Chapter 218 – So Su Shi is the Destined One! The shocked Sikong Lanyue!

Chapter 218 – So Su Shi is the Destined One! The shocked Sikong Lanyue!

The crowd all froze.

Dao heart refers to the perception of the Great Dao.

Like natural enlightenment, it is already predetermined by birth and can hardly be changed later in life.

Not only is there no way to improve it, but it will also decline for various unknown reasons.

But Zhan Qingchen’s dao heart had metamorphosed.

This “Sun and Moon in the Same Sky” imagery is obviously more mysterious than the previous “Moon Reflecting the Tide of the River”.

“How did this happen?”

“It seems that the Chief has a great chance!”

“This is really a fortunate event for my Heavenly Mystery Pavilion!”

“The sun and moon are in the same sky, what a strong imagery!”

The elders were overwhelmed with joy.

The technique of the Heavenly Mystery Pavilion is to sense the mysterious heavenly opportunities.

Only when the dao heart fits the heart of the heavens can one sense the true inheritance, and in comparison, the dao heart is even more important than the talent.

“Heaven favors my Tianji Pavilion!”

The elders let out a burst of awe.

Sikong Lanyue’s expression, however, was somewhat embarrassed.

She knew that the reason why Zhan Qingchen’s dao heart was able to metamorphose was not because of heaven’s favor, it was entirely due to Su Shi.

Others could not see it, but she recognized it with a glance.

That golden blazing sun was none other than the golden divine fire under Su Shi’s control!

“Both helping Qingchen break through the realm and helping her metamorphose her dao heart.”

“Even if the poor dao wanted to oppose it, it seems that they can’t find a reason.”

Sikong Chuyue sighed soundlessly.

There were mixed feelings in his heart.

There are a few thankful, but there are also a few lost.

Seeing that the disciple who has been raised for more than ten years is about to run away with another man

Zhan Qingchen opened his eyes.

The image on the cliff also disappeared.

Su Shi asked curiously, “What did you just see?”

“Not telling you.”

Zhan Qingchen’s small face was slightly red.

Previously, when she had self-proved her dao heart, what she saw was the heavenly light and cloud shadows, and what rang in her ears was the sound of the Great Dao.

But this time, she was lying in Su Hui’s arms, listening to him intimately call herself “little baby

“It’s so humiliating!”

Seeing the shocked looks of the people around, Zhan Qingchen was a little nervous.

The image he just saw, not all projected on the jade, right!

Zhan Qingchen carefully said: “Master, my dao heart…

“Very good.”

Sikong Lanyue nodded and said, “It’s even better than what I imagined.”

Only then did Zhan Qingchen breathe a sigh of relief.

Sikong Lanyue looked at Su Shi, “Shengzi Su, it’s your turn.”

Everyone’s eyes gathered on him.

Everyone wanted to see, this “once in a million years” genius, what kind of dao heart did he have?

Su Shi walked up to the cliff and touched it with his hand.

The air was quiet.

There was no vision, no dao sound, as if nothing had happened.

“Not even a hint of resonance?”

“It seems to have not been recognized by the Ask the Way Cliff.”

“Is it that easy to perceive the inheritance of the Heavenly Mystery Pavilion?”

“A Sacred Perfection talent, yet no sense of the Dao at all?”

“It seems that Chief Zhan is still the better one.”

The elders whispered.

Sikong Lanyue’s brows knitted up.

She had clearly sensed the intent of the Great Dao in Su Shi’s body.

Although she wasn’t quite sure what kind of dao, it wasn’t like she couldn’t sense it.

“Su Shi?”

At this moment, Sikong Lanyue sensed that something was wrong.

I saw Su Shi’s eyes closed tightly, his body mysterious seal script slowly emerged.

The jade jade is pitch black, as if the chaos of the eternity, without a trace of life and light

“This is ……”

Before she could react, a melodious bell suddenly sounded in her ears.

The crowd also froze for a moment.

“Where did the bell come from?”

In the next second, the jade jar changed abruptly.

Only to see a ray of divine light lit up in the chaos.

It was as if the universe was first born, the first light in heaven and earth.

Then more and more rays lit up, forming a dazzling galaxy of stars!

The golden sun emitted a splendid glow, and between the stars, a purple star dazzled the eyes

“This seems to be the …… Purple Emperor Star?


The dao laws in the void surged and boiled!

The heavenly flowers are falling, the purple qi is coming from the east, the endless visions are dazzling!

“Heaven and earth, the universe is flooded. The sun and the moon are full of hostility, the stars and the hosts are listed open ……”

Su Shi murmured to himself, accompanied by deafening resonance of the Great Dao.

The whole Ask the Way cliff trembled violently, as if it was about to collapse!

“This is the mixed dao!”

The Grand Elder exclaimed, “He has actually sensed the Great Dao of Mixed Elements!”

The crowd sucked in a breath of cold air!

They were all great powers of the God Transformation and Transmigration realms, so they naturally understood what the Avenue of Mixed Elements meant

That is the origin of heaven and earth.

It was a supreme dao that was above all the thousands of dao laws!

At this time, one of the elders thought of something and said incredulously: “The true dragon is born, the true dragon, which corresponds to the Violet Emperor Star, can also sense the mixed dao.

The age of the calculation is also similar.

All the conditions can be right!

Su Shi is the prophesied destiny of the person!

Sikong Lanyue was stunned.

“So it’s him?”

Zhan Qingchen looked at Su Shi with fascination.

Mastering the mixed elements, riding the phoenix and riding the luan, reaching the absolute top …… He is the predestined one!”

. 〃No wonder he’s my husband!”

After a long time, the restless dao gradually stopped and the scene on the jade jade scattered.

Peace was restored to the heaven and earth.

The crowd looked at the white figure, and there was no longer the initial defensiveness and rejection in their eyes.

Only astonishment and shock remained!

They knew very well what the destined person meant.

“Su Shi ……”

Sikong Lanyue just about to speak, but only to see Su Shi’s figure into the cliff, suddenly disappeared!

The crowd looked puzzled and did not know what had happened.

Zhan Qingchen reacted and hurriedly pounced on the cliff, but in his hand was cold rock, Su Shi just seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

“Master, how come Su Shi has disappeared?”

Looking at her anxious expression, Sikong Lanyue shook her head and said, “Don’t worry, this is his chance.


Zhan Qingchen was a bit confused.

Sikong Lanyue’s eyes flickered.

For so many years, the person who was qualified to enter that place, besides her, Su Shi was the second.

“Forget it, let’s go check it out (King Qian’s), it would be bad if he was lost in the middle of the great road.

Sikong Lanyue lifted her leg and walked into the crag.

Only the crowd was left to look at each other.

Su Shi immersed in the darkness, as if following the waves of a flat boat.

[Sense of the Way of Mixed Elements ……]

[Perception of the Way of Mixed Elements ……]

『? Empty ‘white”‘.6’9!8925850 System beeps kept ringing.

Within the dantian, a star was once again lit up, slowly rotating around the Purple Wei Emperor Star.

The laws of the Great Dao wrapped around him, and a feeling of fullness and pleasure filled the spiritual platform.

He could not notice the passage of time, nor did he know where he was.

All obsessions dissipated, and he wanted to drift aimlessly for the rest of his life.

“Su Shi, Su Shi?”

“Wake up!”

I don’t know how long it took, but a clear call came to his ears, pulling his consciousness back to reality.

Su Shi slowly opened his eyes.

The eyes are a strange woman thing.

“You are ……”.

The two hundred and nineteenth


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