Chapter 208 dragon slaying boy! The big sand wall and the meteor shower!

Chapter 208 dragon slaying boy! The big sand wall and the meteor shower!

Everyone froze.

Only to see the waves recede, revealing a huge figure.

A snake body, lion mane, eagle claws, covered with pitch black scales, and a sinuous body that stretched almost across the entire river.


The crowd was horrified!

This creature, which existed in ancient legends, now appeared in front of their eyes alive!



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Click on the link to join the group chat [novel exchange group]: _wv=1027&k=Di4kZ9aX『空:白!』 .6?989;2:5:8;50 The black dragon raised its huge head and its voice sounded like thunder: “What kind of divine ability is this that you have to block my water power?”

Surprisingly, it can also talk!

The crowd has been completely numb.

Ordinary fierce beasts mouth can not speak, break through the Golden Dan before the initiation of the spirit.

In addition to certain special creatures, at least above the Nascent Soul, can barely spit out simple syllables

Look at the fluency of the black dragon’s speech, the realm must be more than just Nascent Soul!

The Spirit Severing Realm!

A fierce demon of the Distinctive God realm!

“Shi7 ”


Jiang Tiyi back chill.

This time is really finished.

I didn’t expect that under this river, there was actually such a huge thing lurking!

This is definitely not what they can fight against!

Faced with such a fierce devil, Su Shi did not change his face, “This move is called the Great Sand Wall.”

“Great sand wall?”

The black dragon shook its head, “What an ugly name.”

Its yellowish vertical pupils looked directly at Su Shi, “Your cultivation is not weak, but it is far from my opponent. You, sure you want to stop me?”

Su Shi said indifferently, “If you were really that strong, you wouldn’t be here to talk nonsense with me.”

Most of those who usually talk a lot of nonsense are because of a weak heart.

“I am a true dragon, born from the creation of heaven and earth, how dare a yellow-mouthed child!”

The black dragon’s voice was biting and piercing.

“You still use idioms? It seems that you have not eaten many people.”

Su Shi sneered: “It’s just a small snake, lying on the dragon vein, absorbing a trace of dragon energy, luckily opening the divine will, not even a complete metamorphosis of Jiao, and also dare to call itself a true dragon?”

This black dragon had a bluff look.

But he could see at a glance that something was wrong.

The dragon’s horns had not yet grown, there were only two claws on the snake, and even the scales on the abdomen had not even grown.

In that scarlet demonic energy, vaguely transparent a trace of purple light.

It is thought to be tainted with the true dragon qi of the dragon vein.

Vicious five hundred years into jiao, jiao thousand years into the dragon.

This is just a long snake like a jiao, far from the real dragon!

The black dragon eyes swept a trace of coldness.

I didn’t expect this human to see through it at a glance.

“Originally I did not want to kill a lot, a few more people to eat and then I will leave on my own, this is what you forced me to do ‘V.”

The black dragon rose up in the air, its huge figure covering the sky, “Today you all have to die!”

The crowd’s faces turned even paler.

Su Shi sighed, “You don’t eat early or late, you have to eat people while I’m around? I can only say that you have bad luck.

“Humph, still talking tough ……”

The words did not fall, the black dragon froze.

Only to see that a topsy-turvy golden giant appeared in front of him!

“Come are here, just draw your tendons for the belt.”

Su Shi’s indifferent voice rang out.

The golden giant moved in response to the sound, grabbed the black dragon and directly penetrated into the Phoenix River.


The water waves were soaring!


The black dragon reluctantly counterattacked and fought with the golden giant.

A man and a dragon entwined together.

The earth shook and the mountains shook, the sea boiled and the rivers turned over!

Looking at the terrifying scene in front of them, the crowd’s throat was a little dry.

I didn’t expect the masked man to be this strong!

This level of combat is no longer something they can interfere with.

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were full of worry, and his hands were tightly squeezing the spell.

If Su Shi was slightly unsupported, she could at least stop the black dragon for a moment!

“Abominable curly ants!”

The black dragon broke free from the giant’s grasp, the blood-basin mouth in the ghostly light condensed.

A blazing pillar of light blasted directly at the giant’s chest.

At the same time, the invisible soul power turned into a storm and swept towards Su Shi!

The black dragon didn’t hold back and exerted its full strength.

This human was too eccentric, it had to end the battle as soon as possible.

It would be bad if it drew the human masters!


Just at the moment when the soul power storm touched Su Shi, a melodious bell rang out.

The storm was directly dispersed!

The black dragon’s movements froze abruptly.

Su Shi sharply seized this opportunity.

The golden giant rose up and fiercely pressed the black dragon to the ground, the cosmic void appeared behind him, the bright stars and rivers rotated and shone, emitting an ancient and vastness aura!

“What is this?”

The black dragon’s eyes were filled with fear.

This person can even manipulate the stars?!

Su Shi’s eyes were cold, “This move is called Watch the Meteor Shower Together.”

The stars fell!


Boom boom boom!

The galaxy flowed, endless stars smashed down, the ground trembled violently!

In the sky of smoke and dust, the black dragon’s wails were deafening.

“It hurts, it hurts too much!”

Every inch of its tendons and bones were smashed, and the power of the stars was still destroying its flesh like a possessed bone

After an unknown period of time, the meteor shower finally stopped.

Before the black dragon could catch its breath, it suddenly felt a burnt heat.

Looked up.

Only to see a flaming star was pouring in!

“・-〃 No!”

The brilliant golden flames instantly covered its body.

Flesh scorched, tendons broken, even the blood was almost dried up by the divine flame!

The black dragon completely turned into a carbon dragon!


The golden giant grabbed it with both hands and, under everyone’s horrified gaze, tore it into two hard pieces!

The internal organs with fresh blood spilled like rain!

The crowd’s legs were tangled, and some people were already sitting paralyzed on the ground.

This cruel and tyrannical means, let their legs are a little weak.

In the fractured body of the black dragon, a translucent shadow burrowed out and darted away like lightning to the distance.

The spirit can already leave the body!

The black dragon couldn’t understand how it was clearly a big realm ahead of the other side, yet it was beaten without any power to fight back!

“Damn it!”

“I was tainted with the true dragon energy, I had a chance to transform into a jiao, but now he has ruined it all!”

The vertical pupil was filled with resentment and resentment.

It has been lurking at the bottom of the river without making a move, driving the water candle demon to capture living people for itself to devour.

It is afraid of attracting the human power.

See the low strength of this group of practitioners, so I want to simply quick battle, but did not expect to run into a tough fight!

Cultivation of many years of flesh are destroyed!

“Fortunately, under the dragon qi nourishment, my soul is strong enough, as long as there is a suitable body, there is the same chance to rise again!”

The black dragon looked back at Su Shi and gritted its teeth, “I remember you, I will come back!


Suddenly, the mellifluous bell sounded again.

The black dragon silhouette stagnated.

An invisible suction force came from it, constantly pulling it backwards.

“What is this?”

Before it could react, it was directly sucked into Su Shi’s body!

Su Shi himself also froze.

What just drilled into his own dantian?

At this moment, a prompt sounded in his ears.

[Acquired True Dragon’s Qi ……:

“True Dragon’s Qi?!” Matter .


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