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Chapter 92: Ancient Constellation (3)

He was a handsome man with a likable impression that even someone of the same gender couldn’t help but admire.

The youth that gave off a dapper look smiled brightly and extended his hand out.

‘Cheon Woosung.’

—The son of the King of Owls, Cheon Doyoon, and simultaneously the one who practically led the Black Star Organization’s Noctua faction.

In addition—

“I heard that you were a board member, but you look to be a lot younger than I thought.”

—he was a little rat who had infiltrated the Association.

“Haha! It just happened somehow, as there were many people who supported me. It truly is an honor that I cannot explain with words.”

‘It’s an honor? Bullshit, he probably occupied a board member seat through threats and trickery. But well…’

That in itself could be called one of his capabilities.

“Anyways… what business did you come to the Association for?”

Cheon Woosung narrowed his eyes and observed Ohjin.

“I’ll have matters to attend to outside Korea soon, so I came to discuss my schedule.”

Needless to say, he didn’t actually have any plans on leaving Korea. There was just something he wanted to confirm.

“Hmm. Then are you going to Italy again?”

‘He knows that I went to Italy, as expected.

“Haha. It’s just that Isabella invited me over.”

“An invitation from Rome’s Saintess… I’m simply too envious.”

Cheon Woosung cunningly shrugged his shoulders.

“Fortunately, it seems that Isabella ‘likes me a lot’.”

“…Is that so?”


Cheon Woosung’s shoulders faintly shook.

Ohjin observed his reaction and smiled.


As he had predicted, Cheon Woosung was wary of Isabella.

‘Well, it would be strange if he wasn’t.’

Ohjin recalled how Isabella had smiled creepily and bewitchingly licked the blood of her enemies.

—The overwhelming strength that massacred hundreds of Awakeners with a simple flick of a finger.

—The personality of one who unhesitantly slaughtered anyone who was an eyesore.

Cheon Woosung would be on edge as even his plans to use the Marco Family to eliminate her had failed.

‘In this kind of situation, he won’t be able to lay his hands on someone that’s to Isabella’s liking.’

Whether he confirmed it was true or not didn’t matter. His actions couldn’t help but be restricted by just that ‘possibility’.

‘Though it’s not like I said anything incorrect.’

It had a slightly different meaning, but it was true that Isabella liked him very much in one way or another.

“Then I hope you get well-acquainted and return safely. Becoming close to someone like Rome’s Saintess, who’s famous worldwide, will also be a big help to the Association.”

Cheon Woosung quickly came back to his senses and shook Ohjin’s hand with a bright smile.

* * *

“By the way…”

Cheon Woosung’s eyes headed to Ha-eun.

“Who is the person beh—”

His eyes opened wide as he looked at her.


Cheon Woosung took steps back with a shocked expression.

‘…Huh? Why is he so surprised to see Ha-eun?’

“Is something the matter?”

“Ah… no. Haha. Please don’t mind me. It’s just because she was too beautiful.”

Cheon Woosung tried to brush past it by shaking his head and making an excuse, however…

‘He’s lying.’

The reason why he was shocked wasn’t simply because of Ha-eun’s beauty.

There was another reason.

‘Just what is it?’

It was difficult to grasp the reason why.

“I have no interest in you, so can you mind your own business?”

Ha-eun furrowed her brow like she was displeased.

“Haha. I apologize. I ended up being discourteous.”

Cheon Woosung politely bowed his head and apologized.

“At any rate, we’re very honored to be able to have such exceptional Awakeners like you two in the Association.”

He took out a business card from his pocket with a dazzling smile.

“Please feel free to contact me whenever you feel that my help is needed.”

“Yes, of course.”

Ohjin received Cheon Woosung’s business card and slightly nodded his head.

“Then I hope you two have a wonderful day.”

Cheon Woosung bid his final farewell and walked away.

“Hm. So that guy’s a spy for the Black Star Organization?”

Ha-eun looked at the back of Cheon Woosung, who was gradually becoming more distant, and narrowed her eyes.

“On the surface, he doesn’t seem like a guy who’s in a crazy organization in the least. His looks are completely fine, as well.”

“He’s rotten on the inside, so don’t ever pay him attention.”

Ohjin’s voice became unnecessarily rough as the way Cheon Woosung showed interest in Ha-eun got under his skin.

“Hm? Wow, are you being jealous right now?”

Ha-eun smirked and poked his flank.

“You little cutie.”

“…No, that’s not what I meant.”

“Kyahaha! Just how are you planning to live without me?”


He wanted to say that she had a misunderstanding, but he hesitated once he looked at how much Ha-eun was enjoying the moment.

“By the way…”

Ha-eun crossed her arms with narrowed eyes.

“…Isabella is that ‘Rome’s Saintess’, right? How did you get to know her?”

“I met her for a moment during my last mission. Remember when we took down that hydra? She approached me while saying that she saw the stream back then.”

“What about you being close to her?”

“Of course, it’s a lie. We didn’t even talk much.”


Ha-eun looked at him with a bit of doubt in her eyes but soon nodded her head.

“So are we going to have to fight with that guy one day?”


There was a chance that there wasn’t even enough time left to use the words ‘one day’. After all, the Black Star Organization’s movements were gradually becoming more aggressive.

‘Though only a select few people know about it.’

Before long, it was likely that they would become notorious enough in Korea that not a single person wouldn’t know their name.

‘No, that’s not it.’

The edges of Ohjin’s mouth twisted up.

Before long, their notoriety would become very widespread by ‘his very own hands’.

‘Try to hide with all your might…’

It didn’t matter if they tried to hide or avoid him.

‘I’ll grab you by the hair and forcefully pull you up.’

Ohjin was planning on making the cockroaches that were thoroughly hiding their identities in the dark known to the entire world.


‘I’ll enjoy a nice meal, as well.’

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to absorb the stigmas of the Marco Family because of Isabella. However, it would be different next time. He would gobble up every single stigma, bit of mana, and star relic in their possession.

Ohjin would take away everything they had zealously gathered up while hiding within the Demon Realm.

‘They’re making a center to protect the unawakened?’

Perhaps the Black Star Organization was no different from a savior to the ones who had no power. To them, they might have even been heroes that protected the weak and pointed their weapons at the strong.

‘So what.’

It didn’t matter.

Whether they were saviors or heroes had no meaning to him.


He stared at Ha-eun with calm eyes.

Although she smiled and acted like nothing was wrong, Ohjin could see that her hands were faintly shaking and grasped it.

“Huh? Wh-What is it?”

Ha-eun’s cheeks reddened, and she avoided his gaze.

—In order to protect her.

—In order to maintain the warmth in his hands.

‘I don’t need anything else.’

How many powerless people suffered and were sacrificed was none of his business.

If he could protect her, he would be more than happy to stomp on the lives of tens of thousands of others with a smile.


He had lived with that mindset.

He was living with that mindset.

And if it wasn’t for that, he didn’t know what else to live for.

“Don’t worry. You won’t need to fight them.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I’ve prepared a hidden card in order to face them.”

Something like that didn’t exist—

“So all you’ll have to do is sit still.”

—but he would make it so that it did.

“Heh. I was wondering what you were on about.”

Ha-eun pouted and crossed her arms.

“I’m still way~ stronger than you at the moment, you know? Don’t you know that I became an 8-Star recently?”

“Of course I do.”

Ha-eun boastfully raised her nose and continued speaking.

“Then you should be the one sitting still. I’ll protect you.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Ah, you don’t believe me? Do you want to have a fight with me at the sparring grounds?”

“Let’s just go get something to eat. I’m hungry.”

“Ooh, that sounds good. What do you want to eat? I’ll treat you in celebration of my first job!”

Ha-eun smiled brightly and pulled on his arm.


Ohjin smiled slightly and followed Ha-eun into the elevator.

* * *

—Board of directors’ office room located within the Association.

Cheon Woosung, who was seated on a luxurious chair, was sharing a conversation with someone over the phone.

“Yes, I have found it, Father!”

[Holholhol. I couldn’t imagine that the one who possesses the ‘Dragon Eye’ would be in a place like that.]

Insidious-sounding laughter was heard over the phone.

[We’ll be able to bring forward our plans a little more with this.]

“Hehe. The preparations have already all been finished!”

Cheon Woosung was unable to hold it in and shouted out in an eager voice. He looked like a child that couldn’t wait to dig into their appetizing birthday cake.

His gentle image completely vanished, and all that was left was a boy wearing the mask of a man.

[Holholhol. It seems that you have been very eager.]

“Father, you understand how long I’ve eagerly waited for this day!”

—A voice in extremely high spirits.

[Of course, of course. How would I be unaware of how you feel.]

The old man continued in a low voice.

[Alright. Execute the plan right away.]

“Yes, Father!”

Cheon Woosung nodded his head with a bright smile.

“Ah… however, I believe it’ll be difficult to eliminate the Star of the Weaver Girl’s apostle immediately.”

[Hmm. The reason being?]

“The Queen of Leeches is showing interest in the Lightning Wolf.”


The old man shut his lips tight when the name ‘Queen of Leeches’ was transmitted over the phone.

[Holholhol… we’ll need to be cautious of her.]



The old man’s voice sank frighteningly.

[If he becomes a nuisance to our plans, do not hesitate to kill him.]

“I’ll bear that in mind!”


Cheon Woosung shouted out and saluted the air.


It seemed like his proud and confident response was to the old man’s liking as the sound of his laughter leaked over the phone.


“Yes, Father!”

[You haven’t forgotten about what happened to your mother, have you?]


Cheon Woosung’s shoulders shook.

The boy’s bright expression coldly settled down.

He ground his teeth with eyes containing uncanny hatred.

“Of course.”

Black mana oozed out of his tightly clenched fist.

“Ever since that day, I haven’t forgotten about it for a single moment.”

[Holholhol. Alright.]

The old man laughed in satisfaction.

“For the Black Stars’ grace.”

[For the Black Stars’ grace.]

The call ended with their short slogan.


Inside the room with only stillness remaining…


Flutter, flutter!—

Black feathers violently gathered up from his silent call, and black-robed men appeared inside the office.

“Execute the plan right away.”


One of the men looked at him with trembling eyes.

“If we execute the plan right now, a large amount of unawakened will—”

“It can’t be helped.”

A firm voice cut off his words.

Cheon Woosung slowly walked to the man.

Thud, thud—

Black mana overflowed every time he took a step and filled the room.

“Hyup! Kuk!”

The man’s body trembled from the suffocating pressure flowing out of Cheon Woosung.

Cheon Woosung painfully grasped the back of the man’s neck and twisted his body.

“This is a sublime sacrifice needed to follow the Black Stars’ will.”

“Kugk! Kuk!”

“You… haven’t forgotten about it, have you?”

Cheon Woosung’s eyes shone frighteningly.

“Kruurruk, kuk!”

The man’s face turned pale.

“You won’t answer?”

When Cheon Woosung’s expression was gradually distorting—



—a long spear pierced through the man’s stomach.

“Fuu. There is no need to wait for the answer of a useless bastard like him, Sir Woosung.”

The one who had pierced through the man’s stomach with a black spear was a middle-aged man with a long sword scar engraved down his right eye.


Park Gunwoo.

He was a high-ranking Templar of the Black Star Organization and Cheon Woosung’s right-hand man.

“—You have done well!”

Cheon Woosung smiled brightly and raised his thumb.

“Huhuhu. We can’t allow the ones who dare to doubt the Black Stars’ will to survive.”

“Haha! Indeed, there really isn’t anyone else but you.”

Cheon Woosung nodded his head again and again in satisfaction.

Park Gunwoo removed the droplets of blood on his spear with elegant movements and respectfully got down onto one of his knees.

“Sir Woosung. I’ll take responsibility and lead this operation.”

“Ah, it’ll be reassuring if you’re the one doing it. I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, sir!”

Park Gunwoo answered energetically and got up.

“Then I shall execute the plan right away!”

Flutter, flutter!—

He grabbed the corpse of the man who died in despair by having his stomach pierced and disappeared by scattering into feathers in mid-air.

The Owls who had followed Park Gunwoo there also hid inside the office.

“Well, then…”

Cheon Woosung looked at the streets of Seoul outside the Association building and smiled.

“This is the beginning.”

There wasn’t much time left until he would take revenge against the Awakeners he cursed and resented.


He spread his arms out wide, looked up, and reached his hands out to the blue sky.

“Mom… you’re looking, right?”

An affectionate smile was placed on Cheon Woosung’s mouth.

But soon after—

“Please look over me.”

—his affectionate smile disappeared, and what replaced it was a twisted smile containing hatred.

“I’ll make sure to take revenge.”

The boy who was wearing the mask of a man mumbled while looking down at the gray streets.


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