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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 46: [Rachel] The kiss from an unknown time. Bahasa Indonesia


The loud and howling sound of the wind pierces my ears.

Hearing that, our lips depart, and I walk to the edge of the building. There is something I would like to do while waiting for that inevitable outcome.


Since the wind blows very strongly where we stand, I have to use both arms to put my skirt down.

“Did you see?”

“I did.”

“What did you see?”

“…I saw your peachy butt.”

“Good. With only the two of us, I reckoned maybe I should just wear nothing. I was even thinking of going completely nude.”

After all, this is the highest place in the school. This place also holds symbolic quality in my heart.

“Nope. You will be cold and probably catch the flu, too.”

“Does it really matter?”

“It does to me.”

“Aw! You really do love me!” I have butterflies in my stomach.

It is here that I confessed to that man, where our short chapter started. It will also be where everything will come to a close.

Glancing at the dark sky above us, I know time is of the essence. There is not much time left to do this and another thing.

*Crack crack*

Although the school is still in shape, here and there, signs of corrosion can be found. The destructive nature of this world has erased everything around us except for this school. And by everything, I mean everything. His house is gone, Han’s mansion is gone, and all the others, too. There are no more love rivals, no shadow people, nothing.

Truth be told, I could not care less at this point. The one I need the most is by my side. Sometimes, happiness is just that simple.

“Oh! Here it comes!! Come here to mama!”

I can see it right now. What I want is flying to this place on its own.

From the top down, our school’s sakura tree is blooming with utmost radiance. When the time comes, it will bloom beautifully, signifying a fantastic conclusion to our stories. In my visual field, the pale pink color of the sakura petals is literally covering the school ground. With each gust of wind, they fly upward simultaneously, creating the most wondrous scene anyone could imagine. Like pink fairies dancing in the sky, they show me the best performance they could ever give.

It is both congratulation and a farewell to us, to our fleeting love.

“Almost there!”

Since it is undoubtedly beautiful, I reach out to catch one petal with my hand.

“Caught it!!”

“Nicely done, Rachel.”

“Hehehe!! I told you I would be able to do it.”

*Sniff sniff*

“How does it smell?”


*Sniff sniff*

“Kind of like a mixture between vanilla, earth, and flower.” I explain using the best of my knowledge. “Why wouldn’t you know about it?”

“I never paid them enough attention to try.”

“So there are things you don’t know?” My lips turn into a mischievous smile.

“Yes, of course. I also don’t know about what you think of me.”

“Come on!! Isn’t it so obvious? How many times have we done that?” Heat starts to rise inside me while thinking about something only the adults would do.

Then, turning my back against that person, I shout with the best of my power.

“I. Love. You!!!! The one and only you!!! No one else!!! Even when everything resets, even when this world reaches the end, I will find a way back to you!! I AM FOREVER YOURS!!!!!!”


The howling winds are clapping hands at my efforts.

“Thank you very much, m’lord!” Once again, I look back at that person, hold my skirt with one hand, and do a medieval bow.

“You are always funny, Rachel. Tell me, what are you going to do with those petals?”

“I would like to make a wish using one of these things.”

“What is your wish?”

“Dummy! If I tell you the wish, it will never come true.”

“That makes sense…”

“Hehe!” I smile at him.

My wish is simple.

I wish for C to be happy until the end of time.

I do not need this dying world to continue. We can not do anything in it anyway. There is no book to read, no place to stay, no game to play. C will be bored with just the two of us all the time. Also, when we have children, how on earth am I going to give birth? On the ground?

Those things asides, I know he has a big heart.

He needs to save everyone. That is how big his chest is. As someone who has lived many lives, he has a strong sense of responsibility.

Mine is small. I can only love one person.

C is different.

So please, sakura oh sakura, bring my wish come forth to the distant future.

May C always be happy.



“Whoa!!” I stumble.

“Be careful!” From behind me, a man rushes to catch my falling body. “I know the flowers are beautiful, but they can’t stand next to you. Don’t try to catch them if you can’t, Rachel.”

Full of love and extremely warm, his voice is.

“Look at the guy who jumps off the building countless times.” I look back at the owner of that gentle voice, scoffing at his warning. “Dreamy boy, don’t forget, your life is mine now. Albeit short, don’t even think of doing anything weird.”

Just like my eyes, his iris color is also aquamarine. We are really made for each other. Such a shame that it took me so long to realize that simple fact. Because of my circumstances, I have so little time to repay him for his kindness. That is why until the final second, I will be with him.

He will not be alone anymore.

The guy comes close to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me into his chest. I return his hug by holding onto his arms. This is what affection is supposed to be like. It has to be from both sides, not just one. If it is the latter, it is unrequited love. Those are bad…

“Because I know how painful it is that I am trying to protect you. Believe it or not, falling to my death was not something I enjoyed doing. It is equal to breaking every bone in your body, all at once. Sometimes, I would not be dead once I hit the ground, so I had to lay there until I died because of blood loss. Not recommended. Two out of ten.”

His embrace tightens as if not wanting to let me go.

“Then what is one out of ten?” I ask. What is considered to be the worst kind of death in this guy’s mind?

“For real?” His eyes focus on mine.

This attention, this affectionate stare…I love him. I adore him.

“Yeah.” My arms go around his back.

“I once died out of loneliness. I swear it happened. No pain, no wound. My body just kinda stopped functioning.” C explains.

It feels so painful…so…utterly…painful…

I look up to him, tearing up again. My fingers trace each feature of his face. Each part of him is so beautiful, so well-defined. He is like someone who comes out of a novel rather than a real-life person. No one would ever believe his face was blank.


“It was not your fault. It was never your fault.” He shakes his head.

“Sorry for not being there sooner for you.” Then, my hands touch the massive scar on his back. “Does this still hurt?”

“Not at all. Don’t worry about it.”

“I wish…it was me having the scar.”

“Rachel.” His gentle hand runs through my hair. “Thanks to that scar that we got to be together. Honestly, Han would still be in your mind if you didn’t do it.”

“Don’t say his name.”

“I know.”

“I’m sorry for doubting you at first. I should have seen through it from the start. Everything I wanted was a fantasy created by myself. Because of it, I kept lying and lying until you came to me.”

This man, the one hugging me right now, is the true love of my life.

This man is the one who sacrificed the most without asking for anything in return.

“You protected me when the others were searching for me. You tried hiding me when Han’s loyal yanderes wanted me dead. Since our meeting at the school gate, your image has been in all my ups and downs. For that, I am grateful.”

“I just wanted to see you happy.”

“And that is what I love about you. You know things would never work out, but you still tried.”

After making their way behind his neck, my fingers force his face closer, making it easier for my lips to reach him.

“Come here, my hero.”

“I’m not going anywhere. At least, not until this ends…”

We then exchange another passionate kiss without saying anything else.

*Crack crack*

“You can do for another round, right?” I take off my outfit and pin C onto the ground.


Flicking his forehead, I smile.

“You can. Give me your love again. We have…all the time in this world…”

Around us, things start to crumble into the void.


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