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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 204: Reborn, Improving Physique Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan lowered his head and blew the tea lightly. At this time, the slowly spinning Mangekyo was reflected in the cup. Then, in the spacious living room, his gentle voice could be heard, “You’re the best reward for me.”

As soon as he spoke, Tonan detonated the cursed seal in Enkuu’s mind. Bang… A heavy object fell onto the ground and in Tonan’s special space, from Enkuu’s corpse, a pure white soul was pulled out by a huge power.

“What’s going on, Tonan? What happened, it’s so painful.” The pure pain of soul tearing was incomparable to any physical torment. This was because Enkuu’s body was too strong and he had just died, so his bodily functions had not completely ceased. His body still had a strong binding force with the soul.

Tonan glanced indifferently at Enkuu’s struggling soul and sipped on his tea. He said with great interest, “The stronger the physical body, the stronger the binding force with the soul. Gained new knowledge.”

“Ah… it’s painful… save me! Tonan, what are you doing? Quickly… quickly close your eyes! I’m begging you, please let me go! I’ll obey you!”

Tonan took a sip of tea, and said with a sad look, “I was so good to you but you answered my questions so secretively. You made me feel like I get no thanks for my good intentions. A true betrayal. I’m bitterly disappointed.” Tonan made it look like he was the victim.

“Tonan! Ah!” Chi, chi… chi, chi… In the end, Enkuu even made monkey’s hissing sounds, but his soul was completely pulled out and under Suten-doji’s effect, his soul was absorbed into Tonan’s eye. Tonan only felt a comfortable feeling emerging from the depths of his soul and he couldn’t help smiling.

After the feeling disappeared, he put down the teacup and sighed, “Who told you to hesitate just now?” At this moment, he felt strange changes in his body, and as if muffled thunderclaps, his entire body crackled nonstop.

A pleased look appeared on his face as he quietly waited for his body to remold itself. After the time it would take for someone to drink a cup of tea, Tonan opened his eyes. His entire body was motionless as if it was stiff. His body seemed to have turned into porcelain and cracks spread from the top of his head to his entire body. Gradually, it became denser and his entire body was like a spider web.

Bang… A huge shockwave exploded and the tables, chairs, and furniture in the room were blown away by the strong air current. Debris shot out everywhere from his body. These shards were harder than kunai and smashed the flying furniture into pieces. The remaining shards were deeply stuck into walls, floor, ceiling, and pillars.

Wa wa, wa wa… From the bedroom, Hatake Kotoura’s wailing filled the house. It was obvious he was awakened by the commotion but at this moment, Tonan didn’t bother to pay any attention to him.

He could feel huge changes taking place within his body. His physical body seemed to feel very different from before. “Pretty good.” A stark naked Tonan twisted his neck and muttered. He then stretched out his right hand and looked at his palm. Muscles like agar, palm like jade, and fingers like slender green onions. After the process of ‘molting’ just now, the skin on his entire body gave birth to new baby skin.

At this moment, one word appeared in his mind — reborn. After he learned the Soft Physique Modification, his skin color looked abnormally pale. But he had never thought that it would become so natural after merging with the Adamantine Body. After admiring his body for a while, he swung his right hand.

Bang… A sonic boom resounded. Tonan’s eyes narrowed and a pleasant surprise appeared on his face. What a strong body and this was still not the limit. He had obtained Enkuu’s inheritance, which included the practice method of the Adamantine Body. Now, Tonan could absorb natural power automatically to temper his body.

If he persisted in practicing, then his body’s strength would reach a terrifying level. At that time, nothing might be able to injure him. The naked Tonan picked up the necklace from the table and put it around his neck. Now that his physical body had already become doughty to the inhuman level, even with the cells within his body continuously refining chakra day and night, it might take twenty to thirty years for him to age and die.

But one shouldn’t forget that Tonan himself could practice the Adamantine Body, thereby strengthening his physical body. At that time, this time limit would extend. Tonan didn’t need a long time though. As long as he could last for twenty years, it would be enough. At that time, the Fourth Great Ninja War would begin and Tonan might have already possessed the power of the Six Path.

He estimated that some trifling radiation would have no effect in front of that power. After thinking about this, Tonan got up and walked toward the bedroom. But he didn’t carry the crying Kotoura. When Kotoura saw him, he stopped crying for a bit but started again. Tonan ignored him and went straight to the wardrobe.

He put on a fresh set of clothes and stood in front of the mirror. Looking at his reflection, he noticed his appearance hadn’t changed but his skin was smooth, white and soft. Combined with the necklace with silvery-white metallic luster hanging around his neck, his temperament seemed to have undergone an unknown change.

“Looks cool, isn’t it?” The corners of Tonan’s mouth rose slightly. He was very satisfied with the current state of his body. Kotoura’s cries continued so he looked back and raised his eyebrows slightly. Instantly, the baby’s eyes rolled and he fell asleep.

Afterward, Tonan said in a low voice, “Truly, even cats and dogs dare to dance on my head. I’ve to thank you properly.” After he spoke, the lights in the bedroom extinguished.

Dark clouds covered the sky bereft of moonlight or starlight. Everything was so grim, it was almost like the color of despair itself. The street lights also just lit up small areas below them, breaking the darkness into many segments.

Outside the residence that Konoha arranged for the Suna team, several Anbu ninjas were hiding in the tree shades to keep watch.

Step, step, step… Clear and rhythmic footsteps came from the darkness at the end of the street. The Anbu members went on alert and carefully looked over.

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