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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 87.1: Elf King (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Proofreader: Chaddude

Shedia, who had obtained a piece of moonstone, looked at me with empty eyes without a single beam of light.

The murderous intent tethering on her made me feel as if any soul poking her further would find a bad end.

I ignored it at first, but as it continued until today, three days after the ship departed, I couldn’t just keep ignoring it.

“Ah, I lost. I lost, okay. I’ll give you another one.”

When I tossed in another piece of moonstone, Shedia quickly caught it.

She took out another piece of moonstone from her breast pocket and placed it on her palm. As she looked at the two pieces of moonstone, a hearty smile broke on her otherwise impassive face.

Yeah, wolf puppies are kinda ditz.

“Why don’t you just let her go? She’s really…”

Katarina began, part dumbfounded at our antics.

“You can’t talk nonsense, Kat. Shedia has a lot of useful corners. She should be used for a long time to come.”

Katarina looked at me with a fed up expression, then she turned back to Shedia.

“Like you said, she’s great. Especially when she popped out of my shadow, I was horrified. How did she do that?”

“Ask yourself.”

“I’m coming to you because she doesn’t tell me. And more than that…”

Her eyes narrowed.

“You’re just friends with Shedia, right?”

“What else do you feel looking at the two of us? Are you doubting me?”

“What doubt? Just a reasonable query .”

I grunted and looked at her. Suddenly, chuckling, she pinched both of my cheeks.

“Aww, you look cute like this, I’m not worried about that anyway.”

“If I was, I wouldn’t have fallen for you in the first place.”

“Me too. You know, I’m more in love with your heart than your face?”


As I stared at her suspiciously, Katarina slightly averted her eyes.

“Very little… a lil’ part of your face.”

“I knew, haha.”

“Shut up. You came to me because of my appearance too.”

“What are you talking about? I also fell in love with your heart.”



I supported her chest with both hands.

“Big heart.”



“Can I hit you once?”


“Just once.”

“Don’t, it’s bad. Dating violence is toxic.”

“Damn you…”

Katarina let out a deep sigh.

Even so, I did not remove my hand from her breasts. She sat on my lap so she was rather easy to touch.

I groped her moderately, then released my grasp, wrapping my arms around her and hugged her tightly, whispered in her ear.



“Can’t you give me a blow job?”

Katarina put on a disgusted expression.

“No, I don’t like it. Why are you so hell bent on getting your thing in my mouth?”

“Because that’s so romantic.”

“No way does it sound romantic. No. I will not.”

She voiced firmly. And my heart got a little sad.

“Do you hate sucking the man you love so much?”

“Is it nice to ask the woman you love to do that?”

Just when I was about to say, ‘I want you to receive it because I love you.’

– Kukung!

The boat rocked loudly.

To an extent that the pieces of moonstone settled in Shedia’s hand flew out, dying her complexion dead white.

“What’s up?”

Katarina and I hastened out of the private cabin, leaving Shedia crawling on the ground and searching for the pieces of moonstone.

The deck was literally in chaos.

Sailors rushed about, and the captain shouted at them indignantly, barking orders.

We approached the captain.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just a small problem. It will be fixed soon, don’t worry and please go back to your cabin…”

“We’re fucked, Cap! The reef that smashed into the keel is bigger than we thought! We can’t stop the water from flooding in!”

A sailor who had just climbed onto the deck shouted.

His clothes were soaked with sea water.

“L, Look over there, Cap! A mother bleeping storm! A storm is coming!!”

Another sailor shouted.

The direction he pointed at was full of black clouds, and the flow of the waves was also unusual.

“A small problem, is it?”

I asked sarcastically, but the captain did not answer back. With a pale complexion, he gasped, “H-Heavens, we’re fucked.”

Gauging the inevitability of the situation, the Captain also seemed to have given up.

As I was shaking my head, Katarina grabbed my arm with quivering hands.

“Hey, Cloud, isn’t it a big problem for us?”

“Right. A big problem, indeed.”

“T, Then why are you so laid back?!”


After lightly looking around her, I whispered into Katarina’s ear.

“I know how to get through this crisis.”

“Hah, really?”

Katarina’s expression brightened as I nodded confidently. She urged me to quickly tell her what the method was.

So I said to her:

“I’ll tell you if you promise me to give me a blowjob.”

“Wh, what? Is it seriously the time?! There’s a hole in the ship, and a storm may capsize the ship and that’s what is in your mind?!”

“Are you really going to insist on not giving me fellatio, even in a situation like this?”

Katarina’s eyelids trembled.

She bit her lip tight and said in a mosquito-like voice.

“…I’ll give.”


“I’ll do it!”

“Really? You can’t go back on it later.”

“Quit bullshit! Just quickly say what’s the way… Ugh!”

Katarina passed out as my hand chopped her unconscious while she was defenseless. I carried her unconscious form on my back and returned to our private cabin. I fumbled out a rope from her backpack and tied her up on my back.

“Did you find the pieces?”

Shedia nodded her head.

“Then follow me. We are in a situation .”

Shedia followed me up onto the deck, her dark eyes questioning before finding the answer herself, for the storm was approaching.

She opened her eyes wide as she watched the huge waves approaching the ship.

Only then did she seem to understand my concern.

A heartbeat later, a large wave crashed over the ship.

* * *


I spit out the sand, still feeling some of it remaining.


I wiped my mouth and untied the rope tied to my body. Katarina’s body slid onto the sandy beach.

I put my ear to her nose.

– Sssk…sssk…

Fortunately, her breathing was stable.

I need not take any special emergency measures. Taking a deep breath, I looked the other way.

A soaked Shedia was crawling our way, slithering through the seawater.

“Are you okay?”

– Nod. Nod.

“You alright, huh? Good job on keeping with us.”

I stroked a seaweed out of her hair.

“I’m going to pick up some firewood and look around, so stay here, guard Katarina.”

– Nod.

Shedia bobbed her head without a question.


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