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Chapter 58: My Home (2)

“Y-You crazy bastard!”


Ha-eun’s long leg struck his back.

“N-No matter how happy you felt! How could you!!”


This time, she used her feet to press on his back.

“…I said I’m sorry.”

Two hours had passed since Ohjin had kissed Ha-eun from being unable to suppress his sudden impulse.

Laying down on the living room floor, Ohjin repeated that he was sorry—like a parrot.

Ha-eun sat down on the sofa and continued kicking him.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it! M-My lips… uhehe. My lips! Ehehe!”

‘Choose whether you’re going to be mad or happy.’

“…So. Did you like it?”

Wiggle, wiggle—

The tip of Ha-eun’s toes poked into his flank.

“Of course I like it. How couldn’t I when the house is this nice?”

Ohjin wondered if Ha-eun had felt the same way when she was gifted the Dragon’s Cursed Eye from him.

After having lived in a smelly and cramped house, he couldn’t think straight once he entered the luxurious apartment building, which was also why he couldn’t suppress his excitement and ended up kissing her.

‘I guess there really is a reason why housing prices don’t decline.’

It wasn’t simply the house’s interior that was nice; even the view that could be seen from the windows and the nearby facilities were also incomparable to where he had lived before. After all, the neighborhood he once lived in was so desolate that it looked like it had been attacked by monsters.

“I wasn’t talking about the house…”


“Th-The —cough! The kiss… d-did it feel good.”

With her heated red face, Ha-eun twirled her hair with the tips of her fingers.

Ohjin’s mouth curved up.

“It’s not like that was the first time. Why are you so flustered?”

“Huh? When?”

“Didn’t we do it a lot when we were young? Don’t you remember playing house at the orphanage?”


Ha-eun’s expression abruptly distorted.

“That doesn’t count, dumbass!”

Ha-eun leaned forward and pulled him in by wrapping both of her arms around his neck.

Along with a suffocating feeling, he could feel heavy pressure on his back.

‘My god, were they always this big?’

He already knew that she was voluptuous to some degree, but as he felt it directly with his body, his mind became dazed from the overwhelming power level.

“Don’t play dumb; answer me.”


“Fuu, do you want to see me mad?”

“Well… of course I liked it. What are you asking that for?”

He recalled the soft sensation when their lips had met.

It wasn’t like lightning struck his body, as commonly portrayed in comics, but he couldn’t deny that it felt good.


Ha-eun’s lips curved into a smile.

She twisted her body like a relative who was trying desperately to hide the fact that they won 1st place in a lottery.

“Hu, huhuhuhu!!”

Positioned behind Ohjin, she stretched out his cheek.

“Mhm. So you’re saying that it felt so good that you want to jump outside and somersault in your underwear, right?”

‘No, it didn’t feel that good.’

“Ehehe! Anyway~ You cute little thing. Do you like me so much that you’d shove out your lips right after entering the house?”

“If this entered somebody else’s ears, they’d think we were some lovey-dovey newlyweds.”

“Kyahahaha! Why are you suddenly bringing up marriage from just a kiss?”


‘What is this woman on about.’

“I’m not a girl you can get your hands on that easily, you know~?”

“Uh, ok.”

‘Huh. That condescending face is making me quite irritated.’

“Now that I think of it, it is sort of an unpleasant memory, but that bastard Choi Jungchul or whatever looked at my face and —Bam! Immediately said that he’d give me $6,000,000… no, $10,000,000! Doesn’t this mean that I’m that charming?”

“What is it that you’re trying to say?”

“I’m saying that you should take responsibility for stealing my lips without permission.”

Ha-eun raised her nose and smirked.


Ohjin silently grabbed onto her foot that was placed on top of his thigh and started to tickle it.

“Kyaaa!! Wh-What are you doing!!”

She tried to retract her foot in a hurry, but there was not a chance.

When considering physical strength alone, he was stronger at this point in time.

“Pff!! Kyahaha!! Stop!! Stoooop!”

“Oh, my. Why is such an expensive person acting so unlike her dignity?”

“Let go! I said, let go, you bastard!!”

Just like that, he tickled her foot for around five more minutes.

“Hugk! Hugk! Fu…”

Ha-eun breathed out roughly and bit her lips.

It seemed as though it was quite stimulating, as she broke out in cold sweat.

‘She was this weak to tickling…’

“Anyways, let’s take a look around the house.”

Although it had been over two hours since he had entered the house, he hadn’t seen anything besides the living room.

“Fuu. Okay.”

Ha-eun tidied up her messy hair while she got up.

“This is the toilet… And there are two rooms… This is the large one.”


As the room door opened, the spacious interior came into view.

‘Damn. This single room is the size of our old house.’

The furniture they had used inside the old house was inside the room.

“We should buy new furniture soon.”

“Right? Our old furniture is quite worn-out, after all.”

“There’s also that, but…”

Ohjin raised his shoulder to indicate towards the other room.

Since they were currently in the large room, the other one would be the small one.

“We’ll need to buy furniture for that other room as well.”

‘Well, it’s only natural I use the small room since it’s the house Ha-eun bought.’

It didn’t matter to him since even if it was small, it would be much more spacious than when they lived in their cramped old house.

“Hm? What are you talking about?”

“What do you mean?”

“That room is the storage room.”


‘What’s she talking about?’

“This is our room,” said Ha-eun as she pointed at the large room that had just been opened.

“…You’re telling me we should share a room when there are two of them?”



“Storage room? We don’t even have much luggage; I’ll just use the small room.”



“The owner of the house said so.”


‘There’s nothing I can say.’

“Heh. You should buy one if you have any complaints.”

Ha-eun smirked as she taunted him.

“Mold and rusty water… steaming hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.”


He couldn’t say that he would return to the old house, even as a joke.


Ha-eun smirked like a general who was certain of victory.

“In this house… ‘hot water’ comes out.”

“D-Damn it!”

‘Holy shit.’

‘Hot water!’

‘Friggin hot water!!’

‘I can wash my body with hot water in this house!!!’

It was a luxury he couldn’t experience in the old house.

“How is it? Do you want to listen to the owner, or do you want to leave?”


Although it felt humiliating, he couldn’t bring himself to reject the enticement of hot water.

Was there no choice but to give in?


Ohjin’s eyes shone keenly.

“Ha-eun, you said that you used the rewards from the recent subjugation to buy this house, right?”

“Huh? Yeah. I did.”

“Were my rewards included among them as well?”

He was unconscious for three days, and because he had been focused on the new skills he obtained, he hadn’t thought about the rewards yet.

“…Uh. Th-That’s…”

Ha-eun avoided his gaze.

“The one who caught the most demon beasts should be me, right?”

The amount of demon beasts he killed should have easily exceeded a hundred. In addition, since he had also killed Choi Jungchul, who could be said to be the leader, it was obvious that a hefty amount of rewards would be given.


‘I have no memories of receiving such money.’

“S-So after receiving a loan, I was just a little~ short of money, you know. Heh, hehehe!” said Ha-eun as she scratched the back of her head.


‘So you’re telling me she used my rewards without a word to buy the house?’

Well, it didn’t matter up to that point.

“Then shouldn’t that small room at least be considered mine?”



Ha-eun’s shoulders shook.

“Ahk! M-My leg!! Ugh!!”

She clutched her right prosthetic leg all of a sudden as she expressed her pain.

It truly was an act that was second to none when it came down to awkwardness.

* * *

‘What is she planning on doing this time?’

He silently looked down at Ha-eun.

“…Ohjin, how could you say those words to my face when my legs are like this?”

‘So she’s coming out like this?’

“My… My body is one that needs someone that can take care of it nearby.”


With an expression that said he suffered a blow, Ohjin placed his hand on his forehead.

‘Fuck me.’

‘What am I supposed to do now?’

“Sigh… alright, alright. Let’s use the same room.”

“Yaaaay! An extension of the slave contract, nice~.”

Clenching her fists, Ha-eun shouted out cheers.

Ohjin put on a bitter smile while he looked at her.

There wasn’t anything particularly uncomfortable since he had been living in the same room as her anyways, but…

If there was one thing that was a shame—

“Ugh. I thought I would finally be able to sleep in a bed.”

—it was that he would have to sleep on the floor again.

“Kyahaha! Don’t worry about that. I have already planned it all~ ahead!”

Ha-eun laughed brightly and headed to the bed.


Now that he looked at it, all the other furniture was the same, but the bed was new.



As she opened the bottom portion of the bed, another bed slid out from its side.


A short exclamation flowed out of Ohjin’s mouth.

For there to be such a method…

When he thought about it more, it was a simple solution, but he hadn’t thought of it previously, as the house he lived in before was so narrow.

“Hehe. How is this?”

“It’s more than enough.”

Ohjin raised his thumb.

If it was that, there would be no problem using the same room.

‘By the way…’

“The house is really nice… but it’s a bit unfortunate I can’t use the rooftop.”

Since no one used the rooftop in the house they lived in before, he was able to go up whenever he wanted to train comfortably, but it seemed that it wouldn’t be possible at the new house.

“Ah, about that, I heard that there’s an Awakener exclusive training center nearby.”

“There’s something like that as well?”

“Yeah. I heard that the usage fees are a bit expensive, but they provide you with a space where you can train without having to pay attention to others’ eyes.


It wasn’t bad at all.

“And isn’t this place close to Hongdae? If you need to train hard, you can just do it at the sanctum.”

“There’s also that method.”

If he went to the sanctum, he would also be able to receive Riak’s help in training.

“Hehe. I had already thought of it all before picking this location as our house!”

As she had said,

Yeouido was where the Association was, and Hongdae was where the sanctum gate was; neither of them was that far from the apartment building.

“There really isn’t anyone else but you.”

He couldn’t help but acknowledge it.

“Fufu. Then present to me tasty beef for today’s dinner.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Beef was nothing when she bought him such a place.

“Then should we go to the Mart together?”

“There’s a Mart in the basement here.”




When they were about to head to the mart—

Ring, ring!—

—he received a call.


Ohjin tilted his head as he took out his phone.

‘Park Changhyun?’

He thought it would be a call from General Manager Han, but it was unexpectedly from Park Changhyun.


[…Mr. Ohjin. Could you come to the Valhalla guild right now?]

“What’s the matter?” asked Ohjin as he furrowed his brow.

[—Our guild leader, Lee Woohyuk has suffered a hit from the Black Star Organization.]


It appeared that they would have to save the beef for a later date.


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