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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 3.2: Isn’t It Too Much To Be A Hero? (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Translator: Lore_Temple

“H, Hero Gis…”

“Hello, miss. Don’t you look extraordinarily beautiful today?”

“T, That, we’re f-first time meeting today…”

“It’s not important. The important thing is that we were meant to be met.”

Gis gently stroked the woman’s cheeks. That alone made her cheeks turn red.

“What are you doing to my fiancee…!”

A sword suddenly emerged in front of the young man who was about to rush in rage, blocking his path.

“W, Wh-What?! Who dares to point a sword at… Lorian!?”

What stood in the way of the young man was a handsome man with neatly combed brown hair.

The First Prince as well as the Hero of the Kingdom of Carta, Lorian.

Even as the son of an Imperial nobleman he couldn’t be reckless.

“Don’t be afraid. This sword is just an unedged ceremonial sword.”

“W-Who are you saying was afraid!? And why did you stop me?! Can’t you see what that bastard is doing to my fiancee?!!”

“There’s a misunderstanding here. I did stop you—because I was afraid that you would get hurt.”


Lorian sighed at the young man’s baffled tone.

“Can you fight with Gis and win?”

“T, That….!”

The young man closed his mouth. Growing up as a pampered young master, there was no possibility of him defeating the Hero, Gis.

“I had no intention of fighting in the first place! This is the Imperial Social Banquet. There’s no way one initiate a fight here, right? Even if it’s a Hero!”

“Hmm, putting it that way you’re right, but once you leave, you’re going to be targeted by his enmity.”

“What about it? You don’t know, but my father…”

“I know, I know. Count Cortell. The wine from his estate is famous all over the continent. I have also heard that the income from the wine produce is quite large.”

“You know it well, huh? Then…”

“I know, there will be a lot of people in your estate who will be there to protect you. But let’s guess. Do you really believe they can actually protect you?”


“Gis is a master of stealth. Even though he is a Hero, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be shady. If he makes up his mind, can he do nothing about you?”


The young man’s eyes, lost for words, turned to the floor. He felt the resentment with the increasing force in his clenched fists.

—And the anger at being defeated as a male, and to lose a man’s pride!


Gis laughed teasingly and tried to kiss the woman between her lips. However, the ceremonial sword dug in between.

“You too, keep it in moderation. This is not a market street. This place is where the giants who lead the continent gather. That kind of behavior doesn’t look good.”

“Sheesh, you straight headed fellow at it again. Okay~ I honestly didn’t mean to do it either. Goodbye then, ugly girl. I hope I never see you again.”

Gis removed his arm from the woman.

The woman was startled by the sudden change in Gis’s attitude, but had no choice but to be dragged away along by the young man by her wrist.

“What will happen to those two in the future? I’m really curious about that.”

“You really don’t change no matter what others say. It’s your that sick behavior again.”

“Well, how about it? This is how people live. How about you nobles, ha?”

“At least I think I’m much much better than you.”

“Really? Then why did you come this way? Didn’t you come here for the same purpose as me?”

At Gis’s sarcastic remark, Lorian remained silent. As he said, their purpose was the same.

Gis smiled and walked over to Cloud’s side.

Until then, Cloud had been eating his smoked pork.

“Hey, Mr. Hero! What’s up?”

Gis placed his arm around Cloud’s shoulder as if he was meeting an old friend. Of course, the two were surely not friends. It was an action that Gis did because he took Cloud lightly.

But Cloud was not in a situation to care about that now.



“It’s salty.”

Cloud threw the fork with an annoyed face.

Chin! Clang! Cling!

The bowl and fork rattled, making an unpleasant noise.

At that action, not only Gis, but also Lorian and Cloud’s party members looked at Cloud blankly.

Meanwhile, Cloud looked at Gis and said.

“Hey, let me ask you one thing.”


“Aren’t the Imperial palace chefs one of the best chefs on the whole continent?”

“Uh… that’s right?”

“Then why is the food so salty? No, it’s not just salty. This is a fucking jumbled mishmash, I just sprinkled some pepper. Not just one, twice or thrice. Bloody Hell, this screwed up taste just doesn’t go away!”

“Is there no thing such as moderation in this world? Eating at a private inn tastes bland, and eating at a palace tastes too salty. If so, where should I eat!? Should I now buy the ingredients and learn to cook it myself?!”

Gis is a person who has been rolling in the slums for years. He could read most of the emotions of most of the people, and now what he read was that—Cloud’s anger was bloody real.

So he couldn’t help but feel a little awkward.

“No, this is natural dude. It goes without saying that the dishes eaten in the palace are salty. It’s a given.”

“Why is that a given?”

“Isn’t that all because of the vanity of some high-ranking people? Look, we are rich enough to waste so many spices and sh!t! It’s an indirect way of expressing that.”

“Oh, extravagance?”

He hadn’t thought of that.

In the world where he lived before that Cloud punk summoned him, no matter how extravagant a royal was, they could not afford to indulge in such ‘screwed-up’ luxury.

“Okay, so let’s calm down and…”

“Then you are saying that here salty food is served to the guests and the delicious food is eaten among themselves, right? Then where should! I! Go! To! Eat!”

Cloud buried his face in the palms of his hand and screamed.

Not only Gis but now others could also feel the sincerity in that scream. So everyone looked at him in half shock and in half astonishment.

The despair he was experiencing was incomprehensible to those who were born and raised here.

Just a month ago, you can eat delicious food sprinkled with msg with just a few flicks of your finger, but now you are in a situation where even beggars on the street will spit such food on your face…

Cloud wanted to cut his brain in half if so he could have a face off with the real Cloud who brought him in.

“Haha… Sh!t…”

‘If there were even tiny bits of his soul left, I would f*cking grab it and throw it to a Lich.’

Unfortunately, when he possessed this body, the soul of original Cloud had long since disappeared.

Taking a deep breath, he finally turned his head.

“Hmm? What are you doing—shouldering me since earlier?”

“…are you asking that now?”

“Try and eat this smoked meat. We will together see if you are left with any other thoughts?”

“Ah, yes. I will try it next time.”

Not wanting to spend anymore time wasting on smoked meat, without paying any extra attention, he passed Cloud’s words.

“Why are you asking me dude? Hear it from those girls yourself.”

Gis giggled and pointed his thumb behind his back. Behind him, Eri, Neria, and Ophelia were standing in a row at some point, with him unknown to the fact when they got up.

Neria looked restless like a poopy puppy, Ophelia stuck her gaze at the floor with a guilty expression, meanwhile Eri looked away in the other direction.

“What are you guys doing? Should I tell him myself?”

“That, Cloud we…”



The three women hesitated and could not speak properly.

Gis looked at the scene with a happy expression, and Lorian waited for them to speak without any expression.

Cloud, on the other hand, spit out as if it was bothersome to wait any longer.

“You want to go to another party?”


The faces of the three women displayed various emotions.

Surprise. Embarrassment. Guilt and so on.

‘Not so good feelings, I guess.’

Seeing this, Gis smiled cheerfully and tapped on the table.

“Ha ha ha! What am I hearing? You knew it, did’t you? I thought you were just a dumb fool, but it isn’t so, haha. So? Your girls want to go, so what do you…”

“If you want to go, just go.”

A light, impassive answer that didn’t contain even the slightest bit of heaviness.

The faces of the three women hardened.

His reaction was not what they had expected. They thought he would catch them in one way or another, begging with tears and earnestly requesting, that he will scream, shout and curse while showing his anger.

The moments that they had spent together now felt like nothing. While traveling, they crossed the hurdles together, eating, sleep, and saving people as a team.

Moreover, isn’t Cloud kind-hearted and has a gentle personality?

They thought he was going to stop them somehow, but they never ever imagined that he would respond so lightly as if they were just simple strangers.

“Fuha… ha ha ha!”

And it was the same with Gis who didn’t anticipate this situation.

He was born in a slum and lived his life looking at all kinds of immoral things, and so he had developed a crooked personality. It was his greatest pleasure to steal what belonged to others while listening to the cries of the loser.

And the situation of stealing from a fellow Hero would have been the most enjoyable entertainment he had ever staged.

…or it should have been such.

“Are you deliberately pretending to be shy? Oh dear, you are still thinking for the good of these girls? Whoa, that’s cool. You are a very indeed a ‘kind’ Hero.”

The arm resting on Cloud’s shoulder gained strength—bring Cloud’s head to near his shoulders.

Gis whispered into Cloud’s ear.

“But you know what? Your girls have already been fucked by me? There’s that bitch named Ophelia. She said she had to keep her chastity intact so I pulled my dick out and rammed right in her butt.”

“And do you know how many times your childhood friend has sucked my dick? Oh, did she say you two haven’t even kissed yet? I’m sorry. You can kiss her now, it’s not like you are kissing the lips that sucked my dick, uh?”


“Why? Have nothing to say? Yes, you have nothing to say. Because you’re an asshole who can’t even protect his woman. So don’t pretend to be rude in front of me, you bastard.”

All of a sudden, the smile on Gis’s victorious face was gone.

Cloud was looking back at him a pitiful expression.

“You should go home and suck some more.”

He showed the gesture of putting the thumb between the index and middle finger.

Gis frowned.

“What is that?”

Cloud whispered into Gis’s ear.

“Your momma’s nipples.”


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