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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 186: Friends Dining Together, Obito’s Hostility Bahasa Indonesia

“Cheers!” In the barbecue restaurant, Uchiha Tonan, Namikaze Minato, and the others were dining together. Uchiha Obito took a sip of the juice and said with envy, “We just went out to finish a mission but you’ve become a jonin already. It’s too fast.”

Nohara Rin bit the straw and peeked at Tonan, “Obito, how can you compare to Tonan? He even defeated Orochimaru.”

Tonan squinted and said with a smile, “I besieged him with other clan members and it was still a one-sided battle. If it wasn’t for Sarutobi-sensei arriving in time, I’m afraid I might’ve lost.”

Hatake Kakashi quickly pulled down the mask without anybody noticing and took a sip of juice, “I never thought the gap between us would keep getting wider. It seems that I can’t catch up with you.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and said warmly, “At the summit, some people arrive earlier and others later. But people on the same path end up at the same height in the end.” When Kakashi heard this, he nodded slightly.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Obito asked Tonan with a confused look wondering why Tonan was talking about summits and mountains. When everyone saw his silly face, they couldn’t help smiling.

Minato turned his head to look at Tonan, “Now that this mission is over, I’m planning to teach Obito and others well. In spring, Konoha will hold the Chunin Exam. I want to use this time to improve Obito and Rin’s strengths.”

“It just so happens that I recently developed a new ninjutsu as well. If you’re interested to take a look, come tomorrow. I’d also like to hear your opinion and see if there’s any need for improvement in it.”

Tonan nodded, “No problem. I’ve also been idle lately. By the way, is the Chunin Exam team format or individual format?”

“Team format.”

Tonan frowned slightly, “Then, wouldn’t there be one person less? It’s a big disadvantage.”

“Kakashi will also participate.”

Seeing a puzzled Tonan, Minato explained, “In this Chunin Exam, Ame and Suna will also participate. And if Konoha can’t seize the championship, the impact will be considerable. Besides, Kakashi isn’t very old.”

Only then did Tonan nod in realization. This was not just an exam for Konoha.

“Don’t just focus on chatting, eat quickly. The meat will burn otherwise.” Uzumaki Kushina interrupted the conversation between the two and put roasted meat in each person’s bowl.

“Let’s start,” Obito began to eat frantically, “Thank you, Kushina-senpai.” Tonan politely thanked her as well and picked up the roasted meat to eat. In his heart, however, he was busy plotting.

“Chunin Exam… Perhaps, this was a good opportunity.”

Obito was stealing glances at Rin while eating the meat and discovered she was doing the same to someone else. He followed her light of sight and his gaze collided with Tonan’s. Obito was slightly startled, “Tonan, why are you looking at me like this?”

Tonan smiled, “I think you’ve great potential.” The unexpected praise embarrassed Obito. He scratched his head and said, “That’s for sure. I, however, am the future Hokage.”

Tonan firmly replied, “I believe you can do it.”


The next day, in the training ground in the suburbs, Minato looked at the sky helplessly and explained to Tonan, “Looks like Obito won’t be here for a while. I’ll show you my new ninjutsu in the meantime.”

Tonan nodded calmly. Minato opened his right hand and kept gathering chakra on his palm. He rotated and compressed it and soon, a light blue rotating ball appeared on his palm. Tonan pretended to be surprised, “It’s a signless technique and it looks very powerful.”

A small smile formed on Minato’s lips, “Yes, I’ve named it Rasengan. It is about transforming the chakra’s shape to the extreme but the main trick is compression and rotation. The more chakra is compressed, and the faster the rotation speed, the greater the power.”

After speaking, Minato rushed towards a large tree next to him and hit its trunk with Rasengan.

Bang… The big tree, which would’ve needed several people to hold it, collapsed. Tonan touched his chin and began to analyze, “This technique’s power is very good. But the disadvantage is also obvious. The tension of Rasengan’s compression and rotation is too substantial. A large amount of chakra is needed to control it.”

“Thirty percent of the required chakra is for using this technique and the remaining for controlling it. Just this point alone will rule out ninety percent of ninjas with insufficient chakra. In addition, this kind of ninjutsu is a close-range attack. The restriction cannot be ignored.”

Minato was surprised by Tonan’s insight. Tonan could find Rasengan’s flaws just by looking at it once. He nodded with admiration, “Yes, this move has many flaws but my charka amount is sufficient, and I can use it to crush kunai.”

“I was able to develop this thanks to Kakashi. His Raikiri inspired the idea. In comparison to Rasengan, Raikiri is difficult and perfect in all aspects. However, I know space-time ninjutsu, which can make up for Rasengan’s close-range flaw. This is more suitable for me.”

Kakashi saw Tonan looking over at him. He straightened his body and looking indifferent, he asked “Do you want to learn my Raikiri? I can teach you.”

Tonan wouldn’t be courteous with Kakashi. He gently said, “Then, I’ll take you up on the offer.” Although Tonan had learned a lot of ninjutsu from Sarutobi Hiruzen, he didn’t know all the skills. There was a serious monopoly on ninjutsu in this world.

Especially the chakra compression skill, which involved theoretical knowledge. As for Rasengan, as long as he mastered compression, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to learn it. At this moment, a figure appeared in the distance. Rin, who was quiet for a long time, yelled, “Obito, what time is it? You’re late again.”

Obito ran over and said while panting, “I’m sorry, I was late because I was helping a grandma cross the road.”

Minato waved his hand helplessly, “It’s alright… just be careful in the future. Let’s go, I’ll take you and Rin for special training. By the way, Tonan, I’ll trouble you to teach Obito fire-style ninjutsu when you’ve time. I’m not too familiar with it.”

Tonan smiled, “No problem, I’ll teach him after his training is over.”

Obito was about to agree, but when she saw Rin staring at Tonan with inexplicable eyes, he unhappily said, “I don’t want it. I’m already good at fire-style, I don’t need him to teach me.”

Minato hadn’t expected Obito to refuse so sternly. After a slight surprise, he gave Tonan an apologetic look. He then took Rin and Obito to start basic training not far away.

Half an hour later, a harsh chirping sound entered Obito’s ears. He glanced at Tonan, who had successfully used the Raikiri, from the corners of his eyes. “Isn’t it just because your talent is better? I’ll definitely beat you. And Kakashi…” Suddenly, a gust of wind blew against his face. Two kunai were about to hit him, stunning Obito.

Minato appeared in front of him just in time and grabbed the kunai. Then, with a serious look, he said, “Obito, you’re distracted again.” Obito scratched his head and looked at Rin, who was constantly looking at Tonan. He lowered his head and said in despair, “Sor… sorry”

Not far away, Tonan dispersed the Raikiri and glanced at Obito. “A simple person should be easy to break.” Thinking of this, he turned to Rin. He saw her blushing as she hastily looked away.

“Sometimes, women are a hindrance. I’ve to find a chance to eliminate Obito’s hostility.


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