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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 120: Creating Inflation, S-ranked Mission Bahasa Indonesia


A is a very strong Cloud ninja, considered among one of the strongest, who goes on to become Kumo’s fourth Raikage. His younger brother, B, also known as Killer B, is an eight-tailed jinchuriki. For the readers’ convenience, we will write A as ‘A’.

Sarutobi Hiruzen nodded and took the passbook. A thought came to his mind just then. Looking at the night sky, he sighed, “Peacetime is the best. The Land of Fire economy has grown rapidly. Everyone became rich and many people spent a lot of money to move to Konoha. Many of these people are wealthy and the prices are rising fast. The number of missions has also increased. It seems this new Daimyo is very capable. I estimate if we want to purchase land again a year later, we’ll not be able to get any in 600 million Ryo.”

Uchiha Tonan, who sat beside Hiruzen, had a flash of comprehension hearing Hiruzen’s words. “Is that Naraku printing money crazily to suck the entire Land of Fire’s blood?”

Hiruzen wasn’t aware of the complete situation but Tonan was. He had once casually mentioned this while teaching Naraku. The wealth of a nation was equivalent to the available cash supply among the people. But for a country, banknotes were no different from paper. The production efficiency was wealth. If production was not increased but a large amount of money was minted, it was equivalent to putting the wealth of the entire Land of Fire in the Daimyo’s pockets.

From the current situation, this fire had already burned Konoha. Tonan estimated that Naraku started to act as soon as he took over the throne. At this moment, if Naraku hoarded large quantities of commodities and food, waited for the prices to skyrocket, and then launched a new currency…

It was also possible that Naraku wouldn’t stop at just plundering the Land of Fire but might purchase goods and materials from other countries as well before they were alerted to the situation. He didn’t even need to issue a new currency but just banknotes with larger denominations.

In a short period, the Daimyo Residence could have both goods and money in hordes. It was equivalent to blatantly snatching money from everyone. Even stealing money wouldn’t be as fast and efficient.

Unless Konoha was willing to respond aggressively, the Daimyo Residence would be able to firmly hold Konoha down. After all, ninjas too had to live. Regardless of the era, the capital was indispensable. People needed money for fuel, rice, oil, and salt. Clothing also needed money.

If Naraku issued new money, Konoha would be subjected to this restriction too. At worst, he could just give a bit more funds, then provide materials for Konoha and make it pay the corresponding price. But if Konoha was inclined to flip the table, then what would Naraku do?

Begin a war! Change internal strife into external worries and then secretly find ways to strengthen the military force.

These were Tonan’s conjectures given he had taught Naraku these things. Just when Tonan was lost in thought, an Anbu rushed into Hiruzen’s courtyard without reporting, directly coming to the backyard.

It must be a big deal.

The Anbu member appeared in front of Hiruzen using the Body Flicker Technique, and fell to one knee, “Hokage-sama, the barrier team notified that six people privately left the village two hours ago. One of them is a former member of the barrier team, and the other five are villagers who had recently moved to Konoha. The Anbu squad captured three but they triggered an unknown curse seal to destroy their brains.”

“The other three have succeeded in escaping though. Their whereabouts are unknown. One of them is suspected to be a jonin. He used the puppet technique to kill the Anbu who was tracking them. We suspect he is a ninja from Suna. Biwako-sama instructed me to ask Hokage-sama to issue an order.”

Hiruzen frowned and was about to speak, when Tonan, who was anxious about not getting a chance to show off in front of his sensei, volunteered, “Sensei, let me go.”

Hiruzen hesitated for a moment and asked with a frown, “Are you sure? We’ve already lost track. Moreover, there’s a Sand jonin involved.”

Tonan smiled, “It should be no problem. Taijutsu restrains puppet technique and I believe my sword technique can restrain them.”

Hiruzen considered quickly. He had seen Tonan’s progress and was shocked each time. Tonan’s potential was far beyond his imagination. It was also time for him to earn merits. Therefore, Hiruzen nodded immediately, “Alright, you can take this mission. It’s an S-ranked mission for the time being. Regardless of life or death, the main goal is to ensure that the village’s secrets are not leaked.”

He then turned to the Anbu and said, “Give all information to Tonan and let him take charge of this, the Anbu doesn’t need to intervene.”

The Anbu was speechless in his heart. Only one of the three traitors was a jonin, but it was assigned as an S-ranked mission. This was simply handing over merit without work. It seemed that Tonan held a lot of weight in the Hokage-’s heart.

He took out a scroll and solemnly said, “Tonan-sama, this is the information.”

Tonan took the scroll and replied with a gentle look, “Thank you, senpai.” He then used the Body Flicker Technique to leave the place instantly.

At this moment, the Land of Hot Water coastline that bordered along with the Land of Fire was in a bit of chaos. Large waves slammed against the reefs on the shore. Under the moonlight, white splashes looked like an old man’s head trembling in anger.

On a cliff facing the sea, a group of Cloud ninjas was hiding in a cave.


Pieces of stones flew everywhere in that cave as sand and dust fell from the ceiling. A tall and burly man’s eyes were full of impatience as he anxiously said, “So much time has passed, why haven’t those people returned yet?”

A ninja wearing a Kumo forehead protector patted the dust off his head with a helpless look and persuaded, “‘A’-sama, don’t be so impatient. It takes at least two days to get here from Konoha.”

‘A’ took a deep breath and walked back and forth. He roared again, “How can I not be impatient? Konoha’s sealing techniques are too important to Killer B.”

The Cloud ninja rubbed his chin and said thoughtfully, “In fact, before we left the village, I heard that Killer B-sama was doing quite well.”

“How can a tailed beast and a jinchuriki become companions? B is indulging in fantasy. After all, tailed beasts are war weapons. And they are very brutal.”

Thinking about this, ‘A’ couldn’t help punching the cave wall again.


Dust flew up all over again and everyone was covered with sand and dust. A Cloud ninja spat out the sand in his mouth, and said with an awkward look, “‘A’-sama, there are no other caves nearby…”

‘A’ clenched his fist tightly and looked at the deep sea outside the cave. He took another deep breath and said, “You all wait here, I’ll go to the Land of Fire to provide support.”

When everyone heard this, they became nervous, and quickly dissuaded him, “No, ‘A’-sama, it’s dangerous for you to go alone.”

“What if you are besieged by Leaf ninjas.”

“Yes, it’s too risky.”


Suddenly, a part of the cave ceiling collapsed. ‘A’ then smashed a rock into powder and clenched his fist, “If there’s any danger, I’ll use my fist to break through it. Stop talking, I’m going.”

He walked out of the cave and crouched slightly. In the next moment, he shot into the sky like a cannonball.


“What should we do?”

“What else can we do? We can just wait here.”

“It doesn’t matter if we can’t get the sealing techniques. I hope that ‘A’-sama will not meet with any mishap.”

Everyone looked at each other and sighed in unison.


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