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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 33: Kurokawa is also suffering. Bahasa Indonesia

This is not good. This is not good at all.

It seems Rachel has figured it out.

Even though Laura and I tried not to talk about it with her being nearby, I guess we could not escape the unavoidable outcome. Since the event happened when Rachel was not there, we deliberately stayed quiet to keep her away from it. I never thought that the two of us would simultaneously and knowingly do something that the other party was scheming.

Although, I do wish I could delay Rachel’s realization as far as possible.


“Rachel, do we have enough food for this many people?” Walking next to his alleged fiancee, Han wonders.

[Look at him being oblivious again. He does not even know how much food his childhood sweetheart stocks at home for them to eat. The poor girl goes to the supermarket every morning just to get the freshest ingredients for you, you ungrateful prick. I pity those who soon have to become his girlfriends.] C’s heavy criticism rings in my head.

How did the past Kurokawa come to be in love with this protagonist, honestly? He seriously has no idea how everything around him comes to fruition. The fact that he is the one this game appointed is nothing short but a miracle.

If this were real life, I would have never chosen him to be my partner. My choice for an ideal boyfriend or husband would definitely be like C, who paid attention to small details and actually cared. After all, everyone wants to feel appreciated. The current Kurokawa will not settle for some mediocre second-handed affection.

“Don’t worry, I have it covered.” Rachel reassures Han.

Although she smiles in his direction, I can see clearly that her main focus is not him. Her target is most definitely similar to mine. Also, I have a very peculiar feeling that even her smile is not directed at her childhood friend.

That psycho should be feeling good hearing C’s words.

“Gotcha! I know I can always count on you!” Han then starts humming a tune.

[No! Appreciate her more!! Say thank you, you absolute kettle! She has everything done even before you could ask that question! Pay a little more attention to her, for goodness. If you want to have a yandere girlfriend, this is your chance!]

I agree, C. We need to quickly make them a couple! Less competition is always better for me, especially when we still have more unknown heroines coming.

“Haha. Thanks!”

That is meaningless…but whatever. Rachel needs to keep the childhood friend game anyway.

Because of that psycho, the plan now has to change. Initially, I was thinking about keeping it neutral by not joining any party except aiming for C. That is no longer a viable choice. From here on out, she will start attacking relentlessly, and I must choose a side.

However, either Rachel’s or Laura’s is equally disgusting to me.

I do not like it one bit. The only team I want to be on is my own, and maybe C’s.

“Today’s anime will be exciting, Rachel! Finally, we get to see that pirate using the fifth gear…”

“Oh, I see…”

Han starts to talk about his hobby, while the girl next to him just nods. I take that she does not really have any interest in anime?

[Oh, come on, man! Just look at her! She is clearly not in the mood for that! Usually, she would give you her thoughts about your hobby. Right now, she is not even replying to them. Ask her how she is feeling, whether or not she needs help for the upcoming dinner, anything! A simple how are you is ten times better than your weaboo shit!]

While walking back to Han’s place, I am paying close attention to C’s inner voice, looking for any other clue I can utilize. Not just that, but I also look out for Rachel and Laura. What we have at the moment is a weird equilibrium between us three, and I look forward to tipping the scale to my side.

With every chance I can find, I try to close the distance between C and me whenever possible.

Sadly, all of my attempts have been for naught.

What I am looking for is a light touch. That would theoretically free me from the shackles of the system. Between that psycho and I, I think I have less struggle. The reason can be, as C said: that my scene was not coming until later. Therefore the control of the system is less on my back? That theory is very plausible, though I will probably need to experience my own “scene” to know for sure.

Laura has been keeping a very close eye on me. By that, I mean she has been managing all of my advancements. I notice the glares coming from the corners of my eyes many times and choose to ignore them. She will not do anything drastic when he is still here. I know that.

[*Sigh* The way home has never been this long. But on the brighter side, thanks to the new colors, the surroundings are much livelier. No more grey patches all around the blocks. It pleases the eyes. Ah, wait. I do not have those. It helps the mind? Nah, the expression is not the same anymore. Saying that makes me feel like a pseudo-scientist selling crystals.]


You idiot. How did you even come up with those euphemisms?

[Nonetheless, this new change in the world is good. I like it! I know everyone is different. All the girls are behaving more like humans than mere programs. But, to be honest, I have never had my heart jumped so many times before. I feel like I am living, not stuck in a never-ending nightmare where there is only me.]

My Dear Classmate C, this world is like that because there is you. You are the one influencing us.

It is all thanks to you, who are giving us the chance to become something else, better, more realistic.

I am human now.

All thanks to you, my dear.

“Hey, C, can I ask you a question?” Laura casually walks on C’s right, blocking my way. Share some of the air, will you?

“Sure. Go ahead.”

“I’m sorry if this is too personal, but is it fine for you to go to Rachel and Han’s place?”

Of course, she wants to divert him somewhere else. I know that because I want to do so, as well.

“I know I am not in a position to say anything, but I want to ask the same thing. Do not do it because you are forced to, C. Anything forced does not have any good inside it.” I stress the word forced a bit while looking at Laura.

She should be able to understand what I am trying to say.

I seriously do not mind being a supporter as long as I can have a bit of what I want. Contrary to Rachel’s selfish tendency, I do not feel too much of a grudge if I were to share.

That is something all Kurokawa had.

“Hmmm.” C puts a hand on his lips, touching them while he thinks.

The way it works may be comical since what he has is just a mouth, but I think he looks serious.

A man is most handsome when he concentrates.

That saying never fails me.

[It is too late to take my words back now. I can ask Laura to pull me back to my place if things get ugly. It is just some pencil lines and is very close by, so that should be easy for her to find. In fact, I just needed to turn left near Han’s place, and my house was already visible. The more important question would be whether or not Laura would take me back home. Plus, I would need to answer her questions after that.]

Stop showing everyone what to do, C! You are digging your grave! You just did that by saying Rachel would not drug you!

“I am certainly not forcing him to do anything. However, dinner will be much better if we can share it with friends.” At that moment, Rachel explains. “And I would love to study how C makes that dish!”

Quite desperate, I see.

[Now that I am thinking about it, even though I know how to cook, I have never actually tasted orange chicken before. All I have ever done was copy Rachel while she did it. Well, I think I just need to decline if she comes up with questions like that. At least I did not make a black gooey mess like Han when he cooked things. This is a great chance to actually eat for once.]

Seriously, his mind is just so wild. He can go from one thought to another in less than a second.

[To keep it safe, I will pull Laura aside and request that she helps me if anything goes wrong or if Rachel turns into her berserker state.]

Right after that, he does what he thought.

Since I can not join in on their whispers, I can only observe them and Rachel. On her face, the smile is distorted into a miserable look. As for me, I do not know what kind of face I am making.

No one will see it through my bang, so it does not matter much.

Still, Rachel must be hurt when C does not believe in her.

Who am I to say anything? It is about my turn tomorrow.

When the time comes, will he save me from the danger, or will he push me toward the storyline? The only way for me to escape the horrible fate of being bound to Han is to touch him. Yet there has been not a single successful attempt.

My time is running out, and I know what C feels about progressing the story.

As if gravity has increased ten-fold, I drag my feet forward to a bitter future.

(You can now buy me milk for me to make more cheese!!!


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