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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 11 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 11

“I’m going out today. Call the coachman.”

I packed up a few things and got up.

“Yes, Princess.”

After ordering the servant, who was trying to prepare a dress, to bring a hooded robe, I pulled it over my face.

Going out after a while, the cold air scratches my cheeks. The temperature was low because it was transitioning from winter to spring, but inside the carriage, the air was nice and warm thanks to magic.

Because both mana stones and wizards are scarce, only high-ranking nobles could enjoy this convenience.

‘The taste of money is always exciting and fresh.’

Realizing the sweet power of money again today, I threw my eyes out of the window.

The carriage, which quickly crossed the mansion, passed through the bustling city and entered a frozen, unpaved road.

This is because the Atra district, where jewelry stores are located, is on the outskirts of the capital.

‘It’s farther than I thought.’

Still, it wasn’t very uncomfortable. The carriage, which had shock absorption magic, provided an exceptionally comfortable ride.

About three or four hours later, the view of an unfamiliar city, completely absent from Deborah’s memories, is seen through the window.

Seeing that there were many buildings with only the frame, perhaps the district was in the middle of development.

‘The sections are well-structured, so it will look great when they’re finished.’

It seems to be a good area to invest in real estate. If Yones was Bundang, this place gave off the feeling of Pangyo under development.

(T/N: Bundag-gu is one of the wealthiest and well-developed areas in South Korea, Pangyo is a city in Bundang.)

‘You have to remember. Atra district.’

I analyzed the foreign cityscape with the eyes of an architecture major, and, as soon as the carriage stopped, I grabbed a large leather bag that was next to my lap.

“We have arrived, Princess.”

The coachman dropped me off at a jewelry store with the name ‘Diana’.

Seeing that Deborah, who was well-versed in all kinds of jewelry stores, did not remember it, it didn’t seem to be a famous one yet.

However, it was the first place to showcase the pink diamond that caused a stir in the social world.

It will soon become the most famous in the capital.

‘It may be quiet now, but it will surely rise soon.’

I looked around carefully, stopped my escort in front of the store, and stepped into ‘Diana’.

“Greetings. Thank you for visiting Diana.”

The clerks greeted me politely and guided me to the showcase.

“A necklace with a sapphire drop came in two days ago, would you like to see it?”

Inside the neatly maintained glass tube were rows of jewels of various designs.

But I didn’t come here to shop around, so I immediately took out the pink diamond case from the leather bag.

The clerks’ expressions hardened, as if they had noticed who I was just from the luxurious jewelry box, and a heavy silence fell inside the jewelry store.

I took off the hood and opened my mouth, slowly.

“From those expressions, you must know who I am.”


“Call the store manager.”

The manager appeared in front of me in exactly 11 seconds.

It was part of how much they knew Deborah’s evil reputation as a customer.

“Princess Deborah. Thank you for coming to Diana, my Lady.”

The store manager barely spoke, controlling his labored breathing.

“Are you Diana’s manager?”

“That is correct.”

“I want to ask you something about the pink diamond, so please dismiss the clerks.”

I made a cold expression like Deborah and crossed my arms.

I have experienced from my previous life that it is not good to be looked down on.

The clerks quickly disappeared from my sight at my command.

Now that it is just the two of us, all preparations are finished.

“P-Princess. Would you like to sit down instead of standing there? I will serve tea and refreshments.”


I moistened my dry lips with my tongue.

When I tried to say the secret code, I felt embarrassed like I was going crazy.



“I came to make a deal with the seventh fang of the Golden Dragon.”

I barely formed the words, thinking that if I had guessed it wrong, I would cover myself with the hood and run right away.

Fortunately, instead of looking at me like a crazy person, he dwelled on the words ‘Golden Dragon’.

His business-like smile, which was barely hanging on his lips, disappeared as if it had been washed away.

“Please follow me. Princess.”

It’s done! I did it!

I clenched my fists, cheering inwardly.

The manager, who opened the back door of the jewelry store with a key, began to feel around the wall while walking through the dark corridor.

As the wall turned like a revolving door, a stone staircase leading to the basement came out.

“We will go straight to the place where the Golden Dragon is through the Teleportation Field.”

There was an exquisite magic circle in the center of the basement, which was humid like a prison.

As she stood next to the informant, a fierce light began to spread out from the mana stones placed around the magic circle.

Her body floated in the air, and a swarm of colorful lights passed in front of her eyes.

The moment her feet touched the ground, the scene around them had completely switched.

She looked around, paying close attention.

“Master, a client has come.”

The informant gently shakes the bell pull placed at the entrance.

Looking up at the high arched door, I put on the hood again.

Thump-thump, the sound of my heart beating made my eardrums hurt.

“A client?”

A rough voice echoed from all sides and suddenly stopped.

The 10 seconds of silence that followed felt like 10 hours to me.

“… Tell them to come in.”

As soon as the permission was granted, the huge door opened wide with a soft hinge.


When I stepped into the dimly lit office, a terribly strong wind ran through my body and the arched door closed with a roar.

The hood was pulled back by the wind.

As I fixed my messy hair, I slowly looked around the misty room.

“I never imagined that Princess Deborah would come here.”

The silhouette buried in the dim mist spoke in a rough voice.

With every step, the place where the man was sitting gradually brightened.

The moment the gloomy, ghost-like darkness cleared up and the man’s face was clearly revealed, I felt a sense of alienation as if facing a wax figure.

When I met his eyes, shiny like minerals, my chest tightened with tension and fear.


Suddenly. I heard the cry of a beast somewhere.

As soon as I faced the huge beast slowly coming out of the darkness, I bit the tender flesh in my mouth as hard as I could to avoid screaming.

The beast slowly approached me, with shiny golden eyes.

The beast, sniffing and whirling around me, suddenly started groaning, wetting its golden pupils.

Then it turned its belly up next to me and turned around on the floor. As if it was acting cute.

Looking at the cheerful beast, the tension around my neck eased up.

When I reached out my hand, the beast began to lick my palm with its rough tongue.

It rubbed its big head on my palm and showed its belly again, whimpering.


The mask-like man’s face began to crack, gradually.

The man, who gave out a laugh which she couldn’t grasp the meaning of, tapped on the table with his black leather gloves.

“Sit down first. Princess Deborah.”

When the Master lifted his hand, a chair came flying out of the air and settled gently behind her legs.

“Cookie, come here.”

In the middle of a serious situation, the beast’s name was cuter than she thought so she bit her lips tightly.



The Master called the golden beast circling around me with a stern voice. The beast reluctantly returned to him, sulking.

“Princess, what have you done to Cookie?”

The Master asked as he petted the jaw of the sad-looking beast.

Is it because Deborah has a strong heart? I quickly regained my composure and opened my mouth, with the coldest expression.

“If you want to know, give me 99 gold. Originally, it was 100 gold, but I have something I want to ask you, so I will give you a 1 gold discount.”

I bluffed, imitating the lines of the Blancia Master in the novel.

That’s right.

The Master in front of me was the Crown Prince’s cheat key in the novel… No, he was the Prince’s assistant, and he made an appearance as a schemer.

The most capable and most secretive character in this incomplete novel.

How I, a mere supporting character, came to find him, a swindler…


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