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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 106: The Thorough Cleanup, Probing Words Bahasa Indonesia

After washing the dishes, Uchiha Tonan created six shadow clones and started the great undertaking of a thorough cleanup. To be a successful person, one shouldn’t be too honest. When someone was present, one should pay attention to attitude.

When no one was around, one should pay attention to efficiency. With the leader around, one should not reveal the hard-working side. If the person left and returned, they should come back to see that you have done your work perfectly.

At that time, the leader would automatically think you have completed the mission with an earnest and steadfast attitude. And your impression would also naturally rise.

Each of the six shadow clones was responsible for cleaning an area. Sweeping floors, wiping windows, sorting out things, trimming plants in the garden, and spraying perfume. Everything was orderly. There was also one shadow clone that washed all of Hiruzen’s clothes, regardless of whether they were clean or not.

He then pulled a few clotheslines in the front yard and hung the washed clothes on them. By the time everything was done, it was already noon. The midday sun hung directly above the sky, and the temperature increased. Tonan looked up, and the dazzling sunlight made him squint.

Seeing it was almost time, he dispelled the shadow clones and left the Sarutobi clan district. After a busy morning, Tonan’s stomach was rumbling with hunger. So, he ate something in the shopping street and walked towards the Uchiha clan district.

Tonan had just arrived at the door when he saw the Great Elder standing at the doorway as if he had been waiting there for a long time. He turned around and began to carefully size up Tonan.

It was like he was the father who caught his daughter who had stayed out all night red-handed.

“Great Elder, you are here.”

Tonan generously accepted the Great Elder’s probing gaze and warmly greeted him.

The Great Elder nodded and said, “Hmm.”

“Great Elder, please come in and sit.”

Tonan opened the courtyard door and invited the Great Elder into his house. Immediately on sitting down, the Great Elder impatiently asked, “Morning today, Sarutobi Hiruzen announced he will accept you as his student. How did you do it?”

When the Great Elder heard this news, he was greatly shocked. Tonan replied with a doubtful tone while boiling the tea, “Is that really so strange?”

The Great Elder took a deep breath, “There’s no doubt you are talented. If that old man accepted you as his student earlier, I wouldn’t have been surprised. But now, his sons have just died, so this matter is dubious. You’ve to be careful that he might be plotting something.”

In the Great Elder’s eyes, there was nothing good about the Sarutobi clan. The Sarutobis never treated the Uchihas well. Therefore, the Great Elder found Hiruzen taking Tonan as his student extremely suspicious.

Tonan pushed a cup of tea toward the Great Elder, and replied with a smile, “Sensei accepted me as his student because I have all chakra attributes.” He lightly patted the Great Elder’s hand and consoled, “You don’t need to worry about me.”

After thinking about it carefully, the Great Elder was still suspicious. He tapped the table with his finger a few times, and emphasized again, “But his sons have just died.”

Tonan chuckled and leisurely said, “Perhaps, I’m a substitute.”

The Great Elder touched his chin and thought about this explanation for a moment, “That’s possible… If this is the case, as long as you have enough merits, that old man Sarutobi might really support you to become the Hokage in the future. Sarutobi clan combined with Ino-Shika-Cho, plus our Uchiha clan… This is very good…”

The more the Great Elder thought, the more excited he became. He then picked up the teacup and drank tea. The scalding hot tea burnt his tongue. He quickly placed down the teacup and tears streamed down his eyes.

Tonan ignored him and blew the teacup in front of him, asking casually, “By the way, did Great Elder tell other clan members about me?”

The Great Elder was startled hearing his question and replied with a smile, “I was only testing you last time. How can I reveal something like this?”

“It seems this old man is preparing to use this secret as a trump card to control me.”

The hot steam from the tea made Tonan narrow his eyes. Immediately afterward, he sincerely said, “In fact, Great Elder can inform some of the young and promising clan members. In the future, when I’m full-fledged, they can become my important teammates. As for the old clan members, it’s alright to not let them worry about it. I fear they lack hot blood and harbor selfish motives, which will be detrimental to the clan’s greater cause.”

The Great Elder raised his eyebrows and exclaimed, “You really think so?”

Tonan smiled slightly, picked up the teapot, and refilled the Great Elder’s teacup. “I’ve never lied to you.”

The Great Elder thought about it and nodded, “That’s true. Well, then I won’t impose on you any longer. From now on, the Uchiha clan will depend on you.”

Tonan pointed to the teacup in front of the Great Elder and said, “Great Elder, you should finish drinking the tea before leaving.”

The Great Elder, however, stood up and waved his hand, “No, this is a crucial time, it will be bad for you if I stay here for too long.”

The Great Elder realized the situation was different now. With Tonan here, as long as he waited until Tonan became the Hokage, the Uchiha clan would rise without shedding blood. For the sake of the future of the clan, the Great Elder had a sense of propriety.

He couldn’t get too close to Tonan. Thinking of this, the Great Elder turned around and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, Tonan said, “Great Elder, you should pay more attention to Shisui.”

The Great Elder’s steps paused. He then turned around and asked with a confused look, “What’s wrong with Shisui?”

Tonan said looking serious, “Shisui’s talent is far superior to mine.”

The Great Elder was taken aback. After a while, he suspiciously asked, “Is what you said true?” Tonan nodded solemnly and pointed to his eyes, “I’m almost touching that realm. So, I can sense Shisui’s great potential. He can awaken more easily than me.”

A hint of surprise flashed through the Great Elder’s eyes. He then took a deep breath and nodded repeatedly, “Alright, got it.” He walked out with his hands behind his back. The Great Elder believed at least seventy percent of Tonan’s words. Because Tonan had absolutely no reason to lie to him.

“It seems that I should focus on supervising Shisui’s training.”

Tonan knew it was difficult for him to evolve his Sharingan by relying on the so-called emotional fluctuations. But he had a system. As long as he gained Shisui’s acknowledgment after Shisui awakened the Mangekyo…

Tonan, of course, had one more option, which was to purely rely on the stacking of ocular powers. To be on the safer side, he intended to pursue both options simultaneously. After all, these two paths weren’t in conflict, and could even complement each other.

This way, it would be twice the result with half the effort.


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