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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 64 Bahasa Indonesia

‘It’s hot.’

Michelle, who was cowering like a vampire that had been attacked, managed to enter the shop in 30 minutes.

Because of the hot weather, people naturally look for cool drinks.

“Something cold. Something cold…”

While she was muttering like a ghost, a clerk brought her a smoothie, saying it was for taste-trying.


The moment she took a sip, fireworks exploded in her head.

What on earth is this vivid texture that seems to have a whole fruit inside?

‘It’s amazing.’

Her thirst disappeared in an instant, and a deep refreshing feeling spread to her esophagus and stomach. In addition, the freshness of taking a bite off of a fruit remained in her mouth.

It felt cooler than ice cream because it had less of an unpleasant feeling.

It was a drink that really suited the season.

After drinking the smoothie, she immediately registered as a purple member and appeared in Armand again the next day.

Because she had a doll with her instead of a maid, her appearance was even more prominent.

Rumors secretly spread that the famous gourmet, Michelle Granbert, had appeared in Armand for four days in a row.

She became the first silver member, and her number-one pick was the smoothie.


‘It’s going well.’

Today too, I watched the customers queuing in front of Armand with a happy feeling, and then moved to the Wizardry Association for a seminar lecture scheduled for the afternoon.

‘He’s here again.’

My father’s appearance is not surprising at all anymore.

I said I would announce a new formula soon, so it seems like he took the time to attend.

Today’s seminar is where the middle-ranking officials of the Association gather.

Opportunely, today’s presentation was very useful to these people.

When I finished the presentation of the cubic equation thesis, which can be useful when changing the flow of the mana curve distributed in the air, there was a lot of applause.

‘I heard that wizards are arrogant and conceited. The reaction is better than I thought.’

It feels like the end of an opera performance instead of a lecture?

There was even a wizard who approached me while wiping his eyes with a handkerchief.

“I can’t stop the tears from flowing because of the deeply moving lecture. Oh, let me introduce myself. I am Count Almare, the manager at the 9th floor of the Association.”

The higher the floor, the better the wizard.

The 13th floor is where my father is, and the 11th and 12th floors are where the elders are, so it seems he was quickly promoted at a young age.

At that moment, a middle-aged sorcerer with a large build suddenly slipped between me and Count Almare.

“This young bastard has no manners! Ahem. I am Marquis Keshisi, the 6th Elder of the Wizardry Association. I was impressed by the Princess’ outstanding logic, thinking ability, insight, creativity, and integrated reasoning ability and effort. As expected, you are Duke Seymour’s daughter.”

Seeing the man spitting out words at a high speed like a rap, I was taken aback.

“If you come to the Association, please come up to the 11th floor at any time. I will give you a tour of the laboratory. Haha.”

“… You really were a member of the children’s choir.”

‘The manager of the 9th floor and even an elder? Wasn’t this a seminar for middle-ranking officials?’

Why did these big shots appear?

After that, there were countless requests for handshakes.

“She’s a child that still has a lot to show. Don’t compliment her too much.”

With a solemn expression on his face, my father approached us with his hands behind his back and stopped him, but that 6th elder named Keshisi did not stop talking.

‘Seymour men don’t like to say things twice because they have a bad personality.’

“Elder Keshisi. I will have dinner soon. I promised my daughter to have dinner with her today, so I will leave first.”

‘As expected, he cut him off without mercy.’

“You’re having a peaceful dinner with your daughter! I’m so envious, Duke. I only have a bunch of hopeless sons… Gosh! I wonder what sins I committed in my past life.”

“You’re exaggerating… Then, let’s go. Deborah.”

As expected. Being the Lord of the Wizardry Association, he can be careless in his social life.

“Deborah, tell me what you want to eat today.”


I was slightly hungry, so I thought I could show my father a skillful meat mukbang.

‘Oh my God, just now. The Lord of the Wizardry Association lifted the corners of his mouth by about 1 mm and smiled.’

‘Oh my…’

‘Did you all hear? The Lord just asked me to have a meal…’

A strange conversation was heard from behind, but it was soon forgotten because of the steak.


“There is no disagreement that the outstanding student representing the Department of Magic in the first half of the year is Princess Deborah.”

At the words of the academy’s Dean, Marquis Bert, the elderly professor hesitated before opening his mouth.

“She’s great, I admit. However, since Princess Deborah unveiled the 〈Premium Improved Formula〉 directly at the Wizardry Association… Ugh.”

Watching the professor sigh with a worried face, Bert lightly rubbed his chin.

His niece has been actively participating in the recent conferences held in the Wizardry Association, continuing to increase the value of her thesis.

In addition, she boasted a lot that she had further upgraded her theory this time.

‘Premium. She did a great job.’

It was quite bombastic and plausible, so he heard that there were quite a few people who were curious about the contents of the thesis published by the princess.

“The Princess is still an undergraduate student, but she’s making presentations without going through the academy at all.”

“I wonder if her move isn’t a bit dogmatic.”

“Professor Kyle has already received disciplinary action and has been demoted! Regarding the faculty, I think Princess Deborah’s broken heart has been sufficiently healed.”

Dean Bert felt a strange feeling as he saw the arrogant professors’ unsatisfied appearance.

‘It means that she is promoting her achievements well. To the point that the professors are dissatisfied.”

Suddenly, Deborah’s voice, begging for the fact-finding meeting, came to his mind.

‘She’s bold.’

On the surface, she complained that it was unfair, but in fact, she must have used the situation cleverly.

“She has an interesting side to her.”

After a brief moment of reflection, Dean Bert opened his mouth.

“From the second half of the year, let’s try to provide occasional opportunities for Princess Deborah to present her thesis even within the academy. From the outside, it will seem that the Department of Magic is also supporting the Princess.”

Things had already turned out like this, so the strategy was to secretly get some profit even if belatedly.

There was no other student he would recommend except Deborah anyway.

She is currently the most attention-grabbing deity at the Wizardry Association, but if the faculty recommended another student, their side would only get more comical, like the fact-finding meeting.

“Will she accept it?”

Princess Deborah’s personality was not easy, so the young professor was anxious.

“I will try to convince her. Then, knowing that we have reached an agreement, I will now get up.”

After quickly finishing the meeting of the Department of Magic, Dean Bert got up and headed to the President’s Office, in the academy’s main building.


At the end of each semester, Pangea Academy selects excellent students through a rigorous screening process and puts their names into the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is a building that has existed since the establishment of the academy, and it is a place with a deep history and meaning in the Empire.

And the deans and professors hoped that the best students would all belong to their own departments.

The best students had their names put up in the Hall of Fame, decorated with laurels, and the students’ major and department were written below it.

‘We have to appeal to our undergraduate students.’

A strange tension was felt, and the academy president spoke solemnly.

“Until now, the Academy has nurtured talented people who deserve to lead the Empire. Talented people are the future of the Empire, so I hope that the title of best student will go to students who have a possibility of growing and potential. Also…”

‘Why is he here?’

Marquis Bert narrowed his eyes as he looked at the old man called the Sage, who was sitting next to the president.

After giving his speech, the president finally said that he would receive the department’s recommendations.

Marquis Bert looked away from the old man and opened his mouth.

“Deborah Seymour is qualified to receive the title of best student.”

She had an unprecedented and high-quality thesis, which was not only confined to academia, but also had high practicality, so she had enough qualifications.

“In addition, Deborah Seymour has significantly improved her grades in liberal arts compared to last semester.”

Hearing Dean Bert’s words, the professors from departments related to liberal arts nodded their heads.

“It means that she was that desperate. We need to set an example for other students that striving to improve pays off.”

After speaking, Marquis Bert rubbed his chin, secretly swallowing a subtle feeling.

‘I keep recommending my nephews, unintentionally.’


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