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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 196.1: Triggering The Backhand, Tsunade’s Death Bahasa Indonesia

After hearing Uchiha Tonan’s words, a fiery hue appeared in everyone’s eyes. The young people didn’t feel much but the older ones were very excited. Their gaze toward Tonan became different.

The Land of Bliss… just the name made it sound like a good place. But the brain circuits of the Uchiha clan were different. They were all very disappointed. After all, in their view, the rumored Mangekyo possessed a powerful destructive dojutsu. As for the so-called Transcendence or whatever the Land of Bliss was, they didn’t care at all.

Sarutobi Hiruzen sighed inwardly and signaled the Anbu members. “Let’s go.” With that, he left with the Anbu. At that moment, Tonan and Shimura Danzo quietly looked at each other. To prevent Hiruzen from secretly attacking Danzo, Tonan loudly said, “Danzo-sama, thank you for stepping forward for justice today. Although I’m young, I know the principle of repaying the favor of a drop of water with a gushing spring. If you’ve any instructions in the future, I’ll not hesitate to go through fire and water.”

In front of everyone, a rare kindness appeared on Danzo’s face that seemed incompatible with him. “Seriously, this is something I should do. You’re the future of Konoha.” Then, Danzo too left with the Root members.

What happened today was not completely over but the following political struggles should be carried out in private. It was not suitable for the villagers to know. Hiruzen, who was already far away, heard Tonan’s words. His footsteps paused for a bit and his expression became even uglier.

If he had known this earlier, he wouldn’t have let Tsunade go look for trouble with Tonan. But now, not to mention he lost two generals, even Tonan who had always followed him favored Danzo. At this moment, he regretted it deeply in his heart.

After the Root and Anbu left, the civilians and ninjas were ready to move as well. They wanted to go forward and make friends with Tonan to seek a good place for themselves and their relatives after death. However, they were stopped by the Uchihas.

Seeing this, Tonan walked over to Minato and the others and said with a grateful expression, “Minato-sensei, Kushina-senpai, thank you for saving me today. Kakashi, please take care of Kotoura. I need to speak with the clan members and seek shelter.”

Hatake Kakashi patted Hatake Kotoura in his arms and nodded, “I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“Tonan, don’t worry, you have us.” At this moment, Kushina had already reverted to her usual cheerful and gentle appearance. She didn’t have the earlier image of the fearless demoness.

Tonan smiled slightly and looked around. He placed his hands on his knees and bowed deeply to everyone, “Thank you, everyone.” He then looked at Uchiha Fugaku and said, “Patriarch.” Fugaku nodded, “Let’s go. We’ll talk after returning to the clan.”

Tonan walked toward the clan’s district under the Uchihas’ protection.

Meanwhile, at Mount Myoboku Sacred Land, Jiraiya, Senju Tsunade, and Shizune appeared on the grassland. Jiraiya glanced at Shizune who looked deathly pale and haggard and then at Tsunade who was lying unconscious on the ground with a heavy heart.

“Little Jiraiya, how come you are here?” “Isn’t this Tsunade? Why’s she unconscious?” Sage Fukasaku and Sage Shima jumped on Jiriaya’s shoulders. Jiraiya sighed and replied, “Tsunade and I have become Leaf rogue-nin.”

“Are you joking? You and Tsunade are the Konoha Sannin. What happened?” Sage Fukasaku asked in confusion. Jiraiya replied with a heavy tone, “Tsunade fought with someone and it implicated more than a dozen children.”

Fukasaku and Shima looked at each other with blank dismay. They had never thought this to be a reason. This was something that could be considered big if it was said big and also small if it was said to be small. During the war, many people wouldn’t have cared about a dozen or so children. But now, in peaceful times, especially when the dead children were of the same village, it was hard to say.

Jiraiya looked at the dazed and haggard Shizune and asked, “Shizune, how long will it take for Tsunade to wake up?” Shizune awakened from her daze and looked down at Tsunade, saying indifferently, “It should take two days to recover on her own. If Mystical Palm Technique is used, it can be a bit sooner.”

Jiraiya nodded, “Can you treat her now?”

“I can,” Shizune was like a living corpse. She squatted down beside Tsunade and placed her hands on her chest. Jiraiya was tired both physically and mentally. He sat on the ground and looked at it in a daze. Suddenly, he frowned a little and touched his chin, “I wonder why I have this bad feeling all day today. And it is getting stronger now. Could it be that something happened in Konoha? Did this incident not subside yet?”

Jiraiya shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He then looked at Tsunade and Shizune. Shizune’s eyes were lifeless and her entire body trembled as if she saw something terrifying.

“What’s wrong, Shizune?” Jiraiya also asked with concern. Puff… The unconscious Tsunade vomited blood and her eyes were wide open, staring at Shizune. “Eh…” Tsunade trembled and then her head tilted to one side.

Jiraiya rushed over and roughly pushed Shizune away. He grabbed Tsunade’s shoulders and shook her desperately while saying, “Tsunade! Tsunade!”

Shima and Fukasaku jumped off his shoulders. Shima made a hand sign and then used her hands to check Tsunade’s body. Looking horrified, she stated, “Her heart has been cut off by a chakra scalpel.”

Jiraiya was stunned for a moment hearing this. He stretched his trembling hand and placed it below Tsunade’s nose. His breathing became heavy, tears of blood filled his eyes and his other hand tightly grabbed a handful of grass.


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