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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 16 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 16

As soon as I heard the name Isidor from their lips, their faces immediately changed; overwhelmed by emotions.

Not too long ago, they were talking politely and sweetly joked around, but now the girls looked like an excited herd of buffaloes rather than noble ladies.

It was as if I was caught up in the object of their admiration.

“I’m willing to sell my soul and die just to see a glimpse of Sir Isidor’s face with my own two eyes.”

“Any normal girl is compelled to contemplate of doing so at least once, because you will never forget such a beautiful face. His face is like an embodiment of your dreams.”

“The embodiment of dreams? Oh god, I’m ready to sleep forever now.”

“I would even sleep all winter like a bear in hibernation, if it means that I could meet him.”

At this point, I could barely predict when the vulgar behavior and chatter of the aristocratic ladies would come to an end.

A dazzling blond with his veil-like sharp jawline, broad shoulders like an endless sea, as well as other cliché eloquent mass of expressions poured from their lips.

‘Is he really that attractive?’

But, why was this not mentioned in the novel?

The author of the novel conveyed the image of the ‘Golden Visconti’ very modestly, almost never appearing in the novel.

Readers had thought that he would play a clichéd role of the Harlequin hero in a violent story.

‘An extravagantly handsome man with golden hair that is able to bewitch everyone’s attention. Indeed, it’s a bit strange.’

The noble ladies further discussed the beauty of Isidor in excited voices for a while. It was only when the waiters brought their cakes and drinks that they were able to calm down, cooling their blushing faces with their fans.

But to some extent, their speeches continued.

“Oh, have you heard of this story?”

“Which one?”

“It is said that the Duke of Seymour won the pink diamond at the auction.”

“Then the owner of the pink diamond is now…”

The atmosphere became stiff, as if everyone had already guessed about the new owner of the beautiful piece of rare jewelry.

‘They’re thinking about me.’

“Princess Deborah will no doubt be on the verge of momentum and become more domineering. Her arrogant behavior will now pierce the heavens.”

“To be honest, just one thought about it is disgusting.”

“A pearl necklace around a pig’s neck…”

They laughed cynically in unison, as if everyone agrees with that loud thought.

‘Their conversation is already taking a drastic turn.’

Being constantly surrounded by half-hearted flatteries, this was the first time I have heard such a frank conversation about the true owner of this body.

“Oh, the princess’ nature is so bad that her clothes and accessories only consists of the most luxurious and expensive in the entire empire.”

“I heard that Princess Deborah stole Helen away, who was in the middle of designing Lady Selene’s dress.”

“Because of Princess Deborah’s unceremonious behavior, Lady Selene had to find a new dress from another designer in a short time. After all, her birthday was just around the corner.”

So this is the story behind their condemnations towards Deborah, but I had no idea.

Helen crawled on her own with fear whilst taking care of me.

“It’s almost impossible for Deborah to consider Selene’s circumstances, but it’s still a little unfair.”

“She really is ill-mannered.”

“If only it was just that. It doesn’t matter that Deborah is the daughter of Duke Seymour, she is too arrogant and complacent. I can’t even find a single drop of noble dignity and good breeding in her.”

“She’s uncultured and incompetent. Isn’t Princess Deborah the only one who has the blood of the Seymour family and can’t handle mana at all?”

Everyone laughed while covering their mouths with fans, enjoying the sweet failure of a common enemy, but Deborah couldn’t laugh at all.

‘You don’t have to be ridiculous to poke around your inferiority complex.’

“And her family is held responsible and had to bear the consequences of her actions. Indeed, what a shame.”

“Now, just the mere sight of her purple hair is enough to make you tremble in disgust.”

After listening to their caustic conversation in a disgusting mood, I heard them touch on an even more sensitive topic.

“Why would the Seymour family, to Princess Deborah…”

The noble lady began speaking with the nuance that she could not understand why the Duke of Seymour would give bratty Deborah the precious pink diamond, but she hurriedly closed her mouth and sipped her tea.

‘They couldn’t touch the topic on the Duke of Seymour, but they could openly condemn Deborah. I had a good look at the duality of the noble ladies.’

“Princess Deborah… could she have been a good daughter at home?”


“No way!”

Due to the sudden change in the atmosphere, the softened young lady was almost mistaken in her words. She snapped back to reality after remembering some recent past events.

“Well, I don’t know how to say this, but rumor has it that Belreck has an unspeakable hatred towards Lady Deborah. She is so ignorant at home that he could not even handle a face-to-face conversation with her.”

“No matter how tolerant and generous Belreck is, it is almost impossible that the younger daughter who tarnishes the family name on a regular basis could be a filial daughter.”

“Sir Rosad is not very different from his twin brother’s opinion.”

The noble ladies that were so indignant towards the new owner of the pink diamond even mentioned the twin brothers in order to defame me more.

Their conversation has reached to the point where the nobles, pretending to be on the side of justice, begin to make loud pointless chatter amidst their heated discussion in broad daylight.

‘This is irritating. I’m going home.’

About to leave, I pushed back my chair.


At that moment, the table shook and the cup of coffee, that was placed perfectly on the corner of the table, fell to the floor and shattered into pieces.

The loud sound managed to grab the attention of the young ladies that were busy tarnishing my reputation, and their gaze turned towards me. As luck would have it, a strong gust of wind blew across the terrace, throwing back my tightly pressed hood.


“Lady De-Deborah…”

When my face which was previously hidden under the hood appeared in all its glory, an awkward silence enveloped the terrace.

The faces of the young girls turned blue as if they were corpses, remembering that they were loudly criticizing me with a burning passion shortly before my sudden reveal; not knowing that I was right under their noses.

One of the ladies even had a face that was trembling so violently that she was on the verge of fainting.

I, too, was embarrassed with this situation. I was only trying to go home but my identity was inadvertently revealed to everyone under the most awkward circumstances.

For a moment, I was dumfounded for being in the unexpected situation and belatedly realized my actions. I shouldn’t be so distracted after having to listen to the ferocious insults from young girls whose social status is lower than mine.

Will I just walk pass silently upon hearing the slander?

I would look like a pushover.

‘That can’t be done.’

Shortly before my death, I vowed that if I would never live in vain like before if I was given a next life. I was determined enough to cause frost in the coming months; I will no longer give into the cunning tricks of others and would earn enough to enjoy any meal.

Clenching my molars, I stared at them with my eyes as fierce as possible.

“Are you done talking? You have been talking to your heart’s content and now you’re suddenly so quiet. That was very funny.”

I was nervous, speaking in a tense and hoarse voice.

Fortunately, the hoarse voice felt rather intimidating which made the pale faces of the young ladies even more lifeless.

I felt the need to change my angle of view and gave strength to my eyelids, glaring into the eyes of each and every one of them.

I swallowed the breath that I was holding unnaturally, deciding that it was worth looking down upon them arrogantly from top to bottom.

My legs buckled from the tension and I staggered, swallowing my inner cry.


The round table, under the weight of my body, turned over to the side where the ladies were sitting. At the same time, the vase that was sitting on the table fell to the floor and shattered to smithereens.


In an instant, chaos and disorder reigned in the terrace. The astonished glances of the people rushed over to me.

Of course, everyone thought that I had intentionally turned the table over.

‘I wasn’t even planning to break it…’

I was confused, but the water was already spilled.

Rather, I judged that the one who turned everything upside down was an even more threatening enemy. I walked very slowly towards the young ladies with faces as white as ghost.

I used the allotted time to think about my next line.

I had different ideas but upon standing in front of the group of young ladies, I crossed my legs and tilted my head slowly.

“Just now, you were loudly discussing what kind of dog and cow I am.”

A slight humiliation flashed across their faces at the mention of dogs and cows.

“Why do you have that expression on your face? You have the courage to dare compare me, the princess of Seymour, to a pig with a pearl necklace hanging around its neck but you feel bad for calling me a dog and a cow?”

“Princess De-Deborah, t-we are…”

“Why are you stuttering all of a sudden. Not so long ago you were talking so smoothly as if you were oiled in your mouth. Did your tongue broke after all the oil in your mouth?”

After my caustic words, the oldest lady put in her two cents.

“Oh, I beg your pardon. We were clearly in the wrong for speaking in ignorant words. I’m sorry.”

“Whenever I mentioned the word ‘pig’, you dropped your tails like puppies. I’m a little disappointed. If you cannot express your opinions in front of me, you should not judge me behind my back. After all, I perfectly heard your ardent and rude speech about my insignificant aristocratic dignity.”

It’s amazing that I gave such a wonderful speech. It turns out that I am capable of that.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Even if I had two mouths, I could not find what to say. No words can justify our actions.”

The other two ladies, trembling all over, soon bowed their heads too with pale and tired faces.

“Don’t talk lightly.”

Then, when I wanted to receive an even more sincere apology after the short pause, one lady stepped forward as if it was resentful to receive unilateral criticisms from me. The lip-biting ladyy approached me with insane courage.

“…But princess, I think it was unfair of you to take away Lady Selene’s designer just before her birthday.”

Her words hold a hidden meaning that I am at fault for not following the unspoken rule among aristocratic young ladies.

I picked up the cold juice on the table.

“Huh, and its your mouth that says I’m going beyond what is permitted.”

I splashed the red cherry juice on her lips.

“And from now on, I’m going to show you the right way on how I go overboard when I solve my problems.”


The lady, who is now doused in dark scarlet red juice, gasped in shock before bursting into tears to apologize to me and ran out of the terrace.

The other young ladies hurriedly followed suit to disappear from sight, under the pretext of consolation.

“I don’t cross the line in Deborah’s body. If I were the real Deborah, you guys would have been…”

I shook my head to erase the terrible imagination as I looked at the hot tea that was steaming over the spot where the group of ladies had disappeared.


“Master, have you done much?”

“Can’t you see?”

Isidor gave a blunt response to Miguel’s question.

He drew a magic circle whilst sitting on a huge flattened tanned leather, bordered by oak armrests and a back.

It took a considerably huge amount of time and effort in order to create the pouch of spatial magic that Isidor had promised to transfer to Deborah.

Of course, many difficulties arose because there were three different complex types of magic being simultaneously used: movement, space expansion, as well as tracking magic.

Even the magic circle was improved by Isidor himself, so you won’t find it anywhere even with money.

‘Perhaps the young master has a better understanding of spatial magic than the Duke of Seymour.’

That’s what Miguel thought about, feeling an immense sense of proud towards his master. Then, Cookie, patting its tail nearby, bit the oak leather seat with its sharp teeth.

“Cookie! What the hell are you doing?”

“Grrr…. Kya!”

“Damn it. You can’t eat that.”

After Princess Deborah’s visit, the affectionate Cookie, who had been nothing but gentle, rebelled and behaved as if it has reached the peak of puberty.

Restraining his curse words, Isidor put down his pen and turned his head towards Miguel.

“For what reason did you come here all of a sudden?”

“They say that Princess Deborah has been to Maisond.”

Cookie’s pointed ears wiggled when Deborah’s name was spoken out loud. Its eyes started to sparkle as if they were longing for something.

“Maybe she came to meet with the informant?”

“Absolutely not. She came and turned the table upside down, smashing the vase and the teacups.”

Upon hearing Miguel’s unexpected report of today’s event, Isidor’s coughs echoed the room.

“That’s not all. She arranged a funny match with the eighth daughter of the Count. If we focus on the two different social statuses, more or less, the reaction is quite understandable.”


“In the end, all the ladies were scared and screamed.”

Miguel briefly recalled the report of the Maisond’s employee who witnessed the incident firsthand.

In the social world, there were already many rumors going around about the event that took place in the eyes of many people between Deborah Seymour and the noble young ladies near the terrace.

‘Because the secular society among themselves is especially fond of the gossips regarding high-ranking nobles.’

The bottom line is that Deborah Seymour is still the subject of unrivaled fear among the aristocratic young ladies, instilling fear to young children.

In a noble society where invisible knives travel between her lips, Princess Deborah brandishes the knife as if she were proud of it.

‘But her support is so strong that she’s untouchable.’

Deborah was the girl who was nicknamed as the Violet Viper. Therefore, it seems obvious that she was the instigator for today’s incident.

Her mother, Marien Seymour, was known as the flower of high society by being the most beautiful and popular woman of the social world, but Deborah was a complete opposite from her.

“Isn’t Princess Deborah very inteligent?”

Rubbing his chin, Isidor, who had been silent all this while, suddenly mumbled.


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