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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 74: Heat, Tension and Passion Bahasa Indonesia

Ashton wants to thin out the herd of demons above, he truly does. The only reason he hasn’t done it yet is due to the fact that it’d be extremely risky.

Every single day, Ashton would allocate some time to venture above and observe the demons roaming around the ruins of City M. There’s way too many of them for him to comfortably walk around even at daytime, which proves rather risky to even think about taking the initiative to attack them.

Ashton had no doubts that the moment he fires a single shot, he will be mobbed by hoards of demons. And even though he has the ability to kill the most common types of Demons by now, he is nowhere near strong enough to deal with a massive hoard on his own.

Sadly, that’s what kept him rooted underground. What else can he do other than to bide his time and keep training until he’s strong enough to deal with all of the bullshit above him?

What’s concerning about his current predicament is that, it’s starting to get bland…

The loneliness and desolation he’s exposed to was starting to really take a toll on him. Yes, he’s getting enough rests in between his training and all of that, he made sure of this. But still, it doesn’t change the fact that his situation isn’t getting any better.

Aria was trying, she really does.

She’s always reminding Ashton that he’s not alone and that she’ll always be there for him. And, even just for a little bit, it’s working. It’s barely able to stave off the darkness that were trying to swallow Ashton whole though. Still, it’s better than nothing.

Ashton himself knows this too. Unfortunately, even though he’s aware of it, he really can’t do anything against it.

His situation sucks. That much is obvious. And all he could really do is to endure it.

He’s already affected by it, that much he’s certain. He’s trying his best to be strong not just for himself, but for Aria as well.

But he really needs rest. He needs to distract himself from all of this gloominess.

That is why now, he’s doing something about it.

Inside the Grand Library, Ashton could be seen reading a book.

The book in his hands wasn’t about anything magical, no. Neither it is theories about the demons or the outside world.

It’s a book about Mechanics…

Ashton already started his research about if because he misses Jerry way too much. This is what he decided to pay attention to for now and not whatever’s going on above him.

Ashton’s head was resting on Aria’s lap as he read. He was focused on the material but he’d admit that he’s a bit distracted by the way how Aria was playing with his hair.

Aria’s hands were soft. She’s very gentle as she played with his hair, she’s even humming a tune that sets Ashton’s mind and heart at peace, albeit also making him a little bit sleepy.

Ashton adjusted his position, causing Aria to look down on him. As their gazes met, Aria gave him a sweet smile that made Ashton’s heart hitch. He smiled back at her and placed his attention back at the book.

Aria swept the hair on his forehead, her soft hands then landed on his temples, giving him a gentle massage that caused Ashton to groan comfortably on his lap.

Ashton placed the book down and closed his eyes, wanting to enjoy the sensation. He deftly held Aria’s hand and peppered it with kisses.

He opened his eyes to see Aria blushing at the contact, making it all the worth on doing so.

“…tired?” She asked.

“Not really.” Ashton shook his head while replying softly.

He lifted himself and sat close to her, their bodies touching quite generously. They looked at each other in the eye, feeling a subtle tension in the atmosphere.

“You need to rest you know. You’ve been at it pretty hard these past few days.” She said.

“I know.” Ashton murmured. He then unashamedly burrowed his face on the crook of her neck. And if Aria barely stifled a squeal upon the contact, then that’s her business.

Ashton sighed softly as he inhaled her scent. Aria smells really good. She always does. It’s one of the things that he liked about her. She smells like lavender, sometimes peaches.

‘It’s probably her shampoo or her soap. Whatever, she smells so good.’ He mused to himself.

Aria’s blushing like mad right now but she made no efforts in stopping this. She also didn’t stop him when he pulled her closer to him, wrapping his strong arms around her.

She almost melted in his embrace. She won’t admit this out loud like, ever, but she’s touch-deprived. Due to her uniqueness, nobody really sticks around, much less even pay attention to her.

Those who did were mostly perverts who can’t take a hint.

But Ashton was different. Especially after knowing what he’s been through with their knew connection, Ashton was unlike any other she’s met before. And that’s precisely why she doesn’t mind this.

She knew that Ashton isn’t really clingy. It rarely happens, but when it does, he’s the best.

If anything, Aria would even say that she wants him to do it more. Alas, you’ll never hear her say that out loud anytime soon.

“Hey um…”



Aria was puzzled. She could feel that Ashton was hesitating and she wondered why. The next thing she knew, his face adjusted and he place a chaste kiss on her neck before withdrawing.

Aria stiffened because of that, then she blushed even harder if that’s even possible.

“Uh…did I um…”

“No…no, i-it’s fine. I don’t…mind.”

Their gazes met briefly before Aria looked away. Ashton bit his lips and swallowed. She could feel the intensity of his gaze but she isn’t bothered by it.

It just made her a bit sheepish and very flustered, but she’s not against it.

Ashton leaned in again. Burrowing his face at the crook of her neck and placing another kiss there. Aria bit her lips, then she noticed that he didn’t withdrew.

Instead, he placed another kiss…then another one…

The intervals of his kisses were shortening. Aria could feel herself breathing deeper in anticipation. Somehow, their hands entwined without their knowledge.

Lost in their little bubble of scalding passion. Aria noticed that Ashton’s kisses somehow made its way up. From her neck to her chin, then now on her cheeks and face.

Ashton peered Aria’s face with kisses which made the maiden’s heart jump in joy. Their foreheads touched at one-point with Ashton cupping her cheeks.

Her eyes were closed but she could feel Ashton’s intense gaze on her. She slowly opened them to meet his and she nearly lost himself in it.

With a gentle swipe of his hand, he removed her rimmed glasses and placed it on the bedside table. He then leaned in to latch on her lips and both of them sighed in contact.

That warm and pillowy sensation soothed their souls. Aria’s hand clutched his shirt as he deepened their kiss.

Aria swoon at the way he pulled her close. How he greedily latched on to her body, pulling her to his lap while their lips stayed connected. She hummed in contentment as her man took the lead in this intense dance.

Pulling away briefly, Aria just barely managed to see him tossing his shirt away before he claimed her lips again. He pushed her onto the bed and is now on top of her with her arms wrapped around his neck.

His greedy hands explored and felt her body, causing her to hum and squirm in their kiss.

Aria felt like her chest was going to explode with passion. Ashton wasn’t big on words as he preferred action, which he conveyed through her with what they’re doing right now.

He’s greedy yet patient. He asks permission through her action and knows her signals. They both know that this is not the time for words. This tension had been going on for far too long and now, they’ll have it no matter what happens.

Aria was emboldened by her passion as she held Ashton’s hand and slid it inside her shirt. Ashton hummed and cupped her bountiful breasts, giving it a firm squeeze to convey his satisfaction.

Aria moaned as he played with her sensitive nubs, rolling, pinching and alternating between the two. And as their tongues chased each other, Aria wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him closer and pressing the firm hardness within her pants on her core.

The fire just burned even fiercer at this point. Aria arched her back and found herself losing her mind, hazy in pleasure.

Somehow, Ashton managed to pull away from their kiss. They both panted harshly, hips grinding together as they looked at each other’s eyes.

“I want you…” he whispered in her lips.

“Have me, then.” She replied.

No words followed that. They just tossed their clothes away and joined their hearts together as the room was gradually filled with grunts and wails of pleasure through their union.

Today is a really good day…

” AHEM “


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