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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 157.2: Evil Will Not Triumph, Last-Minute Entry Bahasa Indonesia

The battle between Uchiha Tonan and Orochimaru was so loud that the Leaf ninjas should arrive any time now. All Tonan needed to do now was to stall. When Konoha’s people arrived, the conclusion of the battle would be set. Tonan slammed his hands on the ground.

Senjutsu – Multi Overturning Dragon Technique.

The previous scene reappeared. The moon was still hanging in the sky. It hadn’t moved much but the scenario below had undergone earth-shattering changes.

Looking down from the sky, at this moment, the original forest had turned into barren scorched land. The white Eight-Headed Serpent shone under the silvery moonlight. And the earth dragons bound the Eight-Headed Serpent as if they had transformed into shackles.

This was because the body of the Eight-Headed Serpent was too doughty. It was much stronger than Manda’s. If the earth dragons forcibly collided against it, they would shatter. In the mouth of the Eight-Headed Serpent, Orochimaru’s body turned into a white snake, and he continuously moved around the Eight-Headed Serpent’s body, smashing the earth dragons with the Kusanagi Sword.

But whenever an earth dragon was smashed, Tonan would immediately summon another one. This could only delay Orochimaru, not stop him. Orochimaru shouted wildly while smashing the earth dragons, “The Eight-Headed Serpent has already integrated with me. Let me see whether you have more chakra to stop me.”

Tonan coldly replied, “I truly didn’t think you were so powerful and had so many trump cards. Honestly speaking, the current me can do nothing about the Eight-Headed Serpent. I miscalculated.”

Orochimaru’s snake eyes stared at Tonan and asked, “Then, are you ready to surrender?”

Tonan shook his head lightly, “No, no, no, don’t forget that I’m still the younger generation. It is only natural that I can’t defeat you, who is one of the Konoha Sannin. Even if I lose, I can be proud. But you are different, as long as you don’t kill me today, you can only be reduced to a lost dog from hereon.”

Tonan’s tone was relaxed as if he was telling a fact, but it stabbed Orochimaru’s heart. He said with an ugly face, “Do you want to stall me until the old man Sarutobi came?”

Tonan generously admitted to it, “Yes, I don’t think that you can fight against the entire Konoha. You still don’t have that ability, Orochimaru-sama.”

Hearing this, the Eight-Headed Serpent fought against the earth dragons as if it had gone crazy. The collapsing speed of earth dragons exceeded Tonan’s replenishment speed.

Tonan raised his eyebrows slightly, “Are you so angry that you want to kill me?”

After speaking, he simply stopped using the Overturning Dragon Technique and quickly began to make another series of hand seals.

Senjutsu – Great Dragon Flame Technique.

Tonan spat out flames from his mouth. The flame transformed into a fire dragon that was much larger than any previous earth dragons in midair and flew towards the Eight-Headed Serpent.

Seeing this, ridicule flashed through Orochimaru’s eyes, and he didn’t put any defense against this fire-style ninjutsu. “Hahaha… I’m not afraid of the fire style.”

The fire dragon slammed into the Eight-Headed Serpent and burned its entire body with raging flames. But this serpent was immune to ninjutsu. The flames only burned for a bit before dissipating.

Orochimaru’s body also just emitted white smoke, and he looked a little disheveled. He frowned a little and said, “You amaze me more and more. Your fire style actually made me feel hot.”

Tonan looked at the approaching Eight-Headed Serpent and raised his eyebrows slightly. It seemed that the proportion of senjutsu energy was a bit too little. The output was worse.

Orochimaru looked at Tonan, who seemed to have no means left, feeling a hint of joy. “Let me send you on your way. After I kill you, I will gouge out your eyes and get its every worth.”

Suddenly, the shared vision with the white pigeons appeared in Tonan’s mind, and he couldn’t help smiling. Immediately afterward, he used Wind Communication Technique, and roared, “Orochimaru, you murdered the people in the same village. You use their corpses for human experiments. Your evil crimes fill the heaven. Even if I die here today, I’ll execute you to get justice for the dead villagers. No matter how strong you are, I’m not afraid, because I firmly believe that evil will not triumph over virtue.”

Orochimaru now knew he didn’t have much time so he didn’t bother to talk to Tonan. He directly controlled the Eight-Headed Serpent and attacked. The sturdy snake tail swung down at Tonan, trying to smack him to death. Tonan hunkered and activated the Lightning Spirit Wind Flash to dodge.

Boom… The ground that the tail hit was smashed, leaving a large crater. Tonan was sent flying back making a beautiful arc in the air. But when Orochimaru was about to attack again, an angry roar filled the sky.

“Enma! Transform into Adamantine Staff.”

“Grow for me.”

“Adamantine Prison Wall.”

Instantly, dozens of staffs appeared in the sky which were slightly bigger than the Eight-Headed Serpent. The staffs were getting closer and bigger. Each was like a heaven-supporting pillar and they fell towards the place where the Eight-Headed Serpent was located.

Boom… When the smoke cleared, a cage that had trapped the Eight-Headed Serpent came into view. Just when Tonan was about to fall to the ground, a figure flashed over and gently caught him in his arms, “Tonan, are you alright?”

“Sensei… Orochimaru-sama… he… he killed a lot of people… he is doing human experiments…” Seeing Hiruzen, Tonan sighed in relief and weakly complained.

“Don’t speak, I heard everything just now. You are not at fault, rest for a while. Leave this to me now.” Hiruzen took a deep breath and handed Tonan to an Anbu member behind him. He jumped a few times and landed in front of the Adamantine Prison, then looked at the Eight-Headed Serpent that was continuously hitting the prison wall.

Soon, Anbu members arrived here one after another and surrounded the place from a distance.


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