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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 217: Eating & Drinking One’s Fill, Naraku’s Hidden Trump Bahasa Indonesia

Behind the thirteen people, a pure white Thousand-Armed Kannon appeared. As the dharma of these thirteen was not comparable to Chigo or even the sweeper monk Terachi, it was much smaller than what Tonan had previously encountered. He was amused, “Clowns!”

“Courting death!” Instantly, the pure white Thousand-Armed Kannon turned into a golden-red angry guardian deity. Everyone was clamping the seal formula while chanting something in their mouths. Soon, fists began to fly toward Tonan like guided missiles.

The three tomoe in Tonan’s eyes spun rapidly, and under the buff of the terrifying dynamic vision, the entire world seemed to slow down as if a slow button was pressed. The fists too began to move in slow motion.

Taking advantage of this, Tonan touched his chin and slightly looked at the sky. “After stalling for such a long time, the main body should have finished investigating. The next step is to feel out all of Naraku’s hidden trump cards.”

Rumble… In the blink of an eye, countless golden-red fists buried Tonan. The smoke formed by the dust enveloped the entire arena. Numerous stone debris flew in all directions. The surrounding trees made cracking sounds and were filled with holes. Leaves fell, spreading over the ground.

Many sturdy trees were unable to endure the force and broke at the center falling heavily to the ground. The sounds of trees collapsing were too loud. The rising dust made the entire area foggy, compromising the vision of several people.

Naraku, seated at the top, frowned. His eyes fixed on the dust cloud, “How can it be so easy?” Suddenly, Tonan’s deep voice came from amid the dust. “Senjutsu is not used like this. True Several Thousand Hands – Peak Expansion.”

Huge arms sprang out from the dust cloud and grabbed the thirteen people, instantly destroying the Thousand-Armed Kannon behind them. The phantoms were directly crushed into pieces, and in the next second, they turned into fragments and dissipated into the air.

An image of Kannon, which was as big as a mountain, rose from the smoke. The golden image, was half sitting and half lying on a golden lotus throne, and had three faces and thousands of hands. The left side showed benevolence, the right side showed wrath and the front showed Buddha. The countless stretched-out arms were like a peacock fanning out its tail, dizzying people.

Naraku stood up abruptly and frowned, “Damn it, where did he learn this? Could it be that that idiot Hashirama passed this move to him in those years?”

Tonan opened his arms wide and looked straight at Naraku, “Amitabha.” In the next moment, he moved his hands and placed his palms together. The Kannon image threw the thirteen into the air. Immediately afterward, countless arms moved together, preparing to swat them to death. The palms gathered and the sands on the ground rose.

Naraku’s thirteen finally saw the gap between Tonan and themselves and were very scared. “Your Majesty, save me!”

Naraku coldly narrowed his eyes. He slammed his hands on the ground. Countless rocks burst out from the ground and turned into palms. These flew toward the thirteen people and covered them, layer after layer, turning into a rock ball to protect them.

Bang! True Several Thousand Hands gathered and smashed the rock ball into pieces. At the same time, the ground beside Naraku protruded. Then, Ozora and the other twelve guardian ninjas were spat out. Naraku used earth-style ninjutsu to bring these people over using earth just in time.

He waved his hand to signal them to retreat and he slowly walked forward. “Uchiha Madara, you are known as the Ninja World’s malevolent spirit. And you were defeated by the Ninja World’s God of Shinobi in the past.”

“Everything I have today is all thanks to you. I want to let you experience the power of three hundred thousand lives.” The corners of Naraku’s mouth rose. His footsteps paused and a powerful chakra fluctuation burst out from his body.

His long black hair fluttered in the air and the ground around cracked like a spider web. Countless stones floated as if defying gravity. He shouted with his eyes filled with madness, “True Several Thousand Hands – Peak Expansion.”

With his yell, the entire Zhifu Mountain shook. Bang, bang, bang… Thick rock arms sprang out from the earth around. The ground below Naraku’s feet began to rise rapidly. The first thing to appear was a three-faced head of Kannon.

More than half of the soil and rocks of Zhifu Mountain seemed to be removed and the entire mountain was reducing at breathtaking speed. Naraku’s True Several Thousand Hands was different from Tonan’s. Tonan’s was condensed with pure senjutsu chakra but Naraku’s was made up of a combination of soil and rocks.

Its size was larger than the one Tonan summoned. It was just like Hashirama, except the wood style was replaced by the earth style.

Hahahaha… Tremble, Ninja World’s malevolent spirit!” As Kannon revealed her true appearance, Naraku, who was standing on top of Kannon, laughed wildly. The Zhifu Mountain also flattened. Tonan frowned. He closed his eyes and opened them again, revealing the Mangekyo Sharingan. Then he cast genjutsu on Naraku.

Naraku was stunned for a moment and woke up, saying with a playful smile, “Powerful genjutsu. It’s a pity, it’s useless against me… To temper a strong will, I injected anesthetic thrice a day and made the guardian ninjas take turns casting genjutsu on me. I struggled in pain and torture every day, just for today. With a mortal body, I’m comparable to gods. I’m the new god of the Ninja World!”

At this moment though, Tonan was not focused on Naraku but around him. With his eyes, he saw countless souls around Naraku. Each soul’s face looked hideous and terrifying. They shrieked miserably and their faces twisted to an unbelievable level. They seemed to be suffering from intense pain. The whole scene was creepy.

“These… are all resentment spirits…” When a soul suffered great torment before death, resentment was produced. The greater the resentment, the longer they stayed among the living. Only after the resentment dissipated, the souls wouldn’t be able to withstand the pulling force of the Pure Land and would be sucked in.

At a cursory glance, Tonan estimated that there were no less than two hundred thousand resentment spirits. “Naraku was ruthless to gain power. But it’s a cheap bargain for me. I never thought that I could eat and drink my fill before the war.” Tonan had a strange smile on his face.

“Your smile makes me very unhappy.” Seeing Tonan was not showing a serious look as he had imagined, Naraku was unhappy. “Senju Hashirama became invincible with just wood style. I can do it with the earth style!” After speaking, he suddenly placed his hands together and shouted, “Senjutsu – Rock Dragon Technique.”

Roar… A deafening roar resounded as an earth dragon burst out from the ground and coiled around Tonan’s Kannon, fiercely attacking him. At the same time, Naraku also controlled his earth Kannon to move towards Tonan.

At the critical moment, Tonan made his Kannon stretch out dozens of arms to grab the incoming rock dragon. He also opened his left eye and his Mangekyo spun rapidly. “Absorb!” A great suction force that didn’t impact reality but was irresistible for souls appeared. The resentment spirits surrounding Naraku flew towards Tonan’s left eye. Their struggle and shouts were useless.

“What’s this… I don’t want to go, I want revenge.”

“I’m not reconciled, I’m not reconciled…”

“I haven’t seen him die with my own eyes… I want to die together with him.”

“I don’t want to leave…”

Tonan’s Mangekyo swallowed all the souls. “It’s truly satisfying…” Even amid the battle, he couldn’t help showing a content expression. But this expression was nothing but naked provocation in Naraku’s eyes.

“You are not taking me seriously. I hate this.” After approaching Tonan, his eyes became sharper and he placed his palms together and yelled, “Senjutsu – Hotei Technique.”

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