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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 185.1: Diary Exposed, Dispelling Hostility Bahasa Indonesia

The heat stove had been burning since last evening. The charcoal inside was almost burned out. The indoor environment was warm and cozy. Yakushi Nono maintained her breathing so she could use her hearing to judge whether someone was coming outside.

She quickly rummaged through the bookshelves. Suddenly, Nono opened a book and saw Uchiha Tonan’s handwriting on it. A slight smirk formed on her face as she placed the book on the desk and opened it.

Nono just looked at the first page, and her eyes lit up.

His diary… Nono quickly flipped through the pages and felt overwhelmed. Almost every page was filled with Tonan’s handwriting. Most of the pages were either filled with the summary of the Will of Fire or praising Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Only after calming down and looking carefully, she could see the content of the day between the lines. However, this thick diary contained just about a month’s worth of content.

No way… Nono raised her head and looked at the entire bookshelf, subconsciously gulping. The top space of the bookshelf was filled with books with the same cover. The one she took out was just the first book.

It seemed that the plan of finding key content from the diary by herself and then reporting it had failed. Nono immediately removed all the diaries from the bookshelf. She then took out a scroll from her pocket and opened it. Making hand signs, she placed her right hand on the scroll.

Secret Art – Heart Seal Technique. After using the secret art, Nono hastily opened the dairies and quickly read them. Whenever she saw something, tiny symbols appeared on the scroll. Time passed little by little. Drops of sweat dripped from her chin. This was too much work…

It took Nono three full hours to record the contents of all diaries on the scroll. She then put the diaries back on the bookshelf in the same order that she remembered as before. She closed the scroll and put it back into her pocket. After carefully checking that she didn’t leave any traces in the study, she wiped her sweat off her face and left the study.

Squeak… The door opened slowly. Nono’s pupils instantly shrank. In the living room, she saw Tonan lying beside the cradle, gently stroking the sleeping Kotoura.

“To… Tonan-kun…”

Shush… Tonan didn’t look at her. He just raised his finger to his mouth and shushed. He then covered Kotoura with a quilt. Nono felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. Although it was said that Tonan had a gentle personality, he was someone who could kill Orochimaru.

Nono, who had been a spy for so long, knew that she shouldn’t be fooled by appearances. Most ninjas were courteous to their people but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t be cruel when facing the enemy.

If she let Tonan know that she was a spy sent by the Root… Tonan slowly got up and walked over to Nono. He whispered in her ears, “When did you arrive?”

Nono pretended to be calm and smiled, “I was here but I just saw that you and Kotoura were not there, so I thought to see if there was any place to clean.”

Tonan smiled and sized up Nono. At this moment, Nono felt like his gaze had turned into invisible hands that were feeling her entire body. Gradually, she noticed that Tonan’s gaze moved to her pocket.

Her heart thumped. She forcibly suppressed it from beating too loud to not reveal any flaws. Fortunately, Tonan’s gaze only stopped for a moment before moving back to her face. He smiled and slowly raised his hand.

Nono felt like her heart was tightly clenched by a pair of invisible hands. She was under incomparable pressure. She also found Tonan’s smile very strange.

“You’ve worked hard. You’re sweating so profusely.” A gentle voice was heard and Nono felt Tonan’s finger wiping off the sweat hanging on the tip of her chin.

“Tonan-kun, I’m feeling sick today. I should go back home.” Nono forced a smile and left the room without waiting for Tonan’s reply. The moment she walked out of the room, she was sweating profusely. She didn’t dare linger any longer. She hastily left the welfare institution.

The cold wind blew lightly, making Nono, who was drenched in sweat, feel cold. In the house, Tonan opened the study room and walked in. He looked at the bookshelf, which didn’t seem to have been touched. He then looked down at the flower and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, “So, that’s how it is.”

Tonan shook his head while chuckling and walked to the window. He opened it and stretched out his hand. A white pigeon on the branch outside the window flapped its wings and landed on the back of his hand, cooing affectionately. Tonan used his other hand to lightly rub the white pigeon’s head, and warmly said, “She’s still useful to me.”

Half an hour later, at the Root headquarter, Shimura Danzo looked at the decoded diaries in front of him and felt like his head was spinning.

Among the things written in them, seventy percent were about the Will of Fire, and the remaining thirty were about Hokage-sama.

“Is Hiruzen’s brainwashing this good?” Danzo wanted to throw these diaries far away. The content in them was nauseating. However, he resisted the urge. Although he didn’t know the specifics of the battle between Tonan and Hiruzen last night, early this morning, the Root ninja detected traces of a battle in that area.

Judging from it, Tonan’s strength had reached a height that was unimaginable for ordinary people. With such powerful strength and his invincible status under Hiruzen’s protection, Danzo knew that he could no longer make a move on Tonan.

However, he couldn’t let Tonan become any bigger as well. Otherwise, it was very likely that after Hiruzen abdicates, he would leave the Hokage position to Tonan. Whether it was his own long-standing dream or Tonan’s Uchiha background, Danzo couldn’t allow it to happen.

“Konoha has already decayed… only I can lead it to real prosperity,” Danzo muttered to himself. He took a deep breath and continued to read through Tonan’s diaries.

Will of Fire… Hokage-sama… Will of Fire… Hokage-sama… Will of Fire… Hokage-sama… parents are dead… Will of Fire…

Danzo spent an entire day like this and was already in a trance.


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