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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 95 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 95

“As you can see, I haven’t been doing well. Thanks to the Princess in front of me, who described me as rotten food.”

Philap Montez looked down at me with his reddish-brown eyes and continued.

“Throughout my probation, all I could think of was your cold appearance.”

‘So that’s why he’s been confined at home.’

As I watched him appearing suddenly and uttering nonsense, I leaned on one leg and glared at him.

He was looking down at me with a confident, oppressive gaze.

Seeing Philap’s attitude reminded me of something.

‘Did he take the bait? Did that news reach Philap’s ears?’

Thinking that it was worth confirming, I decided to mix up my words a bit.

… With a way of speaking like that of my younger brother in my previous life.

“You keep thinking about it when it’s not a big deal. Isn’t that even worse? You seem to be beyond rotten now, at a phase where you’re decomposing and becoming insignificant and worthless.”

Even if he had a face that was worth looking at, he should take good care of it.

When I openly clicked my tongue at his face, which was haggard from seemingly being unable to sleep many nights, Philap let out a fake laugh as if it was ridiculous.

“Decomposing? Your word choice is superb as ever. You’re like a gangster from a back alley. But your methods of acting like a bully and provoking me only worked the last time. I’ve been chewing on your words, and I’ve become resistant.”

“What kind of excessive self-consciousness is this?”

I tapped the back of my stiff neck several times with the fan and continued.

“Philap, if I were a gangster, I would have punched you in the face. You’re the one who came to me first like a bully and tried to pick a fight.”

“Pick a fight… I’m sorry it looked like that. I came here to have a productive conversation with you.”

“I’m already engaged in various productive activities, so I can’t add even you.”

Listening to my words, Philap squinted his fiercely torn eyes.

“Various productive activities? You seem to be very proud of your recent social activities and academy achievements, but that’s limited to the magic world. People who use spirits like me didn’t even snort.”

“Why would you fart? It stinks.”

“I see you’re bluffing while playing with words.”

(T/N: Philap is using the expression 콧방귀를 뀌다, which means to snort, while Deborah is using the similar expression 방귀를 뀌다, which means to fart.)

He looked down at me with a fishy smile on his mouth.

“There are countless people who acted as arrogant as you, shone for a while, and then disappeared. Do you think it’s easy to stay in the spotlight while having no factions and a poor reputation in the social world? You just unnecessarily poked a hornet’s nest.”

I shrugged.

“Reputation? What are you talking about? I am the daughter of the Lord of the Wizardry Association. If there is a human with better support than me, bring them here. Let’s take a look.”

“Why can’t you understand what I mean when you’re giving lectures these days? One member of the Wizardry Association can’t fully make up for you. If you apologize to me for your rude words and behave gently, I can blow some influence from my side.”

“Blow? I don’t like it because you have bad breath.”

As I kept teasing him, remembering my brother’s way of speaking in my past life, Philap’s veins stood on his forehead.

“Will you keep acting like that? I’m the leader of Omicron! In your situation, lying down in front of me and begging is not enough!”

He seemed to have been holding back but he quickly revealed his fiery personality, his fists shaking.

While gently provoking Philap, I grasped his objective for coming to me today.

He came to me to make up for the miserable feeling he felt when he was rejected for the final dance at the Spring Flower Festival.

He was angry because Deborah, who had been chasing him so persistently that he was embarrassed that others would see it, suddenly changed and hurt his pride.

‘I see that you are trying to bring me to my knees by giving me a sense of crisis. Considering Philap’s personality, I don’t think he’s finding out what I think.’

After grasping the situation, I looked at him.

“Lie down and beg? Why would I? I don’t intend to include you in the plans for my future life, so let’s go each other’s way.”

“Ah! I came here anyway to look after you as we have an old friendship, but you’re just leaving and acting on your own. I can’t believe you used to act coy in front of me.”

“Act coy? Why are you talking about that old story again?”

As he was suddenly talking about the past again, I pretended to yawn.

His eyes twisted at the blatant expression of being bored.

“Why do you talk as if it was a long time ago? It was only last year that you told me you wanted to go to the ball with me.”

“Do you know that mushy feeling, like spoiled food that went past the expiration date? I already explained it to you at that time. You already went past your time, so it’s over.”

He bit his lips tightly as he stared coldly at me and then opened them.

“Yes, I understand that you are acting infinitely inappropriate because I conceded to Mia Vinoche numerous times and took her around with me. I must have offended you. But that young lady saved my life, so…”

“The answer is strange because the assumption is wrong.”


“I don’t mean to be inappropriate; I always had this kind of personality. And above all, I don’t care about you anymore. I trust that you understand at this point. I’m leaving.”

I turned around and walked towards the guard knight and coachman, who were hesitating because of Philap Montez.

“You harassed Mia! Because of me!”

He shouted behind my back.

I looked back at him, dumbfounded.

“Again with that old story? Also, would I look at someone like you when a handsome man like Isidor is on my side? Philap, you’re overestimating your charm. Get yourself together.”

“You’re the one who should get yourself together. He’s just a hypocrite who pretends to be a gentleman.”

Philap had a considerable animosity towards Isidor.

Something must have happened between the two in the past.

‘Oh. Then nagging him would be better.’

“Hypocrite? I only judge by visible, objective facts. And Sir Isidor is much more handsome than you.”

“Did you lose your discernment due to that bastard’s handsome face? Is that why you’re coming out like this? Do you think Isidor is special and amazing?”

“His face is special and amazing. Why would everyone put the young ladies aside and recommend him to be the flower of the year? Please don’t mind yourself with me, and pay attention to your princess, Mia Vinoche.”

I got into the carriage as I had nothing more to say, and Philap screamed loudly outside the window.

“You’ll definitely regret what you did today!”

His voice was so loud that my ears were stinging.

“Later, you’ll crawl under my feet and ask for help, Deborah!”

‘I can’t believe he blurted out something like that.’

“Please go home and do something about your weird delusion!”

I shouted in a loud voice and lay down on the soft carriage seat.

Philap’s figure, flushed and panting, quickly got farther away.

As I repeatedly opened and closed the fan in my hand, as habitual, I pondered.

‘He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Omicron seems to be going as I expected.’

As expected, worker ants move quickly with their food.

To the queen’s eyes.

‘All I have to do now is have patience and wait slowly.’

I massaged my neck, which had gotten stiff from being tense the whole time.

While wishing I had a massager.



Philap, who returned to the mansion with an angry face, threw whatever he could get his hands on to the floor.

The mirror hanging on the wall shattered, and a vase was thrown on the ground and broke, scattering everywhere.

As he uttered violent profanity, the servants trembled and examined his mood.

‘Damn it!’

As the only son of the third generation of a prestigious family, Philap always had the upper hand when it came to relationships except for his father, who was the number one in the family.

In particular, Deborah and Philap’s relationship had been so clear that he could not and did not accept this situation, which had become even more perfectly reversed.

Whenever he recalled that the things he had held in his hands for a long time had disappeared, his stomach suddenly turned upside down and he felt like he was suffocating, so he screamed.

“How dare she act as she pleases and go her own way?!”

He put his pride aside and approached her first, but she dared to refuse his offer?

While he was stepping on a piece of glass so that it turned to dust, his vassal told him the news.

“M-Mr. Philap. L-Lady Mia stopped by for a moment. She wants to see you.”


Still angry, Philap roughly swept up his red hair.

“What happened for her to come here cheekily without even making plans. Tell her to wait.”

“Yes, Mr. Philap.”

If it was before, he would have been glad to hear that she had come first; but now, it had become insignificant.

Rather than that, he wanted to do something about Deborah, who was turning his insides upside down right now.

The red eyes that shone daringly were constantly provoking him.

It was a sensation he had tasted throughout his probation.

‘Let’s see until when she can act like that.’

Philap held a cigarette between his teeth, swallowed his anger, and looked out of the window with a bluish darkness. Then, when the servant recalled that Mia had come, he went down to the living room.

“Is something the matter?”

Mia hesitated for a moment at Philap’s question before opening her mouth.

“Please give me a chance to present my healing powers at the upcoming Omicron academic conference.”

“You should talk to Lady Emmanuelle, the center of the sorority, about those things. I’m only in charge of the fraternity.”

Philap said coldly.

“It’s because Lady Emmanuelle didn’t give me a chance. In return, I’m going to surprise everyone. The Omicron conference will be the most prominent.”

“You always ask me to give you a chance.”

And the princess, whom he was trying to give a chance to, was treating him like rubbish.

“… I apologize.”

“This is the last chance I’m giving you as my savior.”

Philap spoke coldly and left.


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