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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 75: Variable (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Jin-hyuk was quite shocked by this side of Mumu. He knew Mumu had amazing powers but he didn’t expect that even the most trained warriors, the masters of the academy, were unable to compete with him.

Does this mean that an overwhelming power of the body could neutralize martial arts?

‘Is that even possible?’

Can strength transcend energy?

He was confused. This was a result that shook the common sense he was brought up around, and he knew.

‘… but is he fine?’

Even after killing them so cruelly, his expression was the same as usual. The innocent face. Like this was a daily task.


Jin-hyuk seemed to know something by looking at Mumu’s expression. Until his father and him met Mumu, he knew Mumu had little to no interaction with people, so the boundaries of good and bad could be vague.

The reason Mumu had the same expression, as usual, was because he didn’t have any emotional feelings other than the fact that he killed the enemy.

‘Ahh… he is such a piece of work!’

It seemed like he had to teach Mumu a whole lot.

The brutal killing of an enemy wasn’t the wrong action here, but he should know to stop putting himself in dangerous situations like this. And unlike Jin-hyuk, Hae-ryang was excited for completely different reasons.

‘I knew he was strong but…’

This strong!

This is already beyond the level of students. How many people in the academy could even go against three masters of the academy? Only those who were the kids of the Four Great Warriors could attempt it.

‘Kuak. I made the right choice!’

To ride with them was right! If he stayed by the side of Mumu, even if he does nothing, he is bound to succeed.

All the regrets he felt were washed away right then.


He wasn’t sure how the other people would react to seeing this cruel killing act from Mumu.

Even he, who was a Lower District Sect’s person, was shocked at how the heads were smashed right in front of him, so the eyes of the women in the academy would…


Tang So-so was bleeding from her nose.

‘He is full of colors!’

In the eyes of Tang So-so, the figure of Mumu with blood splattered all over him was exciting and because of that, this happened. She attempted to cover the nosebleed, but Hae-ryang noticed and frowned.

‘… what is with her?’

This was a strange reaction according to him. What is being not injured and having a nosebleed? He thought the other women were weird too.


The look on Guyang Seorin’s face as she observed Mumu was one of interest; the way she looked at him differed greatly from the looks she gave those who she had killed.

‘He isn’t just a kid.’

Judging from what happened during the dorm selections, she knew he was a skilled junior. But now, this wild strength she witnessed was stimulating for her

‘Grandfather will like him!’

Guyang Seorin licked her lips at that thought.


During the fight, Hae-ryang frowned. Even Ma Yeon-hwa who was in the middle of fighting with Go Heon-boem was blushing for some reason.

Hae-ryang felt seriously concerned.

‘No, I guess women like these kinds of things?’

At that time, Ma Yeon-hwa looked away from Mumu and attacked Go Heon-boem. It was Go Heon-boem who was unable to concentrate because of what Mumu did and missed his chance.


Ma Yeon-hwa spoke to him as he struggled to block.

“Surrender. You have lost.”


“Do you think you can beat him?”

Ma Yeon-hwa was talking about Mumu. Go Heon-boem wasn’t stronger than the three masters. And the power Mumu showed wasn’t something he would be able to take lightly.

‘And even I haven’t even used my hidden cards yet.’

Ma Yeon-hwa didn’t say that.

She couldn’t use her true skills here. Of course, even if she didn’t she was confident in not losing to this man or any other opponent.

‘I cannot lose until I rebuild my clan.’

Go Heon-boem gulped looking at Ma Yeon-hwa.

No, not just her, he was looking around her, at the four masked men who were left.

Where did this plan go wrong? How could they have messed up even though they had been preparing for this for a long time? How could mere kids stop this?


He ground his teeth. In response to that, Ma Yeon-hwa pointed with her Black Dragon and White Phoenix.

“Surrender. And if you tell why you had to do this I will spare you…”

But Go Heon-boem yelled.

“Seal the senses!”

The moment the cry fell, the masked men seemed to be scared. Fear and hesitation could be sensed.

He issued an order, and the masked people knew what it was, which was why they were trembling.

‘They need to be killed here.’

Otherwise what they want would never be achieved. Besides, there was no variable worse than that monster.

If they couldn’t deal with him now, then they were sure that more and more obstacles would sprout from him in the future.

[I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Don’t fail.]

For that person, he could kill anyone.

Even if it meant resorting to this method. One of the masked men spoke in a shocked voice,

“L-leader, but the plan is to…”

“Shut up!”

‘If we don’t kill these brats here, the plan will be a mess.’

Although he didn’t directly say it, the masked people had to follow the orders because they knew this situation wasn’t favorable to them.

“Damn it!”

A masked man widened the distance from Jin-hyuk and suddenly began to touch his blood points on the body.


‘What is he doing?’

Jin-hyuk felt like they were planning something once again.

‘I need to check it! One Hit Takedown!’

Jin-hyuk moved right away and quickly closed the distance. The technique he was trying to execute would subdue the man with one hit and stop him from completing whatever he was trying to do, but at that crucial moment, a masked man grabbed the leg of Jin-hyuk.



Jin-hyuk was shocked. This masked man had strength equal to him so how could he block him with just one hand?


‘What is that?’

Jin-hyuk frowned. The only part exposed of the masked people was the eyes. However, the nerves around the eyes were turning dark red as they were bulging out and the whites of the eyes were now black.

“I…will… show… this… to… take… you… down!”

An ominous feeling could be felt.

“Let go!”

Jin-hyuk tried to kick him in the face but the man was holding his foot and he was faster than Jin-hyuk now.


He hit Jin-hyuk in the stomach.


Despite being a single hit, Jin-hyuk coughed up blood as he bounced on the ground. After managing to stop he thought,

‘Internal energy?’

The internal energy of the man seemed to have doubled. Clearly, there wasn’t much difference before, but now he couldn’t stop the attack.


And the change wasn’t just on the man’s face.

Looking at the hand of the masked man which was cut, the blood vessels were bulging there too, just like around the eyes.

Whatever this man did, it wasn’t normal, and Go heon-boem liked this.

‘You brought this on yourselves.’

Blood Art Demonic Martial Arts.

A technique based on body enhancing techniques which were known to be the best and this was a forbidden martial art of a Demonic Sect that had been destroyed. This was a technique of Blood Arts and Reverse Blood Flow technique which burned everything inside for the sole purpose of making one stronger for a certain time.

‘The side effect is to lose one’s life.’

They were sure that their lives were coming to an end here. In this desperate moment, they decided to perform this technique and take down these students with them.

‘I will kill you.’

Go Heon-boem also began to bleed like the masked men.


And the remaining masked people did the same.


As soon as the internal energy in the body began to change, their bodies felt surged with power.






Go Heon-boem who was in the process of change was shocked as he saw two masked men who were completely changed fall to the ground trying to take down Mumu, they were down with their backs bent weirdly.

“You… you bastard!”

After a perfect change, one masked man tried to run at Mumu.


Soil rose up as he rushed at Mumu confident with the change in his body–but Mumu just clapped the head of the masked man who had come closer.


And the head disappeared along with the sound of a clap. Only blood dripped from the palms of Mumu.


The body of the man without a head fell down. Everyone fell silent once again at this scene, and only Jin-hyuk remained unaffected enough to speak.

“Mu-Mumu, you…”

“Uh? I just thought it would be better to get this done quickly before they try anything.”

At Mumu’s words, Go Heon-boem felt the blood rush down his body. How could he have imagined killing the men before they even tried to fully awaken the power?

‘You bastardddd!’

Go Heon-boem who was angry was emanating a dangerous amount of energy.



The energy around him began to swirl like a storm. It felt so intense that even Ma Yeon-hwa who was in front of him was pushed way back and the bushes shook.


A phenomenon of controlling the energy in the world and not the one in the body. Ma Yeon-hwa had to cross the swords to stop the force coming at her.

‘His energy seems to have increased. This is…’


It was then.

The energy around Go Heon-boem was like a storm. As his form moved, it felt like a fog rose.

‘So fast!’



She hurriedly used the swords to block, but she was still pushed back and couldn’t handle the energy around.

She couldn’t withstand this air of energy he was controlling. It was so great that she wondered if her precious swords would break.

And if she acted carelessly she knew she would die.


She clenched her teeth and tried to correct her stance but Go Heon-boem vanished from there.


He appeared in front of Mumu. His target wasn’t the woman but Mumu and he shouted.

“I just need to kill yo….”


Before his words could even be finished.

Weird wind force rose and the wind was so strong that no one could open their eyes.

And when it stopped everyone was shocked.


Go Heon-boem’s lower body stood in front of Mumu with his upper body blown off just because of Mumu’s outstretched fist.

And ten or so trees behind had fallen down and pushed far away. Mumu scratched his head as he looked at his speechless friends.

‘… I guess he wasn’t as strong as he looked.’


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