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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 34: Laura is getting some sugar. Bahasa Indonesia

At this point, everything is crystal clear. C’s monologue is universal among us except for Han. Until now, I still do not clearly understand the reason why. However, the way it works is irrelevant.

The important thing is to protect him from the likes of Rachel. If he falls into her hands, god knows what she will do to him.

Dare you to lay a finger on him, Rachel, and you will suffer. I will trample on your dead corpse if you harm him in the slightest. You will wish for what you did to the Lauras in the past when I begin the torture, you sadistic nutjob.

I knew from the start that psycho would find out sooner or later. Even if he was not saying a word, he could not stop his train of thoughts. No one can ever do something like that. It is simply impossible, inhuman even.

There is no way for me to blame C. He has been through enough of injustice already. Seriously, I only want him to have all of the best things I can offer, none of these dramas and schemes. The importance now lies in finding a way to keep him safe and drive Rachel toward Han while hiding the fact that we can read his thoughts.

I can try my best to hide that. In fact, we all have been doing the same thing.

As for pushing Rachel toward Han to keep the story moving, I am not that confident, frankly. Even though it is true I am ahead of everyone else due to my sudden confession, it is C’s decision to keep me by his side. Some may consider that to be unfair since I am trying to monopolize him for myself.

That is indeed what I am thinking. There is no such thing as fairness when it comes to a relationship. First comes, first served.

While strolling on the street with an important person, I also take the time to try and memorize the location for future usage. In his words, this place is very close to his. So it will definitely come in handy.

And how is it acceptable if I do not even know the way to C’s house? It is the place I will spend most of my time.

About 20 minutes later, a specific place sticks out like a sore in the neighborhood.

“We’re here! Let’s go in, guys. Oh, wait! Let me do one thing. Ehem! Welcome everyone to my house.” Standing in front of his door, Han spreads open his arms and introduces it.

“Is this for real?” Kurokawa covers her mouth with both hands. Her voice seems to be taken back a little.

I wish I could be saying how pathetic she is. Sadly, I am also doing the same thing with one hand. The other one is still holding C’s, of course.

Even if this whole world is coming to its end. I am not letting C go. Period.

[He does live in a beautiful house. This lucky bastard!]

Do not be envious, C. As long as you are there, things will be beautiful. But I have to correct you on one thing…It is not a house…

That is a villa.

Fashionable white wall, orange intricate roof tiles with a western metal gate, this is undoubtedly a freaking fancy villa with a pool of its own! I can even see a garden with fresh fruits-dangling trees on one side of the place. Just by a glance, I know already that these are well kept.

[The fruits are pretty ripe. Rachel can probably use those to make the dish she likes so much. I have always wondered what sour and tangy mean. This should be a chance for me to do it.]

Those are…oranges? Is it because of the orange chicken dish that Rachel takes care of the trees?

The possibility is certainly not zero…

Not just that, but there are wooden tables plus chairs put randomly under those trees, probably for tea parties and such. Those also have some of the more distinctive designs that fit perfectly into the environment surrounding them.

This is so luxurious I am appalled.

Compared to the houses we have seen on our way, this one is definitely the best looking, also presumably the most well-designed.

[He is destined to be the harem king, after all. So the place has to be at least this big to house all the different heroines. Coincidentally, there are 6 bedrooms for Han and 5 of the main heroines. Coincidentally, indeed.]

Ah, so that is why.

Right now, we have Rachel, who is supposed to be the first female lead, and Kurokawa, who is supposed to be the second one. I wonder who would be the third one to show up?

“Please, people, come one right in! Don’t just look at it like that. This is not built by me or has anything with my name on it! This house is my parents’!” Han explains.

[Yeah, your loaded parents who never showed up even once. It must be disgusting looking at us mere mortals with small pockets filled with nothing but breadcrumbs, is it not, my lord? What is next? “Feel free to behave like the normal commoners at my fantastic place?” “Do not be bound to your poor chains of the plebeians?”]

I must…



The corners of my mouth…are twitching non-stop…

“Just relax and be your usual selves, similar to your own house! I am only a student like all of you.”





[What is wrong with those girls?]

Damn it! I could not hold it in.

But…C is hilarious, so that should be a given. Even the other two could not withstand such a ridiculous hit from him.

Humor, kindness, caring, attention, living outside of the box,…What more could one ask for in a significant other?

As we walk inside the villa, the protagonist takes the lead in showing us around. The rest of us just follow and let him do all the talk.

“Follow me this way. This is the main gate, by the way.”

[I know, My Lord. I have been here a few times. I have to say, it is refreshing seeing you a bit more proactive like this, Han. Keep it up!]

It is much more difficult for him to get his hands on Kurokawa and Rachel now, my sweet C. This change in him is at least a thousand years too late. However, I feel a bit curious why C would be here in the past.

[*Sigh* Back when I first got my sentience, I snuck into this place to see what the problem was. Rachel managed to kill me a couple times until I found a way to climb in. Then, rather than finding something worthwhile and learning new things, I heard moaning from her. God forbid, but I took a sneak peek at her doing the deed with Han completely asleep. That was not entirely my fault, though. You should close the door when you are having sex, people!]

Well, C, dear, it was Han’s house, and there should be no one else. Still, it is very odd she did not close the door.

[Honestly, you would think she would close and lock everything because of her plan. Yet it was different. The dishes were not cleaned, the laundry was everywhere, and the house was basically a mess. As if not wanting to waste a single second of Han in his drugged state, she pounced on him without any other thoughts on her mind.]

She lost all her reasoning once the pills took their effects? Hmmm. I can understand that. Rachel must have been in a hurry that she left everything on hold.

[He woke up in the middle of it, though. Rachel’s worries about her childhood fiancee losing the effects of the drugs made sense all in all. If she had tried to do the house chores, he would have woken up before she finished. Han’s house was huge. And by that, I mean gigantic. There should have been a maid. She was fired by Rachel. What do you expect? Some master-servant roleplay with Rachel watching?]

That psycho only fired the maid? Not killed her?

[Lucky for the maid, it was before they had sex. She did not lose it totally in her head. They did have some master-servant roleplay after the first time, though.]


You are thinking about that quite a bit, C.

I know your kink now, dummy. Now, where can I get a maid outfit?

“This is the living room. These sofas are really soft, you know? I heard they imported it from overseas. The living room is the biggest out of all the rooms in this house. But we do have different areas for other activities. They all have pillows and blankets, though. I like to put those everywhere I go.”

So it is divided into sections? That makes sense. This place has a western design outside, so it should be the same on the inside.

[So that you can have sex in different positions and scenarios, I know.]


“Are you okay, Laura?” C looks at me. His voice sounds concerned.

[Is she okay? I have been having a rise in temperature in my palm. Is she having some kind of flu?]

“No, C. Something caught in my throat. That’s all!”

“Ah, okay! Let’s get you something to drink first.”

[Wait a second. I think we all need something to drink. Let’s tell Han to get it for all of us.]

My boyfriend then looks at the lord of the house. “Maybe we should all get some water. You know, since we have been talking a lot, but not for me. I don’t really need it.”


He really cares about me.

I look to the other two and see the melting looks they have on their ugly faces.



“Oh shoot! Why didn’t I think about that?! Sorry guys, I’ll get you something right away! Follow me to the kitchen. We have a big dining table there.”

(You can now buy me milk for me to make more cheese!!!


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