The scale of the entire Fusu Society was unimaginable!

“This is too exaggerated, right?”

Su Shi was a bit overwhelmed for a moment.

If this organization were to do something meticulous and sordid under his name, wouldn’t he be the one to take the blame?

Jiang Tiyi saw his thoughts and said, “You don’t have to worry, the Fusu Society doesn’t take silver, doesn’t keep private soldiers, all members are equal, and any actions are completely voluntary.”

She was the head constable of Snow Maple City, so she naturally had the ability to discern.

The Fusu Association is a clean, non-profit civil organization, and does not even have a fixed base.

The reason why so many people could gather was entirely out of admiration and worship for Su Shi.

The most important thing is that he looks so handsome.

So many identities combined together, it is difficult not to love ah!

Jiang Tieyi smiled and said: “You this time out to slay the dragon and save Snow Maple City, it is estimated that the congregation will increase a lot again.

Su Shi shook his head.

For this kind of spontaneous organization, he also has no right to interfere.

Just inevitably some curiosity in his heart, who is that mysterious president in the end?

Above the clouds.

Sikong Lanyue watched this scene from afar.

This place demon infestation has been solved, she was ready to leave, but after seeing Zhan Qingchen’s action, her body shape stopped.

It feels as if the relationship between Zhan Qingchen and Su Shi is a bit strange.

Sikong Lanyue thought about it, or decided to stay and observe a little more.

The flooding of the Fengjiang River has been resolved.

The snow maple city lord hosted a banquet and personally entertained the cultivators from all clans who came to support him.

The disciples of Tianji Pavilion had just experienced a vicious battle and needed to rest and regroup in the city.

Su Shi and Zhan Qingchen also stayed behind, waiting for tomorrow morning when they had repaired before returning to the clan together.

In the room in the tavern.

Several female Tianji Pavilion disciples gathered together to chat.

“Today is really dangerous’”

“Yes, I thought it was just an ordinary beast, but I didn’t expect that kind of monster to be lurking under the river.

“Fortunately there is Su Shi in, otherwise we will be suffering.”

Remembering that horrible dragon, the people still have palpitations.

Su Shi not only saved them, but also saved the people of Snow Maple City.

“There is no false scholar under the reputation, Su Shi is indeed called the first genius.”

“Is this the Saint Grade Perfection?”

Su Shi suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stole Zhan Qingchen’s name of “the first genius”.

Originally, the Tianji Pavilion disciples were still upset about this.

But when they saw it today, they were all convinced.

Across the realm, with the body of the firstborn to kill the demon dragon, just ask which heavenly pride can achieve such a level?

“But ……”

A Tianji Pavilion disciple was puzzled, “When did Chief and Su Shi become good friends?”

“Right, I remember that Chief’s friend is only one Imperial Historian Chen, right?”

“Strange, Chief has always loathed men, but is clearly not that repulsed by Su Shi.”

The crowd looked puzzled.

Zhan Qingchen was indeed a bit perverse.

Little sister shook her head and said, “Salty eating carrot and light worrying, what does it have to do with us who the chief makes friends with?”

“Besides, Su Shi is so handsome, which girl can’t hate it, right?”

“That makes sense.”

“Su Shi is indeed very handsome.”

“Those eyes seem to have the universe of stars, let a person fall in one look.”

The little daoist nuns blushed scarlet.

The Tianji Pavilion is dominated by female cultivators, there are few men, where have they seen such a rich and handsome young man?

Women are visual animals.

Besides, although the chief has a cool personality, but in the end it is just a girl of peachy years.

“By the way, where has the chief gone?”

“Seems like I haven’t seen her since the banquet ended ……”

Upstairs elegant room.

Su Shi sat on his knees and looked inside his dantian.

In the dantian, the ancient small bell emitted a faint glow.

The two divine souls of the Divine Realm that he devoured were refined into pure soul power by the small clock, constantly strengthening his soul.

After a vicious battle, but Su Shi did not feel the least bit tired.

On the contrary, he was refreshed and very energetic.

“I didn’t expect the little bell to have this kind of effect?”

In addition to resisting soul attacks and amplifying the divine sense, it can actually devour divine souls to replenish itself!

The biggest difference between the distraction and the firstborn is that the distraction has mastered the art of attacking the divine soul.

And this small clock into the attack, retreat can be defended, completely bridged the gap between Su Shi and the distraction.

Killing the enemy across the realm is as easy as drinking water!

“”〃This is still only the second revolution.””

“If one breaks through to the ninth revolution, I wonder how powerful it will be?”

Taihe Fu is really terrifying!

It is worthy of being a technique that even the ancient emperors would hide!


At this moment, a light sound came from the door of the room.

Zhan Qingchen pushed open the door of the room and walked in.

Seeing Su Shi’s eyes tightly closed, she thought he was practicing, so she gingerly walked to the side.

Before she could sit down, she was pulled into an embrace.

Only to see Su Shi is smiling and looking at her.

Zhan Qingchen lightly whacked him, “Bad guy.”

Su Shi smiled and said, “Little Taoist, what are you doing in my room secretly?”

Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks reddened slightly, “I just wanted to come over to see you.”

Today when she saw the black dragon appear, she was really shocked.

Who knew that this Fengjiang River flooding was so dangerous!

If not for Su Shi’s help, there would really be a big mess.

Zhan Qingchen clutched the corner of his shirt, whispered: “I’m sorry, today and put you in danger, and I can not help anything (the money king’s) her heart incomparable self-blame.

Every time you encounter a fierce danger, it takes Su Shi to solve it, she feels like a vase of no use.

Su Shi took that slender waist, shook his head and said: “Nonsense, you can help me a lot, otherwise I would not have such a big harvest.

The name, the plot value, the true dragon’s qi, and a bunch of treasures from that dragon.

If it wasn’t for Zhan Qingchen, I might have really missed out.

What a vase, simply his lucky star!


Zhan Qingchen leaned in his arms, shyly mumbled: “Then, then I’m still your little baby?”

Su Shi said seriously, “You will always be my baby.”

Looking into those deep eyes, Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks were red through and through.

“In in.”

“Well ~”

Above the clouds, Sikong Chuyue was frozen like a wooden chicken.

“Bao, baby baby?!!!”


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The two hundred and fourteen


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