toward you was born out of love. The more intimate love, the more poignant hate. Now, the hatred is vented and only the indestructible sensei-student relationship remains. I regret it very much. I shouldn’t have taken action against you. I was truly inhuman.”

Naraku slapped his already red and swollen cheeks fiercely. This slap was very hard, leaving behind five bluish fingerprints on his already red and swollen face. Slap… “Truly inhuman…” Slap… “Worse than beasts…” Slap…

Tonan kicked Naraku to the ground and said, “Stop acting, don’t you hate me for lying to you and killing your father?” A hint of joy flashed through Naraku’s eyes. He was not afraid of Tonan asking questions, but afraid of him not asking anything. For people such as these, if they were still willing to talk nonsense, it meant there was still a chance for salvation.

Naraku shook his head like a rattle drum. “No hate, not even a shred. You misunderstood me, sensei. Do you not know what kind of person I am? I’m a cold-blooded villain who is selfish with no feelings. What father-son relationship?”

“Besides, that old man was overbearingly taking the Daimyo throne. I wanted to kill him a long time ago. I just never had the guts. Fortunately, you gave me the chance, sensei. And you also found that scapegoat Shinnosuke. I’ve been grateful for your return, how can I hate you? How can I return kindness with enmity?”

Seeing that Naraku’s words were completely incoherent, Tonan sighed, “It has been hard on you.” After speaking, he began to make hand seals in front of him and then slowly moved his palm toward his head.

“Your Majesty!” Uekawa Ozora shouted from the distance. His faith had collapsed and his values were shattered. But as a loyal minister, he was concerned about his monarch’s current plight. Naraku nervously looked at the palm that was about to touch his head. Then, he angrily yelled, “Why are you shouting? Sensei is sharing meager resources. He loves me like a father, he’ll never harm me. What are you all worried about?”

Tonan pressed his palm on Naraku’s head, but he didn’t release the curse. He could feel that Naraku was trembling. “Sensei, if you abandon me, I’ll be lonely. All my relatives are dead, not a single one left. If I die, Daimyo’s bloodline will be cut off.”

The corners of Tonan’s mouth rose a little. He looked at the trembling Naraku and leisurely said, “You’re afraid.” Naraku’s eyes were filled with blood but he forced himself to smile and replied in a hoarse voice, “Sensei’s palm is still so warm. I’m happy now, it’s just that my body trembles when I am happy…”

Tonan sneered. Then putting on a gentle smile, he said, “Open your heart and don’t resist.” After speaking, Tonan violently injected the curse into Naraku’s mind. The latter’s eyes were wide open and his body twitched on the ground like he was having an epileptic attack but his eyes didn’t lose their spirit.

Uh… uh…” Honestly speaking, Naraku’s response was much better than any other person who received his curse seal before. Tonan suddenly thought of something. “The student surpasses the teacher.” If he was truly a native of this world, then Naraku might be regarded as his successor.

Naraku’s character was even better than his. Downwind Nobleman, Headwind Villain. A grand Daimyo and he could bark like a dog just to survive. When taking the oath, he didn’t say a word about himself but staked the whole country. Tonan knew he couldn’t do such things.

After fifteen minutes, Naraku was drenched like he was pulled out of water. When he realized he was not dead, he had an ecstatic look. At that time, Tonan leaned forward and whispered, “Looking at how obedient you are, as your sensei, I’m a bit reluctant to kill you. But to prevent you from being disobedient in the future, I put a little toy in your brain. You don’t mind, right?”

Naraku’s eyes shrank instinctively and then with a flattering smile, he said, “I don’t mind, I’m fine with whatever you do.” Tonan nodded and looked back at the people lying on the ground. He said, “I suddenly remember you seem to have guessed my true identity. This, however, is my biggest secret that only I know in this entire Ninja World. Since you’re my student, it’s fine if you know. But they…”

Hearing this, Naraku secretly took a deep breath and lowered his head quickly. He gnashed his teeth and said, “I understand.” His movement was slightly slow this time as he made a hand seal. When the last hand sign was completed, he shouted, “Senjustu… Advent… of… Stone World.” Rumble… The ground trembled violently as if a large amount of pent-up energy was about to be released.

Puff, puff, puff… A series of something piercing through flesh could be heard. In the entire Zhifu Mountain, countless stone spears protruded from the ground, penetrating all of Naraku’s subordinates. Their corpses hung on the stone spears, eyes wide open. They died with terrified looks on their faces.

This move reminded Tonan of Kimimaro’s Dance of the Seedling Fern. Satisfied with Naraku, he nodded and slowly stood up. He turned to walk toward the Fire Capital and said, “Let’s go to a more private place. There’s a mission I want to give you.”

“Yes…,” Naraku got up and glanced at Tonan’s back. He wiped the corners of his eyes and put on a flattering smile on his face, following with small steps. Tonan suddenly stopped and turned his head back to look at Naraku.

Naraku subconsciously gulped and with a humble expression on his face, he asked, “Is there something you want me to deal with?” Looking concerned, Tonan replied, “I forced you to kill your trusted subordinates. I hope that you don’t take it to heart.”

Naraku cupped his hands and bowed slightly. He nodded and said, “Of course not, sensei. I’m the grand Daimyo. It’s nothing more than killing a few dogs. This doesn’t impact me at all. Besides, they had seen me just a moment ago. They already lost their respect for this me in their hearts. I too had to keep this a secret. Otherwise, how could I control my subordinates in the future?”

Tonan nodded with satisfaction. “That’s right… very good… However, I still liked your rebellious look at that time.” When Naraku heard Tonan’s words, he straightened up and restrained the smile on his face. Tonan had a small smile on his face. He glanced quietly into the distance and turned his head back, walking towards the Fire Capital.


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