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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 37 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 37

(T/N: Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this novel! I just wanted to let you know that there has been a small mistake in my translations. This is 100% my fault for being dumb. So, Thompson Gargell does not exist. In reality, the author is referring to the Thomson’s gazelle. I apologize for making that mistake and will get the affected chapters (8, 9, and 13) corrected. I apologize once again, and I hope you continue enjoying my work, on to the chapter!)

“Princess. What are x and y?”

“The answer we are trying to deduct through the formula.”

People around the male student with glasses were shocked at his question.

From what I see, there is no concept of an unknown in this world.

An unknown is literally an unknown number.

It is often what we write as x or y in equations.

Since there is no concept of an unknown, they calculate it one by one in order to solve formulas.

However, it is not difficult to find a regularity if the values and variables to be found are x and y.

This is not a matter of knowledge; it is a matter of wisdom.

And I am an engineering student who has acquired the wisdom of our predecessors.

I can’t believe the mathematical principles that I memorized while wondering why I should memorize such things are being useful here…

I mean, I didn’t know what was going to happen to the world.

In the meantime, the professors did not know how to close their mouths and only exclaimed.

“I can’t believe you can organize a complex formula in such a way. I’m speechless at the clarity hitting me.”

“If you substitute a number into the formula that the Princess has improved, you can get the answer right away even if you skip the calculation process! Isn’t it really surprising?”

“It’s a demonic idea. If you look at that formula, even the silver dragon that has gone to his eternal sleep may be startled and wake up.”

“As expected of Seymour! I can’t believe you’re proving your genius like this, when you don’t have any mana sensitivity. There is a reason why you’re so famous.”

Ahh, the commentary is sweet.

“It would be really useful for battle mages where casting speed is important.”

Maybe because they were the academy scholars, they seemed to understand the concept of the unknown right away.

Everyone was busy learning the formula written on the blackboard.

After demonstrating the formula, I snapped my neck from side to side with the most ferocious look I had practiced in the mirror.

“Are your doubts cleared up now? Seriously, I can’t get over my anger.”

I blinked my eyes like a viper and gently gestured to the lady who had already agreed with me.

It was Arin Oslot, whom I happened to rescue while passing behind the school building the other day.

Lady Arin, who became my slave… No, who became my vassal, bravely came out to the front of the auditorium and approached the Dean and Vice Dean.

“Arin Oslot?”

“What are you doing all of a sudden?”

It turned out that she was an extremely talented woman, so she had the affection and trust of the professors.

That is why that fatso showed his inferiority complex and harassed her.

“The truth is… I have something to complain about. I happened to pass by the campus behind the Department of Magic and heard something.”

She accused William Lemont and the fatso of trying to make this incident even bigger than what it was, and even talking about the qualifications of Duke Seymour.

Arin is naive and seems not to know about the ways of the world, so she is good at secretly listening to what happens around her.

Lady Arin brought me news from all sides so that I could understand how the atmosphere in the Department of Mathematics was going.

‘She was like a squirrel fiercely picking up acorns.’

Arin’s whistle blow was nothing short of adding fuel to the fire that was already burning inside me.

“William Lemont! How dare you use me as an excuse to insult even my Father!”

As soon as Arin finished speaking, I screamed.

As I got angry, William Lemont, who was already half out of his mind, trembled with a terrified expression.

Technically speaking, a descendant of Seymour was attacked by both the faculty and the academy before revealing their great academic achievement.

Even the family almost got involved.

If not for that, there would never have been a situation like this.

Even the current stubborn Vice Dean was wary of me.

“My Father is a generous man, so he may let this go, but I am different.”

“What do you mean? Princess.”

Upon hearing my resolute declaration, Dean Bert’s eyes flashed with suspicion.

“I mean that Sir Lemont, the evil mastermind, and everyone who insulted me, is responsible for everything that happens from now on.”

I left the auditorium after making a significant declaration of war.


The fact-finding meeting that happened that day became a hot topic among the wizards, on the level of a nuclear bomb.

Because the improvement of the formula of the ancient archmage Simeon, which was regarded as an unchangeable truth and considered to be flawless, was a change of thinking.

In addition, due to the numerous observers that day, the formula improved by Princess Deborah started spreading from the Department of Magic to the Wizardry Association.

“Wow. This is really it. This is not a joke!”

A wizard was in awe at casting the complex and troublesome wide-area magic at once, without an intermediate process.

“I can’t believe that the Seymour’s ruffian improved formulas in such an innovative way. I lived long enough to see that.”

“Since she doesn’t have mana sensitivity, she had to have an ability like this.”

Suddenly, a colleague who entered the training room of the Wizardry Association, where wide-area magic being transformed into a faster and more powerful one, was appalled.

“You there! The formula improved by Princess Deborah must never be used thoughtlessly!”


“Wow…! I see you don’t know anything. You’ll find out soon.”

After ignoring the advice of the colleague and using the Princess’ formula outside, the wizard soon received a warning letter with the seal of the imperial court.

[Notification of Patent Infringement and Request to Stop Infringement.

Regrettably, it has been determined that the recipient is infringing on the patent rights of the sender, Deborah Seymour, so we request that the infringement action be stopped immediately and comply with the request of the patentee.]

Seeing the request of the patent holder, the wizard narrowed his eyes.

[Penalty: 30 gold]

[Monthly Fee: 7 Silver 99 Cooper]

“… What on earth is the monthly payment?”

“Well, isn’t it written inside? This is the amount you have to pay to Princess Deborah every month if you want to continue using the improved formula. If you use it without paying the monthly fee, you will have to pay a fine to the court like now. It’s called ‘Your Use Money’.”

The colleague asked for a cigarette with a confused face.

This was all because of William Lemont, Professor Kyle, and those idiots who provoked Princess Deborah, who already has a bad temper.

Won’t they stop?!

Aren’t they afraid to harass Seymour’s direct descendant?

Even the Wizardry Association found fault in the foolish William, so he couldn’t even dare to protest.

“Your Use Money?”

The wizard who was suddenly charged a huge fine asked with a puzzled face.

“As you can see, Princess Deborah was angry and patented the improved formula.”

“If you want to use it, pay the money. Your Use Money.”

And those who protested, it is said that they were coldly reproached.

“Still, we are in a very good situation since we can use the improved formula for only 7 silver coins a month.”

“What do you mean?”

“Including the Lemont family, some families who are hated by the Princess are blacklisted and cannot even pay a flat-rate.”

“Oh my God.”


Money and justice rain from the sky!

The number of monthly subscription members for my improved service has increased by a whopping seven people today, and I have a happy smile on my face.

‘Professor Kyle and William Lemont helped me in many ways.’

To be honest, patenting a magic formula itself is unprecedented, so I didn’t expect it to turn out this well…


3 weeks ago.

The idea of making money with formulas came to me the day Duke Seymour gave me a bunch of jewelry.

Through conversations with Duke Seymour, I learned that the speed of solving formulas is closely related to the speed of casting magic.

Even though it was a groundbreaking discovery, I was in an unwelcome situation where I could not use it properly due to my mana using abilities being zero.

‘I will never reveal it.’

Who would it benefit?

If the improved formula were revealed, the pathetic gaze towards me, the parachute of the Department of Magic, would lessen; but the ones who would actually benefit from it were battle wizards like Rosad, so only my stomach would hurt.

‘Just thinking about it makes my intestines twist.’

They will praise my discovery in the beginning, but people are cunning, so they will quickly forget their gratitude and try to rip off my formula as if it were theirs in the first place.

‘Damn, what a waste of time.’

I fell asleep very discouraged that night, and in my dream, I was being chased by 100 Thomson’s gazelles.

‘Save me!’

At that moment, what I suddenly saw in front of my eyes was a golden rope with the word ‘patent’ written on it.

I staggered towards the golden rope and suddenly jumped out of bed.

“That’s it, a patent!”

It would be great if the formula could be patented, but does the Empire have a patent-related law?

Just in case it did, I went to the Maisond right after the academy class was over.


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