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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 35.2: Don’t Work With Adventurers, Please. (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“Chris♡… Chris… Ugh♡”

“Mom, don’t do this. Please come to your senses!”



…was I wrong?

I rubbed my eyes.

“How do you look more and more just like your father as you grow up…♡ ah~ Do you know how hard it has been for mama~? I’m going to punish Chris for harassing his mom without knowing his mother’s heart. Iyap♡..Iyap♡!”

“Ahhhhhh!!! Let me go! Let go of this!!!”


I calmly went outside and raised back the lever.

The stone door closed with a creaking sound.

There are many eatables like fruits in the trap room, so they won’t go hungry. In addition to that, there are many strange but wonderful things present in there too, so it won’t be inconvenient to live there.

And since they can’t open the stone door from inside the trap room…

There was no need to keep their mouths shut.

‘Chris, hyung will eat his big root vegetable and come to pick you up right after.’

Until then, do some filial piety.

* * *

After the plan to clear the dungeon with the adventurers was twisted, I was left deeply troubled.

Since this is a city, there are a lot of people who live by paddling among quests.

But none of them caught my eye. And I didn’t even intend to take some half-hearted person.

After the first attempt that ended in failure, there are only two more chances left.

If even these two remaining chances are blown away, the door of the dungeon will shut down for me, for eternity, and in that case, I will not be able to obtain the big root plant.

Unless I can destroy the dungeon itself.

‘I’ll really hate to do that.’

Second of all, if I use such a big skill with this body, the recoil wouldn’t be a joke.

So somehow I have to clear the dungeon within just two remaining chances.

“It would be great to have them.”

If Cloud loses all his party members in the middle, new party members will be acquired.

Shedia, an assassin who uses the power of shadows.

An excellent dancer and swordsman, Katarina.

Princess Leslie of the Principality of Polycia who uses the power of frost.

These three are neither upwardly nor backwardly compatible like the first three.

Because the concept is completely different.

If the early set is a stable balanced type, the mid-late set is a slightly unstable but highly destructive attack type.

And to be honest, I prefer to use the latter set.

It was because the play of continuing the fight and then defeating an enemy that could not normally be defeated by blowing a strong shot evoked nostalgia from the past.

I am sure about that.

With them, this dungeon will be cleared unconditionally.

‘But I can’t bring them now.’

Shedia, Katarina, and Leslie.

These three can only be recruited after defeating the Behemoth, the boss who appears in the second half.

And there is still some time left for the Behemoth to appear. Even after this Imperial Social Banquet is over, a few more months must pass.

It’s okay to wait until then.

But b!tch, what to do now?

Just when I was seriously considering on the future of my lil bro.

“Oh? What a coincidence. I hadn’t assume that I will meet Mr. Cloud here.”

An adventurer’s guild employee appeared from behind.

A woman with brown hair and a mature temperament, Elisha.

She naturally sat down next to me and ordered the same ale as mine.

“…a married woman coming to the bar alone?”

“What if she is more of a working woman than a married woman? If I don’t take short breaks like this every now and then, I won’t be able to work at the Adventurer’s Guild window.”

“Ah, yes.”

I nodded my head lightly and sipped on the ale I had been drinking.

“Isn’t the reaction too cold? Anyway, the two of us have a secret between us… Mister is too indifferent.”

Elisha lowered the corners of her eyes, giving a wronged expression.


“I do miss my 2000 gold. Also my time.”

“Time, huh… I guess things didn’t go well?”

“I ate it cold. Thanks to someone who introduced me to those weird guys.”

“Seeing that all three of them whom I introduced did not return, it must have been more difficult than I thought.”


The remaining two are still deepening the bond between mother and child inside.

“There’s nothing I can do about it. To be honest, I did somewhat expected that to happen?”

“You expected it?”

Elisha nodded her head and spread one of her fingers.

“Are you sure it’s a monster’s nest? Can four A-class adventurers do what the military is supposed to do?”


The four of us with me in there can’t take down a monster’s nest?

What kind of bullsh!t is that?

No, more than that…

“Then sending those three…”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. First of all, I informed all the B-class and A-class adventurers in the guild. There were only five people who responded to the request, and I had chosen the three best ones.”

“Is it so.”



All right.

“What are you thinking so deeply about?”

“A terrifying thought, that would destroy her happy family by introducing another young and beautiful woman.”

“Oh my, how terrifying is that?”

Elisha grinned.

“Isn’t it funny? Yes, keep smiling.”

The corners of Elisha’s lips twitched down.

“…Did I ever upset Adventurer-sama?”

“Are you talking about eating some 2000 gold raw?”

In fact, rather than 2000 gold, it was the anger for blowing away one chance to enter the dungeon.

But thinking about it, she had a small share of what she ate.

Maybe it was just vexation, and not anger?

“Umm… I think I need to get rid of the adventurer-sama’s anger quickly, even for the sake of my family.”

“Are you going to relieve my anger? So, you giving me back those 2000 gold?”

“No, it’s better than that.”

With a bewitching smile, Elisha came over to me.

She put her lips near my ear.

And said.

Her breath was affiliated with cheap ale…

“Three S-class adventurers. Now, you can invite for only 7000 gold.”


“…what level?”

“31, 32, 30.”

Gulp. Dry saliva went down the gullet..!

“…what if it’s fake products like last time?”

“Status can be checked.”

Even the status?!

My gaze began to tremble.


I can’t…

I really shouldn’t be hooked…

But unlike my mind, my body was honest. My hands had already pulled out 7000 gold and handed it over to her.

Elisha, who was handed with 7000 gold, lowered her eyebrows and gave a bewitching smile.

She whimpered and whispered into my ear like the flowing lucidity of wind.

“Thank you for using my services, adventurer-sama~♡”


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