I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce – Chapter 86

「Emergency, huh? Umm, are there times you want to hasten then?」

Huh? So he really only did that because he couldn’t wait any longer for breakfast then?

「Well, it’s true that Yuuri-san takes some time to climb down from the field.」

Bryce-kun said, making Rofas-san nod vigorously.

It’s true that when I climb down, I’m too tired and take a lot of time, but…

「When I climb down, I have to be careful not to drop any vegetables or crush them, so it can’t be helped!」

Not having enough strength wasn’t the only reason.

Not only do I have to climb down using both my arms and legs, I have to be careful of the vegetables!

Rofas-san glanced at the rock wall that I always climbed up.

「Heeey, Saga, I got a small favor to ask.」

Rofas-san called and beckoned Saga-san to come over.

「What is it?」

「Can you get a couple of guys to help us? I want them to remove and whittle the rocks away to build stairs along the cliff.」

「Huh? Are you seriously saying you want to use the soldiers to make stairs? Obviously not.」


Make stairs?

As much as I appreciated it, I agreed with what Saga-san said.

「He who does not work, neither shall he eat. And Yuuri’s breakfast is delicious.」


Just what is this person saying?

「Well, Yuuri-san, it looks like Rofas-san has no intention of working either. Let’s go.」

Bryce-kun helped me carrying the vegetables I was holding and left the two shocked brothers behind.


We returned to the hut. Kurtz-kun and Kirika-chan were in the kitchen already.

「Yuuri-oneechan, what are you going to make today? Kirika will help out!」

Kurtz-kun already made the rice.

Um, I was planning to make something with bread, but… I couldn’t tell him that now.

Maybe I’ll use the rice to make today’s bento with.

「That reminds me, Bryce-kun, how long will you be staying here for?」

Him and Rofas-san came back to deal with the monster stampede that’d appeared.

They were here for around three days to prevent the monsters from invading town until the army came, so their job here should be finished.

「Well, the guild will probably contact us by noon to tell us that the compulsory order is over. Normally, we’d go back, but both Rofas-san and I will get back to doing a quest we had been doing.」

I see, so they will leave.

「What about the soldiers? What is Saga-san going to do?」

He only ate dinner with us yesterday, so even if he’s still going to be in the area, it’s not like he’ll come over again to eat with us, right?

「Yuuri-san, are you interested in Saga-san?」


Bryce-kun’s sudden question caught me off guard.

「Umm, if he wants to have his meals with us, then I have to make more food. I was just worried about that, so…」

Bryce-kun looked relieved and nodded.

「In that case, I’ll tell Saga-san to send the soldiers back and to come here to eat. If I ask him to consider it based on the circumstances here, he’d understand I think.」

So he’ll consider us before doing something?

I see…

I remembered the times where I would make dinner, only for my husband to come home having eaten dinner already without telling me.

I even told him once to tell me first if he was going to eat before coming home.

「You want me to call you every single time? If there are leftovers, just make it into your lunch the next day. Why do I need to tell you? So stupid. Isn’t it better that way too? You wouldn’t have to make lunch the next day.」

My husband never thought about me and my situation.

Me, who waited for my husband while preparing a pot of food… It would’ve been nice if he thought about me even once.

「So, what should Kirika do?」

Kirika-chan tugged on my clothes.

Oh, right. I have to make breakfast.

「Then, can you wash the tomatoes? Afterwards, I want you to dice them.」


So she doesn’t know what dicing means. So she probably doesn’t know what a dice is.

「How about I teach you once you wash them? We can cut them together.」

Afterwards, I looked at the leaves.

What should I do with these? I could mash them down and use them as a paste, or I could finely chop them…… I felt conflicted.

Mashing them into a paste seems like too much work…

「What should I do?」

Ah, I have some help right here.



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