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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 38: Roll Call (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“Muscle… training?”

Most of the third year floor leaders had similar thoughts.

What was this absurd name that was just said?

Suddenly, Baek Seoni, one of the 3rd year floor leaders, spat out,

“Are you joking with us right now?”

He respected the manager as a successor of the Great Four Warriors, but he was also a junior.

So, the manager shouldn’t joke with his seniors.

“Not a joke.”

“Is this for real?”

Hang Mi-hye, one of the 3rd year female floor leaders asked,

“This is my first time that I have heard of such kinds of training.”

Along with the Lower District clan there was another clan for information gathering and that was the Beggars clan.

And as she was from the Beggar’s clan, she was quite knowledgeable.

‘So pretty.’

Jin-hyuk thought to himself.

The dress she wore was of mixed pieces of cloth, but it still brought out her curves and looked more mature than the other students around.

Actually, she was popular within the academy.

Not only because of her outstanding appearance, but also because she excelled in martial arts, so she was the second ranked woman in the Beggars clan because of such dynamics.

“Senior, Muscle training is a course founded by my master Mumu.”


And with those words, all the 3rd years were upset.

What kind of course would it be if a 1st year made it?

Plus, this training course was only practiced by this man.

Baek Seoni sighed as he said,

“Manager. Isn’t this too much? If you are a new student coming in and trying to make fun of us, then at least…”

“It is true.”

Said Mumu with a smile.

At that, Baek Seoni’s face distorted itself

“Listen here, junior. Where did you learn this habit of interfering in the middle of seniors who are like the sky?” 1

Mumu tilted his head.

“Why is senior like the sky?”

“… are you really trying to do this now?”


Baek Seoni sighed and looked at Do Yang-woon as he said.

“Phew. Manager, are you going to let the juniors act like this?”

At that time, Jin-hyuk bowed to Baek Seoni and said,

“Senior, Please forgive Mumu’s rudeness. My brother Mumu has been living in the mountains for a long time without interacting with people, so his communication skills are a bit lacking. However, he is innocent and doesn’t hold any malice, please understand this.”

Saying that, Jin-hyuk glanced at Mumu.

It meant to not intervene however he wanted.

‘Is this one pretending to go against the seniors right from the start?’

Nothing good would come out of starting on the wrong foot with people they’d have to live with for another two years.

Jin-hyuk’s quick fix wasn’t without effect.


Despite being angry, Baek Seoni said.

“You are siblings? One of you is well-mannered. If not, the other would have been drenched in blood.”


‘Stop it!’

Mumu went silent at Jin-hyuk’s instance.

Jin-hyuk, who thought that the situation was resolved, bowed and sat in his seat.

Every time he was with Mumu, it was like walking on thin ice.

‘I am no nanny!’

He clicked his tongue.

However, Jin-hyuk wasn’t conscious of it.

But he was slowly starting to help Mumu with his life here and to help him adjust to the changes.


At that time, the manager, Do Yang-woon spoke,

“Now, now. Seniors, do you remember the pleasant memories of training with me over the past year?”

At those words, the floor leaders frowned.

‘Pleasant memories?’

‘After the roll call we always had to head in for training, that one?’

‘Are we doing that again?’

Some liked it, but most of them didn’t.

Without the full support of the seniors who left this year, last year’s training wouldn’t have ever happened.

Do Yang-woon put his hand on his chest and said,

“I thought we had a training period which wasn’t lacking, but that is not true. Compared to Master Mumu here, it was nothing.”


“Seniors might have heard it clearly, but I have already become the disciple of Master Mumu here.”

‘… this is crazy.’

Coincidentally everyone had the same thought.

If it was someone else, they would have dismissed it as a joke, but they knew about Do Yang-woon, who was known to always be serious.

At that time, another 3rd year, Wu Houci said,

“Manager. Until last year, the seniors wanted to take part so we didn’t say anything, but if you want to train your muscles this time, do it by yourself.”

“Senior Yuu.”

“Even if you are a manager, you can’t force others into training, right?”

“Well, that is true, but if you receive training from Master Mumu you won’t regret…”

“Look here. There is a limit to what can be strengthened in muscle training, and its usefulness is also…”

“Doesn’t it mean what you did for your muscles was clumsy?”

Mumu intervened again.

Jin-hyuk tried to stop, but this time Do Yang-woon pressed his shoulders saying not to stop Mumu.

He was asking him to watch what would happen.

The 3rd year Wu Houci’s expression was distorted .

“What? Clumsy?”

“Well, looking at it, it seems like you have been neglecting your training recently, so there is a loss of muscles.”

“Muscle loss? What nonsense are you talking about?”


Wu Houci got up and slammed the table.

And then he snorted, enraged, and approached Mumu.

“Yah. Freshman. Unlike the other ones here I am not a patient one and was once a black swordsman.”

The floor leaders shook their heads at that.

‘He hit the soft spot…’

‘Once he gets angry no one can stop him.’

Mumu touched the wrong opponent.

Unlike Baek Seoni, Wu Houci came from the Supreme Sword clan which was now a political clan, but since he once belonged to the Black Sword clan, his demeanor was warlike.

And there were only 3 people who could hold him back.

However, manager Do Yang-woon didn’t intend to stop him, and he only looked at Mi-hye of the Beggars clan who seemed interested in the fight and then at Ja Muk-hyun, one of the top five students of 3rd year, who didn’t seem interested at all.


Wu Houci tore his shirt and showed off his thick muscles.

It wasn’t as good as Do Yang-woon, but it was evident that he worked very hard.

“Little boy. Does this look like clumsy muscles to your eyes?”

“It might be good to see, but like I said before, it is just for show.”


Houci’s face went red, this little kid kept talking back to him and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Wu Houci spoke loudly for everyone to listen.

“I am warning you all in advance. If anyone intervenes, the 6th floor roll call will not be held this year.”

At that, all the floor leaders frowned.

This was embarrassing.

Jin-hyuk couldn’t help but be puzzled at the reaction of the floor leaders.

‘What is it?’

And then, Wu Houci approached Mumu.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, get up.”

Mumu scratched his head at those words and got up.

Wu Houci grabbed Mumu by the collar,

“Muscle training? Let’s see how nice your muscles are.”

With those words Wu Houci grabbed the clothes of Mumu and tore them.


Mumu’s upper body revealed as his clothes tore.

Seeing that, Wu Houci’s eyes are wide.

‘What is this?’

How could it be this great, was what he wondered as the kid was talking about muscle training, but when he looked at the meticulously developed enormous upper body muscles, from the pectoralis with blood vessels to the rectus abdominis, which were like a washboard.

Not a single soft spot.



Hang Mi-hye wiped the saliva which was flowing from her mouth.

She didn’t expect much, but these vicious muscles were opposite of Mumu’s cute face.

‘Oh my!’

Mumu’s muscles were shocking enough that all the female floor leaders covered their mouths.

‘… what is with him?’

‘What muscles are…’

The male floor leaders were equally shocked.

Some saw the calf muscles of Mumu in the morning, but when they saw the upper body too, they realized it.

What they have been doing till now, was nothing but a joke.

Looking at the body of Mumu and Wu Houci, they knew the differences right away.

It wasn’t close, it was an embarrassment.

Mumu said to Wu Houci who was shocked.

“Will you pay for my clothes?”

At those words, Wu Houci was brought back to himself.

He was at a loss of words because of the huge muscles, but what would happen to his pride if he accepted this scenario.

“Ha… good one, but these muscles are just for show. Even if you build a body like this, is there anything that can be done with the muscles?”

As if it was nothing, Mumu answered.

“Well, I know that this is better than that internal energy seniors talk about.”


“The more the muscles are trained, the stronger one gets.”

At that, Wu Houci snorted.

And sensing a win, he said.

“Ehh. Kid, is that all?”

“Yes! It makes the body sturdier.”

“Making the Body sturdier?”

“Yes. It won’t hurt at all.”

Thud! Thud!

Mumu hit his chest with his fist twice.

At that, Houci smiled and then raised his fist and said to Mumu.

“Then will you be able to survive my fist?”

“I can.”

“Ahh. Is that so? Then, don’t use internal energy and just stop my fist with muscles alone. Then I will admit that you are telling the truth.”

At that, Hang Mi-hye intervened.

“Wu Houci, learn to act in moderation. You are being absurd.”

“Absurd? You people heard what he said. Train muscles and become strong so you won’t get hurt.”

“You know that he didn’t mean it literally.”

“He should know better than to not speak like that. If we are asked to come for muscle training or something, won’t we be motivated if he can show us something good?”

“Enough. If you keep goi…”

“Enough Seniors.”

Do Yang-woon intervened.

He only tried to show Mumu’s muscles to bring them in, but the mess was getting bigger.

Although Mumu’s muscles were great and he wanted to learn, he knew that Wu Houci wasn’t an ordinary warrior.

This man was in the 3rd year and very skilled.

And without learning martial arts.

‘It could hurt.’

And seeing how excited Wu Houci was, he couldn’t imagine how bad the hit would be.

So this had to end.

“This year, we need to be taught by Master Mumu to defeat those West Wind dorms, and it will be difficult if no…”

“Forcing us. Yah, manager. I am willing to enter muscle training if this one can keep his word. This isn’t a big deal okay?”

At the sarcastic words of Wu Houci, Do Yang-woon narrowed his eyes.

This man was chosen by the former manager who had left after graduation, so he tried to show respect, but if this kept happening he was sure to teach him a lesson.


“If I hold on, you will join the muscle training, right?”

“Master Mumu!”

Do Yang-woon tried to stop Mumu.

But Mumu smiled and said,

“Manager, Wu Huchi senior, I really want him to be in muscle training.”

“But Master Mumu, if you…”

“Ahh. It is fine.”

Mumu moved away from the table.

And then pounded on his chest.

“Come on Senior.”

It wasn’t a provocation.

However, At Mumu’s words, with innocence the angry man was more pissed off.

‘I need to send this one to the infirmary.’

And with that, acting within a certain limit was no longer in his mind.

He wanted to see Mumu cough up blood and collapse.

At that, Wu Houci snorted and walked towards Mumu.

And said,

“Little one. It is too late to regret. You brought this on yourself.”

“Ah! There is something I forgot, maybe…”

“Forgot what!”

It seemed like Mumu who was afraid of going through with it was trying to say something, so Wu Houci slammed his fist at Mumu.

And he did it at the 8th level of internal energy.

Puck! Wong!

‘Huh. I did so much that it hurt my han… huh?’

Excruciating pain spread through his fingers.

And there was that sound of something breaking.

But it wasn’t Mumu’s breastbone which broke.

“H-Houci your wrist?”

Hang Mi-hye shouted out.

At her shout, he looked at his hand.


The wrist bone, which could never break, was broken and it had pierced the skin in a weird way.

And the person who was hit was absolutely fine, making all the floor leaders at a loss of words at the rare sight of the person who was striking being injured.

Mumu scratched his head and said.

“I was going to tell you to be careful as you could break your wrist.”

Mumu was just trying to give him a kind warning.


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