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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 171: Fanning Flames, Warning Clan To Withdraw Bahasa Indonesia

The morning sun’s first rays spread through the sky, waking up the sleeping Konoha. There was remnant mist in the air that made the little bodies of the chirping birds, flying back and forth, a little wet. But it couldn’t stop them from searching for food.

A new day had begun. Enkuu walked out of the green pool and used clean water to wash off the medicinal liquid dyeing his body. Sunlight shone in from the bathroom’s window, making his fur glow with a faint golden light, looking very beautiful.

After his recent training, the monkey’s frail body had become stronger. He put on the clothes that Uchiha Tonan had specially got for him and came to the study. Tonan was standing in front of the altar table, solemnly sticking three incense sticks in front of the rows of wooden carvings. His lips were moving as if in prayer.

Enkuu said, “Tonan, I’m leaving now.” Tonan let out a soft hum and casually waved his hand in response. Dispelling the Summoning Technique, Enkuu returned to Mount Huaguo.

Alas…” Tonan sighed deeply looking at the three rows of wooden carvings for a long time. During the past two days, he went out shopping at dawn but the villagers didn’t dare be presumptuous in front of him. Even while discussing in hushed tones, they seemed constrained. They were all afraid of his strength. They feared if he heard their inappropriate words, they would end up being executed.

But it was exactly this constraint that annoyed Tonan. If the villagers didn’t insult him hard enough, how could his mood fluctuate? He was almost touching that realm, just a step away.

Tonan was a little anxious, and he couldn’t help murmuring, “These people… why don’t they have the energy like they did when insulting White Fang?”

Tonan was puzzled. He had done nothing to frighten them so why were they so afraid?

“Could it be… because I’m an Uchiha…” Tonan frowned, thinking about how to break this deadlock. He knew who spread the rumors without thinking. But the crucial point was the person was a little too weak and his people-inciting ability was poor.

Honestly speaking, Tonan was disappointed in Shimura Danzo. To be fair though, it was not that Danzo didn’t want to continue to increase his efforts. It was just that from the first day the rumor appeared, Hiruzen was firmly watching him, and he didn’t dare make any move.

Tonan returned to the tea table and sat in front of it. He put his hand on his forehead and rubbed his temple lightly with his fingers.

“It seems I’ve to make the rumors and insults more violent myself. This is about human nature… Human nature…”

Tonan pondered for a long time, and suddenly a light flashed in his mind. The corners of his mouth rose… Half an hour later, he walked out of the Uchiha clan district with his head lowered, looking gloomy.

After leaving the district, he turned into an alley. Immediately afterward, he created several shadow clones and using the Transformation Technique, turned them into villagers.

Not long after, Tonan came to a busy commercial street. There were young and old people on the street. This was the most prosperous place in Konoha, and it was also the place with the largest flow of people.

“That fellow is here again.”

“So, what if he comes, we can’t do anything.”

“That’s right, forget it.”


Tonan heard these conversations and thought to himself, “Forget it? How can you forget it! Hurry up, pull yourself together. You all need to come forward and speak up for Konoha’s justice.”

In the next instant, an egg flew out of nowhere and hit Tonan. It shattered on his head and fell to the ground, but the liquid inside stuck on his hair along with a few broken eggshells. It slowly flowed down his face, making him look awkward.

For a moment, the pedestrians on the street held their breaths, worried that the brave warrior who secretly threw the egg would be killed. However, Tonan didn’t respond and continued to walk silently.

It was just that his head was lowered even more, and his expression looked even more downcast. He tightly clenched his fists but had no intention to fight back.

After a few moments, another egg was thrown. Sure enough, he was hit again. This time, it directly hit his face. Some sharp eggshells scratched his face and blood was oozing out.

“I’ll beat you to death, you bastard.”

“Besieging Orochimaru-sama? If you had the guts, you should have gone one-on-one.”

“Not only did you murder Orochimaru-sama you also conspired to destroy his reputation.”


With many villagers looking, someone took the lead. Seeing Tonan dared to be angry but didn’t speak, they believed he was afraid of the mob power. Their morale was boosted. They grabbed things from the roadside vendors, aiming everything at him with all their might.

For a moment, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and stones flew indiscriminately. At the same time, curses rained from their mouths.

“Get out of Konoha.”

“Damned Uchiha imp.”

“Why don’t you just die?”

“The Uchiha clan is full of bastards.”

Once someone took the initiative, everyone began to curse.

“Who is cursing the Uchiha clan?” Suddenly, the surrounding became silent. A Konoha Police Force squad rushed into the crowd and subdued the villagers who insulted their clan.

The captain glanced coldly at the crowd, and the surrounding villagers lowered their heads in fear, hastily fleeing the scene. He snorted and walked over to Tonan, “Tonan, are you alright?”

Regardless of which side Tonan was on, he was always an Uchiha. Killing Orochimaru was a matter of prestige for the clan. How could they let villagers curse and insult him like this?

However, facing the concern of the guard captain, Tonan slowly raised his head. He looked at him and coldly said, “This is my business, I don’t need the Uchiha clan’s intervention. The villagers will understand me sooner or later.”

Hearing this, the guard captain was first stunned and then burst into anger. What kind of person is this… These people are insulting you, but you are still defending them? So unreasonable!

The captain took a deep breath and snorted again. He turned around and said to his teammates, “Release the villagers. Ignore if you encounter something like this again in the future.”

He then led the police force away.


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