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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 40: Roll Call (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Manager of the North Heavenly Dorm was at the entrance of the dorm.

In his heart, the worry for Mumu’s safety was increasing.

The 6th floor was full of problematic people, and when the floor leaders tried to suppress them, the ones on the 6th floor would retaliate by doing more horrible things.

However, knowing that there were a few good people on the sixth floor, the Manager was hesitant to give demerit points to the floor, and tried a more subtle approach but this had always led to incidents occurring.

“The roll call for the 5th floor is done.”

Kang Seo-ryang who was done came down and reported.

“There are a total of 50 people, 1 overnight stay and the rest 49 are already inside.”

The 5th floor was made up of 2nd year students, so they all knew the rules and applied beforehand for an overnight stay or absence.

Do Yang-woon nodded and said,

“Seo-ryang, head up to the 6th floor and help Master Mumu.”


“you know the ones on the 6th floor will not listen.”

At Do Yang-woon’s words, Kang Seo-ryang clicked his tongue.

If this was true then the manager should have asked the third year who gave the idea to do the checking up on Mumu, but unfortunately he couldn’t just outright say this.


And so, 5th floor leader Kang Seo-ryang went up to the 6th floor to help Mumu.

Come to think of it, he could hear noises from above as he was on the 5th floor for roll call, perhaps those idiots fought back.

‘No, isn’t this a good thing?’

For him, this seemed like a good thing, this freshman was really annoying.

Hadn’t he already sent three of his seniors to the infirmary for the sake of muscle training?

And he didn’t like how the manager was wrapped around the finger of such a person!

‘Should I see how much trouble he is in?’

He was asked to help, but he didn’t have to intervene right away, right?

He needs to go through a nice beating once to understand how difficult it was to be a floor leader.

So, Kang Seo-ryang went up to the 6th floor.


‘What is it?’

The 6th floor was quiet.

Wasn’t it noisy till a couple seconds back?

He looked at the hallway and it was quiet again.

He wondered if it was quiet because the people on the 6th floor went to another place.

‘Where is that one?’

At that moment, he heard a chuckle in the hallway to the right.

As he headed there he saw Mumu opening the door in the room at the end of the hallway and writing down on the checklist with a pencil.

“Yah. 6th floor leader.”

Kang Seo-ryang called for Mumu.

While he was noting something down, Mumu raised his hand.


Kang Seo-ryang approached Mumu and asked,

“Did you do the roll call? All of the floor… or did anyone leave?”

“No. Everyone is already getting their sleep.”


What did that mean?

For the men of the 6th floor nighttime was a time to enjoy!

There was no way they could be asleep already!

“No way.”

“You can confirm.”

Kang Seo-ryang, puzzled, carefully opened the door.


However, in the room with the lights turned off, two students were lying down.

There could be no way.

Those bastards were sleeping?

Kang Seo-ryang opened the door for another room with a hopeful heart.


And the students in other rooms were asleep.

Kang Seo-ryang was speechless.

How could such a miraculous thing happen from a new school year?

‘is this a sign that the world is coming to an end?’

Even Wu Houci couldn’t control them and even the superintendent couldn’t stop or control them, but such people were sleeping now?

For a moment, Kang Seo-ryang frowned.

‘The posture?’

It was weird.

Looking back, each of them were lying on their stomachs with their hands neatly clasped.

When people fall asleep do each of them have their own sleeping habits?

But he couldn’t understand why all were in the same position.

So just in case, he went closer to a second year room and touched a sleeping student.

Since their people were all Murim, if one touched them they would rise up right away…

‘… fainted?’

Kang Seo-ryang thought.

Both students on the bed weren’t sleeping but fainted.

So he checked a few more and was shocked each time.


Honestly he couldn’t help but be shocked.

Did he come for roll call and just knock them all out?

In an instant, Mumu’s words popped into his mind.

[Then it must be because of lack of strength, right?]


Something felt creepy.

As Mumu said, the roll call was done.

Kang Seo-ryang clicked his tongue and went towards Mumu.

And scolded him.

“Have you lost it? Even if they were bums and idiots you can’t knock them out!”

To that, Mumu titled his head and answered.

“The dorm rules say that after the roll call each person needs to spend their time quietly in their room, doing something like cultivation or sleeping…. Isn’t fainting a form of sleeping?”


Kang Seo-ryang was speechless.

Where in the world was this thought to be true?

Was he planning on stunning each member of the 6th floor for the rest of the year?

He was about to say it was wrong.

“Senior. What should I do if one person isn’t in the room?”

“What? Not in the room?”

Kang Seo-ryang was about to say something when Mumu handed him the checklist.

And seeing that, Kang Seo-ryang frowned.

He recognized the missing person’s name,

“Majin… him again?”

“Someone you know?”

“Ah, my head, he is too much. And he isn’t the one to follow the rules or others.”

“Do you know where he could be?”

Kang Seo-ryang nodded at Mumu’s question.

There was a place he could guess.

The training center was located on the northwest side of the dorm site.

The training center was divided into four grades. High, middle, low and special.

Within these grades, the benefits of using the training items varied depending on the grade. In order to receive a special guide or items it was only possible after reaching the tenth level of internal energy.

In one of the special training centers was a beautiful girl surrounded by an aura of dignity, who was aiming for a target while holding a bow with a unique pattern decorating it.


This girl who had 20 arrows on her back sighed, and caught her breath before immediately pulling on the bow again as if she was ready.

Suddenly, all the targets split into several groups and moved as if they were alive!

And that wasn’t the end.


As the targets moved, wooden daggers flew towards the girl, but she showed flexible footwork, avoiding all the daggers and pulled on the bowstring.

Swwosh! Spuk!

The arrow shot by the girl smashed into one of the targets, directly in its center


The girl spun around like a windmill and then dodged the daggers and shot another arrow at the target.

The arrows hit the center of the targets without fail.

This girl’s archery skills were amazing.

Unfortunately, this rhythm was soon broken and she missed two targets.

She bit her lower lip, she was still lacking.

Even with such training, she hadn’t passed the 4th stage of archery.

Did she lack talent?

She couldn’t help but lament the fact.

Outside of the training center was an eighteen year old boy, who was peeking inside and spying on the girl!

This boy with shaggy hair bowed his face.


He was someone who prided himself in his stealth skills.

The boy couldn’t help but feel sad for the girl, she was a descendant of the Sichuan family.

With the outing permit from her mentor, the Sichuan Bow Emperor, she came out and even trained every night, yet she still couldn’t get satisfactory results.

It was actually because she lacked the talent for the bow.

‘The most necessary skill to being good with long-distance weapons is spatial perception. Unfortunately, women are not born with great depth perception.’

This is what his teacher said, that women weren’t suited for learning archery.

She had been in denial about her lack of skill, but it was definite she lacked a concrete sense of space.

However that didn’t mean she was weak.

‘Fast and good.’

She along with Guyang Seorin had the best understanding of this matter among the 2nd years.

Seeing this woman during the swordsmanship classes, he knew how cheerful and proficient she was with the swords compared to her skills with bows.

The boy closed his eyes and mumbled.

“Cho Nayeon, you look better with a sword than a bow.”

He really wanted to say that to her, but didn’t have the courage.

It was because his clan was not connected with the clan she belonged to.

And the girl wanted to master archery.

“I really want to tell you that.”

It was then.

“Senior you look better in dorm rooms than outside.”


As he opened his eyes at someone’s words, he was hit on his head.


The boy who was hit on the head passed out right away.

And someone caught him before he fell down.

It was Kang Seo-ryang, the 5th floor leader.

“Ki Majin? Ki Majin?”

He tried to wake him up, but the guy didn’t wake up.

To him, Mumu said,

“Why are you whispering…”

“Quiet! You crazy bastard. Why are you smashing others heads?”

“Well for roll call.”

‘Ah… this bastard.’

Kang Seo-ryang was so terrified that he felt like he was losing his mind.

It seemed to be concluded that Mumu’s ideal form of roll call was to stun people by hitting them on the head.

With a sigh, Kang Seo-ryang handed Ki Majin to Mumu.

“Hold him. Let’s head back to the North heavenly dorm. If that person finds out, we will be dead.”


“Can’t you just say yes and follow?”

Kang Seo-ryang shook his head.

And then lifted his head and looked inside the special training room through the window.

And saw Cho Nayeon wiping her sweat.

“She’s usually sensitive, and even more emotionally sensitive during her archery training. Anyone who watches her now gets killed. So the answer is to not mess with her.”

Cho Nayeon, who is ranked five, was a 2nd year student of the academy.

And she had outstanding talent, enough talent to take the 5th place with her archery alone.

Kang Seo-ryang on the other hand was 18th ranked.

Considering the number of people, there shouldn’t be much difference, but the difference in internal energy of those ranked top ten and those who weren’t was massive.

‘Even this bastard is suffering like that.’

He vaguely shook his head.

As if he was in love with her, he sneaked over to see her one day and hid, but one time he got an arrow stuck into his left hip.

Still, seeing him here, it felt like the right thing had happened.

“Let’s go.”

Kang Seo-ryang walked slowly calling to Mumu.

Mumu was a bit puzzled, but soon followed Kang Seo-ryang.

However, there was a problem.

Mumu didn’t know lightfoot work, which meant his walk was like normal people.

In the meantime, sound came.



Cho Nayeon, who was wiping off her sweat, pulled on her arrow, aimed and then shot the arrow through the window at the source of sound.


The arrow which came out the window went right for Mumu’s head.


At the shout of Kang Seo-ryang, Mumu looked back.


And the arrow went straight at Ki Majin and slammed into his left flank as he was on Mumu’s shoulder.


Ki Majin, who had fainted, woke up in the sudden pain and said the words ‘again?’ and passed out again.


Mumu scratched his head.

He had forgotten that Ki Majin was on his shoulders.

Kang Seo-ryang moved towards Mumu and shouted.

“Jump with power!”


Mumu reflexively applied force onto his calves.

And the compressed muscles exploded.



Surprised by the roar, Kang Seo-ryang unconsciously glanced back.

The moment he looked, he saw Mumu coming close to him like a bull as the place he jumped from was soaring in dirt.



Kang Seo-ryang, who was too lost in thought, collided with Mumu and was thrown away.

The moment his body floated in the air, Kang Seo-ryang thought.

Is it what it feels like to bump into an incoming carriage?


He fell to the ground and bounced.

“Cough! Cough!”

He was coughing in pain as if someone clenched his lungs and someone appeared and pointed their arrow at him.

It was Cho Nayeon.

“This time it was you?”

Kang Seo-ryang’s lips trembled at her voice.

‘Mumu that bastard…’


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