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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 48: Is this what being wanted feels like? Bahasa Indonesia

“Let my boyfriend go now, Rachel!” Laura shouts at the one hugging me in front of my body.

Although her voice is loud and clear, that person who still indulges in licking my lips does not seem to pay any attention. Instead, Rachel is now trying to pry open my teeth with her tongue.

Despite all my struggle to push her away, she effortlessly overwhelms me with her strength.

“RACHEL!! STOP!!” The class rep yells with a fiery tone.

This time, her voice is much closer than before.

Back in the past, I always wondered how it would be if I were in the shoes of the protagonist. I finally understand how Han felt when Rachel found him having sex with Laura in the other iterations. It is a distinctive feeling, similar to a blend between embarrassment, shame, and surprise. A cocktail of emotions, I would call it. Something that will get you drunk and kill you if you have too much. Wait, let me change that a little. In my case, this cocktail will kill me if I drink it even when I only take a sip!! It is not a cocktail but a concoction of sweet poison.

And no, I do not feel any excitement from being found kissing someone else!

This is a world of yanderes, not a fluffy, puffy world or an NTR cucking world. The girls will not cry or run away because of disappointment. They will plunge a knife inside one’s chest and cut the head of their love rivals. Then, after everything, maybe they will take pieces of their loved ones’ home and put those into formalin jars to preserve those forever.

Brides and grooms in weddings usually say till death does us apart. In this world, death does jack shit!

By the way, I am positioned in a place that can stare straight at the bed with the door to Han’s bedroom behind me. Because of that, it is virtually impossible for me to turn and look at my girlfriend. Plus, Rachel is locking me in this place with her arms, so I have no idea how the class rep looks at the moment.

I can imagine, though. Laura’s amber eyes would at least be filled with anger and hatred. Her fists should be clenched tightly, so hard they are a pale white color. Without a doubt, Laura can run to find a weapon with the purpose of ending my life as well as Rachel’s. Even if she was not a yandere, she would not be able to keep herself sane seeing this…connection between Rachel and me.

This is where my life ends, I guess. Goodbye, world. This iteration is probably the best and most eventful for me. Sayounara, Rachel, Laura, Kurokawa, no matter where you girls are. I will see you in the next reset! Hopefully, you will still have the same current personalities.

I would hate to see you turning back to who you once were…Frankly speaking, I do not want to return to those lonely days after experiencing this…The way the girls are right now has given me more emotions than any other trial.

“Didn’t you hear me? Let him go this instance!!”

Never mind my speculations. The class rep sounds furious. One thing I notice is Laura’s voice somehow seems a bit softer. But I think that is just me. Laura should be mad at me, of course. She has all the rights to go absolutely bonkers! The class rep just saw Rachel kiss me on the mouth while she was my girlfriend.


Thank the Lord, Rachel finally lets me go! I thought she would be doing that forever!!

Immediately, I ignore Rachel’s lusty eyes and turn my head backward to see Laura precisely as I thought. From a quick glance, she does resemble the Laura that killed Rachel in my dream. Well, except for Rachel’s favorite kitchen knife and the blood. It is a strange nostalgic feeling, but I am sure I have not seen this.

As for Kurokawa, she is right behind Laura, staring at us intensely. In my dream, I thought Kurokawa had died since there was blood and signs of an attack on Laura’s clothes before she even made Rachel a dead corpse. I was worried for a second there, honestly. It would make sense if Laura killed Kurokawa, then came to kill Rachel. But my dream did not show me a reason for that massacre.

I do not want to see their deaths. These girls deserve better than their disgusting events and should be free to do whatever they want.

Oops, losing focus again!

Nevertheless, almost all males in the world would burst out and say: “Wait! This is not what it looks like!” or “We are only friends!” with their arms in the air, feigning innocence. I swear on my…um…I do not have anything…

But anyway, answers like that are useless in the eyes of anyone. If you are already going down, do it with a bang. Try saying: “Honey, it is what it looks like. I’m leaving you.”. Or better yet, say: “This girl will be better than you in every way. Therefore, I’m leaving you.” That way, the yandere will be extremely mad, and hopefully, your death will be faster. If not, maybe she will have a mental breakdown, giving you the chance to run away with your mistress.

When a person decides to cheat, they know who they want to be with. No matter how much you try to clear your name, the fact is that you have been with another person.

What to do when your current girlfriend is behind you and the third wheel is in front, hugging you? Oh, one more thing, keep in mind that this is the world of the psychopathic.

The answer is simple, really. And there is only one of those.

You pray for a quick death. That is it. No explaining, no promising, just a nice and simple prayer.

Say sorry, close your eyes, and hope your demise will be painless.

“I’m sorry, Laura.” Even though I can not express my face, I still try to make my voice sounds as apologetic as possible.

“It’s okay, C. I know it’s not your fault. It’s this thieving cat’s fault!!”

“Oh, thank you for understanding…”

Eh? But…but…but I…she…

“What are you doing still holding on to him?!” Laura grabs Rachel’s arms and tries to open her grips.

With all the strength Rachel has, I do not believe Laura can force Rachel to release me that easily. Contrary to my belief, everything is smooth and easy. It makes me feel like Rachel intentionally let me go.

“Hi, Laura! Hi, Kurokawa!” Rachel looks at the class rep, smiling brightly.

Laura’s eyes turn into a scornful look. I feel a chilling gaze even if she is not directing them at me.

“Don’t say hello to me, you thief. We are not friends.”

“I did not expect you to be this…brave, Rachel.” Kurokawa says.

Rachel nods then points her thumb behind. I notice not once does she turn back to look at that sleeping protagonist.

“It’s my nature, you see. Can we leave this room first? I don’t like to talk with Han in the background like this.”

Laura grabs my arm.

“No. Let me suggest something even better. How about we leave this place, C? It is late at night, and we should get Kurokawa home.”

“Don’t worry about me. I have permission to stay. I will go where you guys decide to.”

When did she get that?

Still, I actually agree with Laura. The more I stay in this mansion, the more I feel like I am the protagonist.

And no, sir. I do not like that. I already have enough attention. More of it, and I will be dead.


“You know what? I think we should leave, too.”

Wait, there is something strange with Kurokawa. She has bandages all over her arm.

“What happened to you, Kurokawa? It looks like you were bleeding! Now that I think about it, I saw bleeding on the kitchen floor earlier. Was that yours?”

“Thanks for worrying about me.” The bookworm smiles warmly. “I had a small cut.”

The other two girls turn to look at Kurokawa. Suddenly, the air feels a little tense.

What happened?

“A standard cut does not give you this kind of wound…”

“Hehe…What can I say? I am a little clumsy.” She laughs wryly.

“Okay. If you girls want to leave. It is fine.” Rachel claps her hands. “But first, clean up the blood you made. I am not going to do that.”


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