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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 19: Sealed Memories Bahasa Indonesia


Fingers crossed and inwardly chanting the names of all Saints, Gods and Deities he know of, Ashton watched in bated breath as the wheel, that may just change his destiny, gradually slowed down.

Although he didn’t know if it’s possible for him to receive something like this stub again, Ashton still treated this as if it’s the only lifeline he had.

He never wanted to be so lucky in his entire life.

Ashton nearly hyperventilated as the wheel slowed down to a crawl. The arrow’s still on the black color and he could already feel the dread creeping up to his heart.

Then again, the wheel persisted with it’s final movements. Slowly but surely, under Ashton’s stressed and hopeful gaze, it approached the next color but it had become really slow that the momentum it carried doesn’t appear to be enough to push it to the next color.

‘Come on, come on, come on…’

Ashton was like those gamblers who’s watching a racing competition with their bets on the line. If his stare was just powerful enough, it might’ve been enough to give this darned wheel that final push to get this over with, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.


Through a sheer stroke of miracle, the last tick of the spin pushed it just beyond the black color to the golden on before it finally stopped.

Ashton felt his soul leaving his body. He felt lightheaded for some reason. He was so relieved and jubilant. It landed on the Violet Golden color which is the thinnest strip in there! This means that he hit the jackpot, right?

[Providence Re-rolled! Congratulations! Overwhelming Luck blesses the Host. Your Providence changed from: [Five Golden Rays (Bright Saint)] to [Fey Emperor’s Blessings (???)] Please check your Profile Page for more details.]

Ashton only read up until he saw the new Providence he had. He didn’t hear the last part since something happened to him.

His consciousness mysteriously turned dull. His body suddenly levitated few meters above the ground and strong fluctuations emerged from his body.

The surrounding Mana became agitated as the fluctuations touched them. Mana reacted erratically forming a whirlpool with Ashton at its very center. Ashton was subconsciously absorbing large amounts of Mana on his Mageroot and shocking changes were happening to his body.

Ashton had no idea of what’s happening since his consciousness were somewhere else but apparently, the fluctuations he’s releasing was so great that it is alarming the experts all around the City and even beyond.


Someone who’s reading the movement of the stars jolted out of their stupor and whispered in shock:

“This…is impossible!! This can’t be!”

There’s one who’s peacefully adapting to the Hermit lifestyle. They were feeding some goats when they felt the fluctuation too. This person looked up to the general direction of where it was coming and said:

“Oh boy…this will be problematic.”

At the depths of the abyss, a faint shadow was peacefully slumbering, curled like a fetus. The shadow’s eyes trembled open upon feeling the similar fluctuation and a deep growl sounded from its throat.

“Another one! Kill!”

Up above the stars, in a castle hidden behind swathes of golden clouds. A presence could be seen watching the scenery below. Their eyes are currently combing through every layer of the soil, trying to pinpoint where this fluctuation originated.

“It escaped? No. That shouldn’t be. Nothing escaped my sight before. I refuse to believe that.”


“So it’s hidden then? Hmm. That makes more sense. Either way, they sure moved fast. No matter, I’ll let them be happy for now.”


All sorts of people reacted to the fluctuation that Ashton involuntarily released. As for Ashton himself, he couldn’t control any of this sadly since he’s not really in the right mind.

Thankfully, the System already responded to this outcome…

[Detected: Host’s Transformation alarmed powerful individuals.]

[Scanning…Detecting Killing Intent towards Host.]

[Searching for available solutions…]

[Error! Error! Error!]


[Anomaly Detected! Please Stand-by!]

[Anomaly Deciphered; Due to Host’s change in Providence, his Mageroot and Magical Artifact benefited and mutated. Profile, updated.]

[Mageroot: Mysterious Rainbow]

[Magical Artifact: Cursed Book of Infinity (Legendary)]

[Detected: Fluctuations resulted by the Host Transformation might garner unwarranted attention. Searching for apt solutions…]

[Solution Found: Initiating ‘Host Isolation Protocol’]

A long line of notifications rang from the System but none of it reached Ashton. The message windows didn’t go away and they’re recorded so he can always see them later but for now, the more important thing is to stop Ashton from alarming really troublesome people.

For this, the System personally acted. With a light Swoosh! A curtain of light enveloped Ashton for the briefest of moments and the fluctuations magically disappeared.

With the fluctuations confined, the source was gone. The people who were alarmed by it lost their lead and couldn’t track it down either.

There were some who tried to use other methods to search for Ashton but failed miserably. Whatever the System did, it’s nothing short of impressive and effective. This ensured that Ashton’s life will be preserved and that he won’t be disturbed.

As for where Ashton’s mind is right now. Honestly, he had no idea.

Blurry images passed through him and he’s really out of focus. He couldn’t pay attention since he was too caught up with the moment. All he could do is feel but even the sensations he felt gave him mixed-ideas.

He feels like he’s soaking in a warm tub of water but at the same enjoying the cool breeze of an open forest…which really doesn’t make sense. He wasn’t hurt though, oh no.

It’s quite the opposite actually…

He never felt so comfortable in his entire life…this one and the previous one.

As Ashton’s mind drifted away from all sorts sense, time passed by. Gradually, Ashton’s visions became clearer and clearer and he started seeing-well…remembering would be more accurate.


[Content Warning: Depictions of Sexual Harassament and r*** ahead. You may skip this part if you’re uncomfortable. The title of this chapter should make it easy to connect the dots. ]

It never occurred to him that there was something locked away at the very depths of his memory…

He never thought that it was possible but he should’ve known really. After all…this world revolves around Magic.

He thought that when he transmigrated, he adopted to this body’s identity perfectly the moment his and Old Ash’s memories were fused. He never thought that Old Ashton actually had some sealed memories hidden away at the deepest recesses of his consciousness and now…because of this transformation, it’s all revealed.

As it turns out…Old Ashton was indeed right when he suspected the Nuns of the Orphanage. There is a reason behind it and it isn’t because he’s just naturally untrusting towards people.

Poor Old Ashton…his innocence was robbed from him mercilessly because some people couldn’t keep it in their pants.

Ashton felt unbridled rage coursing through his body as the memories played themselves out for him, which he doesn’t feel very often.

He couldn’t believe that the predecessor of this body suffered something like that…both from the Head Nun of the Orphanage and that disgusting Bus Driver.

They treated him like he was their precious toy. A young kid who hasn’t even hit his puberty, used like that…Ashton was trembling with rage and indignation that he couldn’t help but shed tears.

And after they used him, they tampered with his head, sealing the memories away to keep the kid unsuspecting in hopes that he won’t run away.

The sad part is, despite Old Ashton being careful and keeping his thoughts to himself, he really couldn’t fight against their methods.

Had Ashton knew that the Old Ash suffered from this, he wouldn’t have made that donation. He could’ve just left without saying goodbye and whisper: Good Riddance.

He can’t report this to the authorities either. He had no evidence! Everything was erased since those two old foxes were too meticulous on their operations.

Plus, that area was the slums…all kinds of nastiness are in there. Reporting it might even backfire so he was really helpless. .

Still, this was so f-ing sad and infuriating! Ashton wished that he hadn’t seen this at all. He was happy and comfortable living his new life, now he had to deal with this too?

‘The saddest part about this is that…if it’s still the same kid, he’ll probably let this go. He’s just going to forget about it and live far away from that mess. He’s so like me but…this isn’t okay.’

‘This is where I draw the line…’

‘Kid, I don’t know if you’re out there somewhere. I don’t know if you can see me or even hear my thoughts. But in the off-chance that you are…know that this isn’t over…’

Ashton’s felt the world warping around him. The righteous indignation he felt was like a fire that burned this memories and reduced them to ashes. He’ll never forget about this. In fact, though he’s technically not the same person, he’ll suffer from this too.

Him and the Old Ashton might’ve been considered as birds of the same feather but there are key differences between the two of them. As an adult, Ashton had a strong opinion about what’s right and what’s wrong.

‘I don’t know if you’ll like me after this but they’re not escaping this one…’

‘They will pay…and I can’t guarantee that it won’t be painful.’


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